At our office, warehouse and Dhulikhel Hospital



At our office, warehouse and Dhulikhel Hospital
Our team in office & warehouse where we do the quality control including checking and packaging.
Meeting after the earthquake where we distributed the relief package as well as money. Everyone was safe so that was a big
relief but 6 of them lost their houses so that was really sad so we offered them financial assistance to help them relocate or
fix their houses where possible.
Distributing money………… a small token of help.
At Dulikhel hospital. We started the initiative a joint movement to involve our friends and relatives to collect money and
donate orthopedics goods like crutches, walker and wheel chairs to Dhulikhel Hospital.
After the completion of this mini project at Dhulikhel hospital, now we have expanded our donation of Orthopedic
equipment to many other hospitals in Kathmandu Valley.
Donation to the hospital.

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