Theme Park Maps – Spot the Difference



Theme Park Maps – Spot the Difference
Theme Park Maps – Spot the Difference
Teacher Instructions
This activity is intended to develop map skills, and look at the changes in the
resort over ten years.
Using two maps of the resort students can identify the changes and the growth of
Alton Towers over time.
Q1 – Any three from - 3D Cinema, Tea Cup Ride, Swan Boat Ride, Corkscrew,
Ug Swinger, Ug Bugs, Boneshaker, Toyland Tours, Barneys Theatre, Vintage Car
Ride, Barneys Playground, Black Hole, The Beastie
Q2 – Air, Th13teen, Spinball Wizzer, Rita
Q3 –Mutiny Bay, Dark Forest, Cuckoo Land.
Q4 – The map is not to scale and is only designed to show visitors where the
major rides are – the exact position is altered to produce a visually appealing map.
This may lead on to a more complex discussion about theme park map design.
Spot the Difference – 2001 Map
Spot the Difference – 2011 Map
Spot the Difference – Alton Towers Maps
Use the two theme park maps to help you answer the questions below:
1. Name three rides that are on the 2001 map, but not the 2011 map
– rides which have been removed from the resort.
2. Name three roller coasters that are on the 2011 map, but not the
2001 map – new rollercoasters which have been added to the
3. What are the following areas now known as:
a. Merrie England
b. Ug land
c. Cred Street
4. The position of Forbidden Valley (including Nemesis) seems to
have changed between the two maps, but the ride has not actually
moved – why do you think this is?
5. Design your own map to suggest how Alton Towers may look in
another ten years. Think about what rides will be added and which
may leave the resort.

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