June 2015 - International School Eindhoven



June 2015 - International School Eindhoven
International School Eindhoven
June 2015
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ISE Primary News
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JUNE 2015
JULY 2015
SPONSORED WALK (whole school)
DP1 Dutch Excursion to Amsterdam
DISS Sports Day (students from other DISS
schools at ISE) Secondary
Coffee Morning (Group 7&8)
SPORTS DAY (Group 1-4)
19:00 ISE Showcase (auditorium) Secondary
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ISE Secondary News
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First day DP1 exams
19:00 KENYA QUIZ NIGHT (for staff and parents in the
6 Last day regular lessons (Secondary)
MP3,4 & 5 Camp. Depart.
Transfer Meeting/Study Day (Primary)
7 Project week (Secondary)
8 Last day DP1 exams
sports day (grp 1PF, 1SQ, Foundation)
9 sports day (Grps 5-8)
10 Camps return (sec)
Assembly/Logan Fund (morning)
14 Last day secondary students (after assembly)
11:00 Assembly (Secondary)
15 Parent Meeting by invitation (Secondary)
Last day for Primary Students
Editors: Martine Revis & Rory Williamson (parent volunteers), Liaison Officer: Jo Tubbs
From The Director of ISE
For Primary and Secondary
Dear Parents
As my imminent retirement becomes more of a reality in my head I am
very busy trying to tie up loose ends and ensure that any information
that may be needed by others is easily available. There still appears to
be much to do (no change there) and rest assured that I will keep right
on to the end of the road!
General news for the school is very good, we are getting many things
right and many people are trying to get their children into the school. Currently, the
enrolment continues to rise in secondary school but unfortunately, in the primary
school, we have to have waiting lists that are growing each week. The board, businesses, the city and regional authorities are aware of the problems and are looking
to solve them. It is clear at the moment however that this will not be before the
start of the next academic year but hopefully for the academic year 2016/17.
I am sure that you will be kept updated next year about any developments on this
and the infrastructure to deal with the increased enrolment.
Whole School Notices
Gracie Walters
Hannah Bours MP1
Alex Lin
Sparsh Garg MP1
Adam Vodal MP1
By phone dial 040 251 94 37
and press 1 for Primary or 2
for Secondary. If you have
an appointment at the school
Tanja Keffert, the receptionist,
will gladly help you.
Mathilde Ries MP2
Jasmine Parks MP2
Zi Jin MP2
Palak Tyagi
Justin Lee MP2
Sander Richardson
Kaitlin Zelinski MP3
Adith Gourneni
Camryn Grady MP5
Anna Steenbakkers
For latest
check our
The gate on
Oirschotsedijk is
open for bikes at the
following times: 8:15
- 9:00
July 3, 2015 at 7 PM
Fun event for all parents
15:15 -16:15
(Wednesdays 12:30 13:00 & 14:45-15:30)
Details to follow
The gate will be
closed at
For Primary News read on.
other times
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Useful links:
ISE Secondary picture portal site:
ISE Primary newsletters: http://www.isecampus.nl/Flex/Site/Page.aspx?PageID=283&Lang=UK
ISE Secondary newsletters: http://www.isecampus.nl/Flex/Site/Page.aspx?PageID=336&Lang=UK
Campus Notices
German School Eindhoven
For Primary and Secondary
is holding its annual
Open House
on Friday, June 19th from 3:45 – 6:00 PM
in the HH building of the ISE
Please sign up to attend by June 17th
Flyers are available at reception
ISE… more than a school
Primary International
A note from...
Joan Roach,
Head of Primary
[email protected]
Dear Parents,
How time flies! I can hardly believe that we are fast approaching the end of another school year. The
month of June and July will be extremely busy with a variety of activities and events taking place
throughout the school. The Foundation group and groups 1 and 2 will be going to the Vossenburg on Monday
1st June. The following week on the 8th June groups 3 and 4 will be going to Toverland. The class teachers
will inform you if volunteers are needed to help with supervision.
The sports days are planned as follows:
Groups 1 – 4: Wednesday 24th June
Foundation group with 1SQ and 1PF: Wednesday 8th July
Groups 5 – 8: Thursday 9th July
Parental help will be needed for the sports days to ensure that they run smoothly.
Recently, each pupil in group 7 experienced what it is like in the secondary division by shadowing an MP1
student for a day. The transition process for our group 7 pupils has started as they prepare to graduate to
the secondary division. The group 7 graduation will take place on Tuesday 14th July when they will
perform a musical extravaganza for their parents.
This year again we have been inundated with applications for the primary school. We have waiting lists in
most year groups. In the International division we will be opening an additional group 2 class and group 7
will go back up to 3 classes.
Last week it was drawn to my attention that some children have had ticks which needed
to be removed. As we are in an area with lots of trees and grass I suggest that you check
your child on a regular basis. Please visit the following website for more information on
Staff news
Congratulations to Mrs. Goosen-Cameron who gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Sunday 10th May, a
lovely mother’s day gift. Mother and baby are both doing well.
We have also heard that Ms. McKenna gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday 21st May.
Mrs. Spanbroek will commence her maternity leave on 12th June.
prepares for her leave.
We wish her all the best as she
Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to four members of staff this year:
Miss Greenwood will be leaving to take up a teaching position abroad. Miss Greenwood has been at the
ISE for 6 years and has made valuable contributions to our Literacy curriculum.
Mrs. Lundy Coleman has decided to travel for a while before returning home to Ireland. Mrs. Hoek’s
husband has accepted a job abroad and she will be joining him in August. Finally, Miss Quinlivan will be
returning to Ireland having been travelling now for about 4 years. I value the hard work and contributions
that these members of staff have made in enhancing the teaching and learning at the ISE. I wish them all
the best as they leave to new ventures.
Thank you,
Joan Roach
Primary Dutch Department
Een briefje van…
Daphne Dansen,
Hoofd Nederlandse
[email protected]
Beste Ouders,
De afgelopen week hebben wij gehoord dat er kinderen thuisgekomen zijn met een
teek op hun lichaam. Omdat wij in een bosrijke omgeving zitten, is dat geen
ongewoon verschijnsel.
Wij willen jullie vragen de kinderen regelmatig even te controleren en wanneer nodig
de teek te verwijderen. Meer informatie over teken kunt u vinden op de volgende
website http://www.rivm.nl/Onderwerpen/T/Tekenbeten_en_lyme/De_teek
De foundation groep, groepen 1-2 en de groepen 3-4 gaan binnenkort op schoolreisje. Via
de leerkrachten krijgt u hier informatie over.
Binnenkort zullen er weer sportdagen gehouden worden. Het zou heel fijn zijn als we
hiervoor hulp van ouders zouden kunnen krijgen.
De laatste maanden hebben we veel aanmeldingen van kinderen gekregen voor het nieuwe schooljaar.
Momenteel hebben we voor iedere groep een wachtlijst. Aan de ene kant is dat heel fijn omdat we zeker
weten dat we een gevulde school hebben, aan de andere kant is het minder prettig omdat we momenteel
veel gezinnen moeten teleurstellen. Al eerder heb ik u gevraagd broertjes en zusjes op tijd op te geven,
zodat we hen zeker een plekje kunnen bieden.
Vorige week is juf Rianne teruggekomen van haar zwangerschapsverlof. Zij zal op de donderdag en vrijdag
aanwezig zijn en het projct voor tweetalig onderwijs coordineren. Juf Saskia blijft nog tot het eind van het
schooljaar haar lessen in groep 4 vervangen.
Momenteel hebben wij een sollicitatieprocedure lopen voor een leerkracht Engels aangezien mevrouw
Teunissen met ingang van het nieuwe schooljaar van haar welverdiende pensioen zal gaan genieten.
Dank u,
Daphne Dansen
Primary Parents’ Committee
Primary MR
Opportunities in change
It was heartening to read that the Accreditation Committee’s report was positive and focused
on the many strengths of the school. Many thanks to all the staff, students and parents that
have been working so hard to achieve this.
At the same time, the MR-PO is sad to hear that Mr. Gatley decided to resign because he felt
constrained in his efforts to develop the school to its potential and make more progress.
There will probably be other formal moments to thank him, but we at the MR would like to
take this opportunity to let him know it has been a pleasure working with him over the past
months and we appreciate his drive and persistence to steer the campus through its challenging beginning.
We agree with Mr. Gatley’s observation that there are always opportunities in change and
that his leaving might be a catalyst for other changes. The issues that need changing are not
new and as the MR-PO we have continuously emphasized them to the board of the Stichting :
primarily, on financial transparency (accounting of the use of the parents’ contributions and
justification behind any proposed change) and proper governance (clarity on the roles and
responsibilities of the various stakeholders). Fortunately, the Accreditation report also
picked up on these issues, confirming the need for immediate priority and resolution.
We hope to work with the Board and the school leadership team to use the recruitment process and the clear guidance from the Accreditation report to take the school to its next level.
The ISE is a great place for our children to learn and develop and the school has enormous
potential to be even better. This can be realized with proper focus and close cooperation on
all levels.
If you would like to contact the MR, please catch one of us while we are on the campus, or
email us at: [email protected]
Thank you!
Annie MG Schmidt Week
Van woensdag 13 mei t/m vrijdag 22 mei stond Annie
M.G. Schmidt centraal in alle groepen van de
Nederlandse afdeling en ook enkele groepen van de
internationale afdeling hebben aandacht aan de
schrijfster en haar werk besteed.
We kennen Annie M.G. Schmidt allemaal van haar Jip
en Janneke verhalen en het boek Minoes, dat ook
verfilmd is, maar er is nog zoveel meer!
Voor volwassenen schreef ze hoorspelen voor op de
radio en musicals zoals Ja Zuster, Nee Zuster. Voor
kinderen schreef ze versjes als Dikkertje Dap en Het
Beertje Pippeloentje. Verhalen als Abeltje, Ibbeltje.
Pluk van de Petteflet, Floddertje, Otje en Wiplala.
De kinderen kregen deze dagen veel werk van haar te
horen, te zien en te lezen. Een mooie display
De Annie M.G. Schmidtweek is een jaarlijks
terugkerende activiteit binnen onze school, die
altijd rond haar geboortedag (20 mei) plaatsvindt.
Mijn klas heeft ervan genoten en onderstaand versje
was een dusdanig succes dat ik graag iedereen laat
Bea ter Welle, taalcoördinator en leerkracht groep 3.
Annie M.G. Schmidt (1911-1995)
De regenworm en zijn moeder
Er was een regenworm in Sneek
die altijd naar de sterren keek,
en fluisterde: hoe schoon, hoe
Zijn moeder zei: Doe toch gewoon,
kijk naar beneden naar de grond,
dat is normaal, dat is gezond,
kijk naar beneden, zoals ik.
En toen? Toen kwam de leeuwerik!
Het wormpje, dat naar boven
zag hem op tijd en kroop in
maar moe die naar beneden keek,
werd opgegeten (daar in Sneek).
Dus doe nooit wat je moeder zegt,
dan komt het allemaal terecht.
Groep 7
In april hebben de kinderen van groep 7 de Entreetoets gemaakt. Als afsluiting van deze toetsweken
hebben we een bezoek gebracht aan de "Gamehouse". De kinderen mochten daar kijken hoe
computerspellen gemaakt worden en ze daarna zelf nieuwe spellen testen. Het was een leerzame ochtend.
Bezoek aan Game House
We kwamen aan op Puck's vaders bedrijf Gamehouse. Wij gingen naar binnen en kregen wat te drinken en
Pucks vader gaf een presentatie over wat hun daar deden en wat voor spellen hun maakten. Het bleek dat
de spellen voor vrouwen die ouder waren dan 35! Ze maakten eerst spellen voor mannen, maar toen
deden ze een test en ze kwamen er achter dat het vooral vrouwen waren die hun spellen speelden.
Daarna gingen we de spellen echt uittesten! Er waren een paar foutjes, en die moesten we dan
opschrijven en inleveren.
Hierna gingen we ons eigen spel maken, maar het werden alleen maar 16 vallende blokjes. We konden het
op een USB-stick doen en thuis afmaken. We gingen toen lunch eten en toen was het bezoek afgelopen.
Geschreven door Lieveke 7 SE Nederlandse afdeling
ISE… more than a school
Mother Tongue Teachers
At the International School Eindhoven primary division, we are intending to improve our mother
tongue provision. We would like to organise Mother Tongue classes outside of the school curriculum using school facilities on a Wednesday afternoon for one hour.
We are seeking experienced private mother tongue teachers with whom parents will enter
into an agreement about participation and payment.
Requirements are a relevant teaching qualification, native speaker proficiency in a specified
language and an ability to converse in English. A willingness to work closely with parents is essential.
Applicants should submit a letter of application indicating their language specialism, together
with a CV containing the contact details of at least two references, to; Joan Roach, Head of the
International Department, ISE Primary at: [email protected]
The closing date is 15th June 2015
Interviews will be conducted in the week beginning 22nd June 2015
Library Corner
Many thanks to Mary Walsh from Usborne
Books for a successful promotion for World
Book Day. She made available a book token
which parents were able to use with Usborne
books. The school also receives a discount off
books according to the amount of books purchased.
As a result the school was able to purchase
without cost a series of reading Literature
circle materials for the upper school and IC
topic books for the whole school. These
books were to the value of 360.00 pounds.
We are very appreciative of her willingness
to partake in this World Book Day promotion
which, as a school we always benefit.
End of year Library
The last week for borrowing books
be the week starting June 22nd and for
books in the week of June
29th. Please ensure that all books are
returned that week.
letter from the head of
ise secondary...
Dear Parents
ISE Secondary
As you read in Mr. Gatley’s newsletter, we have been given the go ahead to
start the Community of International Schools (CIS) / New England Association of
Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Accreditation process. This process starts with a
school survey where all stakeholders are asked to give their feedback on various
areas of the school. I do hope we can count on you to give us your honest feedback to help us start our self-evaluation process which ultimately will lead to
developing new policies and procedures for areas of the school deemed in need
of improvement. During school time we will facilitate all students in the secondary the opportunity to complete the survey.
The secondary school staff have had to go through much change over the last 2
school years. As well as the move to the new campus and a change in the leadership team structure, the secondary school has gone through a successful IB
MYP Evaluation process, introduced ManageBac, and MYP teachers have implemented the changes that have come from the IB through the new IB MYP Next
Chapter. All of this is above the usual stresses and strains that come with each
school year. We are now about to embark on another intensive period with the
accreditation process. It is credit to our school that we hold accountability and
continuous improvement so high and especially a credit to our teachers and support staff who take this extra pressure on board their already busy schedule.
On the topic of improvement, we are currently quite far in the process of the
development of a new school website which we believe will be more user
friendly; we hope this will be launched in the new school year.
On the 1st June we will be holding our sponsored walk. This event is our
biggest fund raiser to meet our commitment for our Kenya Service Project. On the 3 July we will hold the annual Quizzing for Kenya event.
This is aimed at parents and, as well as raising money for our project, is
a fun social event. More details will follow.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend 2 of our students, Ashley Dunki
Jacobs (MP3) and Dong Hyuk (Eddie) Na (MP5) who have been invited to participate in the final of the Maths Olympiad. This is an amazing achievement as only
123 students in the whole of the Netherlands have reached this level. Eddie was
awarded his place as a result of an exceptional score in the Kangaroo Competition, and Ashley has one of 10- wild card places for students who narrowly
missed the cut off point in the second round. Both have been invited to training
sessions at the TU/e and to a final competition in September also at the TU/e.
Congratulations and good luck to both!
Finally, I would like to end with an appeal to all parents, particularly to the parents of girls. As the sun makes more of a regular appearance, our students, especially the girls, use this opportunity to get out their summer clothes. Unfortunately, sometimes the outfits chosen to come to school are perhaps more suitable for the beach. As you can imagine the distraction, especially for the boys,
caused by the latest fashion of crop tops and extremely short shorts does not
help teachers in holding their students’ attention on less exciting school topics!
Please can you assist us by discussing this point with your children. Students will
be asked to change or cover up if we regard their attire as inappropriate.
Marcella Watts
ISE… more than a school
Softball Tournament in
ISE… more than a school
Mrs Prest’s Careers Corner
Dear Parents and Students
DP2 students
Our DP2 students have been working hard sitting their final IB examinations over the past
few weeks, and we wish them every success.
The IB results are due out formally on Monday
6th July, so students who are holding conditional university places, please respond as quickly
as possible once the results are released.
I plan to be in school on Monday 6th July from
9.00a.m. to answer queries or provide support,
so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can
help. For any students who have failed to meet
the conditions of their offer(s) and need to reconsider their plans, the UCAS Clearing process
(where universities advertise their unfilled
places for existing UCAS applicants) will already be available once the IB results are issued. This provides an important second
chance for a UK university place, but students
need to make prompt, informed choices to be
successful. Do ask for advice if required.
I shall be distributing a factsheet on ‘What to
do on Results Day’ to DP2
students at the Graduation
evening, so please make sure
What to do
that you receive your copy.
Note that the universities
will only deal with students
themselves (not teachers or
parents), so be prepared
with relevant phone numbers, notepads and telephones at the ready in case you need to contact the universities direct on 6th July.
DP1 Students
DP1 students have found themselves in the
most senior group in school now that the current DP2 students have finished their classes.
However this seniority brings the realisation
that 2016 is not far away, and that they need
to start preparing for leaving school in a year’s
Some UK application deadlines for entry in autumn
2016 can be as early as midOctober 2015 (Oxford, Cam-
bridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary
Science). See https://
The UCAS directory for 2016 entry opened this
week (for viewing only - applications cannot be
made until September at the earliest), so this
is a good opportunity to start researching possible options. See http://search.ucas.com/
and https://www.ucas.com/sites/default/
files/open-up.pdf Many courses in Dutch universities (particularly ‘numerus fixus’ courses
and University Colleges) and American universities also have early application deadlines, so
it is wise to start planning as soon as possible. I
am always happy to provide advice or to discuss options.
Some universities also require students to provide the results of extra selection tests on application, which means that these tests need
to be entered and passed in advance. These
tests require preparation, and often attendance at a specific venue to sit the test. Students need to check the entry criteria for their
chosen programmes in good time, and to plan
ahead. This is also a good time to consider university visits, taster days, work experience,
and similar, and to study hard for the DP1 exams (note that these results often form part of
the university application process).
MP5 Students
Many students have
made their study
choices for the DP
programme in the autumn, but it is important
to double-check the impact of these choices
on future career decisions whilst there is time
for review. Should extra qualifications or work
experience be required for future university
applications, this is the time to start planning
ahead. I am happy to help if required.
I wish everyone success with their planning and
decision-making. Feel free to contact me via
[email protected] or on 0031 (0)40 251
9437 ext 3141 for queries, information and to
arrange career counselling.
Mrs Anne Prest, Careers Counsellor.
DP2 LAST DAY (A.K.A Prank Day)
ISE… more than a school
MP5 Personal Project: short story about an exchange
student, ‘RISING LOTUS’ by Olivia Roach
undressed, stuffing her clothes up?”
Chapter One quickly
into a little cupboard that was nailed
“Yep,” Jessie grinned. She would
into the wall, and switched on the
shower. The water soothed her mind
and muscles, and sharpened her sensJessie groaned as she rolled over on es. She watched as the water emptied
to her side, opening one eyelid. Her
itself down the drain.
roommate, Li was standing on the floor
Jessie only allowed herself a short
beneath her bunk bed, gazing up at
time in the shower and quickly got out,
skipping most of her routine and wash-
be going all the way to England to see
what the universities there were like.
It was a costly trip and Jessie knew she
was blessed to be able to go. It would
also give her a boost over the other
students who also took her course with
the trip being a bonus research project. Most Chinese students rarely
“You’ve overslept by fifteen
ing her face in the washroom. She
stepped into another country until they
minutes, you know,” she said in fluent grabbed her bag, piling her books into
were professional workers in their late
her hands and rushed out the door. She thirties! And now she would be going
“Oh, great,” Jessie mumbled, wak- locked it behind her and started down for a two weeks.
ing up instantly. She checked the alarm the one hundred and ten steps to the
“But,” Jessie continued. “Now I
ground floor. Jessie and Li had counted want to celebrate with you. Let’s go
clock beside her bed and the numbers
one day, and being situated on the
5:15 glared back at her in bold red.
down to the Muslim Market.”
She’d overslept and if she didn’t hurry, fifth and a half floor meant there was
“I’m tired,” Li complained. “How
she was going to be late. It may be her only one floor above them. Getting to
about another day?”
last day of school but it wasn’t like the
“Tired?” Jessie scoffed. “Tired on
teachers would go any easier on her
Jessie decided it was best to skip
first day of summer? I don’t believe
than usual. In fact, she’d been awake
breakfast. It took her five minutes to
last night until one in the morning,
arrive at the correct building for her
desperately trying to finish her end of
first lesson, which would last two
the year essay which she had only been hours. Jessie always knew this lesson
assigned two days ago.
was horribly boring, and she kept gum
“Thanks so much for waking me up, in her bag just in case she needed
Li,” Jessie said as she swung down from something extra to keep her awake.
“Jessie! Jessie! It’s time to wake
the top bunk. “I owe you one.”
The lessons of the day dragged on,
always did. Her day was filled
Li winked at her and waved as she
from building to building,
left for breakfast. Jessie rushed around
scribbling down notes and handing in
the room, picking up her clothes and
homework. She was grateful for her
walking out on to the balcony. From
here she could see the male’s dormito- half hour lunch break because she hadry opposite their building of dorms, and n’t eaten anything all day. After that
she had another four hours of school
the grounds below. It was warm, as it
before it was finally five in the afteralways was in Xi’an. It was something
Jessie had never quite gotten used to
because her home province was always
“Summer,” Jessie sighed in cona bit cooler than this one.
tentment after the last bell rung. She
got up from her desk, closing her agenda and storing it away. She already had
seven big assignments to complete over
the holiday, but she decided to ignore
that for now. Now, it was time for her
to relax in her room.
Jessie sweated as she found her
way back to her dormitory and back up
the one hundred and ten stairs. She
kept her head down and didn’t talk to
anyone along the way, as she always
did. Once in the safety of her room she
dumped her bag by the door and
On either sides of the balcony were stretched across her mattress until Li
two doors; one was a bathroom for her came inside.
room she shared with Li, room A, and
“It’s summer!” Li giggled the moanother was a bathroom for those who ment she got through the doorway.
lived in room B. The bathroom wasn’t
“Yes! And we have completely
bigger than a metre by two metres,
the holiday.” Jessie agreed.
and there was no separate shower
stall. The small hole in the floor served
“You better get packing. Don’t you
as a toilet and a shower drain. Jessie
have that exchange program coming
Li grinned. “Let’s go then.”
The market was always busy at this
time in the evening. Teenagers walked
down the streets, arm in arm and chattering about the latest gossip. Stall
owners chased after potential buyers
and shouted at those who were bargaining for too low a price. Motorcycles
drove by and beeped at the pedestrians
in their way passing dangerously close
to people.
But it wasn’t only the sounds that
were so attractive. It was the pure
atmosphere of the place. The flashing
lights of stalls that tried to grab your
attention. The smells of spicy potatoes,
fresh lamb, ShaanXi burgers and fried
dumplings filled Jessie’s nose as she
started to approach.
She waved her fan in an attempt to
cool herself as she walked alongside Li.
If China was already hot, it only got
hotter when she was pressed amongst
the crowd of people along the Muslim
Market street.
“What are we going to buy?” Li
“Then we can possibly get some new
necklaces and a dress for the holiday.”
(chapter one cont.)
“You’re going to have to get used
to those knives and forks, right?” Li
giggled. “I have never used either of
those in my life.”
“Forget you?” Li scoffed. “How
would I ever be able to forget my best
friend? You’re the one who knows the
Jessie and Li stuck close together as
“Neither have I. Do you think I will most about me and the one I am going
they weaved their way through the
be able to learn how?” “You’ll be a nat- to miss all the time that you are gone.”
stalls with skill. They knew their way
ural at it,” Li said, patting her friends
around here and knew the fastest way
“Thanks, Li,” Jessie said, with comarm. “Don’t you dare worry about it for plete earnestness. Sometimes it was
to get to the burger stall. Grabbing
a minute. And don’t forget to take a lot good to know you had a friend who
food and laughing at the high price a
tourist bought a necklace for, they bar- of pictures. I want to know how every- loved you undoubtedly, and was always
thing goes!”
gained for the lowest prices. Jessie
there to talk to.
managed to buy three necklaces at half
“We’ll text too,” I promised her,
Jessie felt ready to go on this trip
the starting price while Li purchased a hugging Li tight. “Let’s go home.”
to England. In the last year of school
gorgeous dress.
The journey home was scarier than
she started to feel bored and wanted a
“Sounds like a deal,” she replied.
“Why three identical necklaces?” Li when they went to the market. Before,
asked with curiosity as she gazed at the they had been in broad daylight with
fox shaped pendant on the chain.
little fear of the small roads they took
as short cuts. Now, they only stuck to
“For my hosts, when I get to Engthe larger roads with big street lights.
land,” Jessie answered. “Can’t be expected to live at their mercy for noth- It took double the time to get back on
campus, but at least they arrived safeing.”
The pair stayed out so long that the
“It’s going to be a bigger change
sky began to darken. As if the moon
hopping from province to provscared away the crowd, it gradually
ince,” Li commented as she tried to
began to thin. The girls could walk
find a way back home. Li was referring
freely now, without their hands so atto Jessie’s approaching trip.
tached to their purses in fear of pickpockets.
“I would agree with you there.
“What do you think England will be There’s going to be so many new things
for me to take in, explore and try for
like?” Li asked as they strolled down
the streets.
“I have no idea,” Jessie admitted.
“There will be different foods, I guess.
More fast food and less noodles. No
There was a pause as they kept on
“Don’t forget me,” Jessie whispered, half hoping her friend wouldn’t
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library has to offer.
ISE… more than a school
small change of scene. Even though this
exchange was only two weeks in the
summer holiday, Jessie leaped at the
chance when the lecturer told her the
university would be willing to give her a
grant to go on the trip.
England, I’m coming soon, she
Question put to the writer:
What made
you write
about this ?
I spent a summer on a
university campus in
China one year and
this inspired me.
Home and away
matches against
ISE Girls Varsity
Football Team.
Ads & Notices (A-Z)
For Parents
Calling all expat badminton players (men and women) The International Badminton Group are always keen to greet new members.
We play every Friday from 8 to 10 pm at ’t Hazzo, Trolliuslaan 7, Waalre
The standard is intermediate, games are competitive but we are not in a league. Our aim is to enjoy
our sport – and afterwards there is the opportunity for some refreshments and a chat.
Interested? Contact Sandra Nolan – [email protected]
Join us!
Every Sunday morning 9.15 am until 11 am at High Tech Campus, Eindhoven
We have a wide range of players –
some have played for many years, some have started recently –
we currently have English, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Dutch, French and Chinese so why not come and join us.
Contact Patrick Nolan for further details - [email protected]
Club for women from
all over the world
who have come to
the Eindhoven area
to live.
For further information see http://
Looking for Parent
Pianist to accompany
the IWCE choir three
times a month on the
campus. Please contact the editor or Judith on 0492 769052
[email protected]
Thank you
must go by June 14th
[email protected]
5:30 - 7:00 pm
Open to all the ISE Community, to dads, mums
and even teachers! Come and join us. At present we play badminton in the big gym every
Friday after work. If there are enough people
we will even start games of bandy
I’ll be there Friday! [email protected]
Tuesdays & Fridays from 09.00 10.00
For more information email Mabel on
[email protected] or ask at reception
The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable
and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful
world through intercultural understanding and respect.
To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international
education and rigorous assessment.
These programmes encourage students across the world to become active,
compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with
their differences, can also be right.