News 11 - INTECRAL


News 11 - INTECRAL
News 11
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Sugar cane Harvester for all
small to medium
medium--sized farms
in Rio de Janeiro State
INTECRAL Work Package 2:
Good Agricultural Practices and Participatory farms Planning
INTECRAL project is a jointly developed scientific cooperation supported by the German Federal Ministry of
Education and Research (BMBF) and the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock Project Rio Rural (SEAPECPRR). It aims to improve the competitiveness of the rural economic sector in due consideration of a sustainable
watershed management, including environmental risk mitigation and protection of natural resources.
Development of a Sugar cane Harvester for all small to medium-sized
farms in Rio de Janeiro State
The research was carried out between the 14th of march
and the 30th of april of 2014, under the framework of the
INTECRAL Project activity: “Development of a sugar cane
harvester“. This research aims to develop a sugar cane
harvester in order to help the small and medium sized sugar cane farms in the state of Rio de Janeiro who are threatened by a new law that prohibits the sugar cane leave
burning. It also expects to achieve a win-win situation for
economic, environmental and social aspects.
cane (Breeding, cultivation, harvest, state of the art, logistic parameters etc); b) Development of an specification
sheet with the technical parameters required for the machine construction; c) Demand for the cologne solution to
harvest sugar cane; d) Determination of economic and
social aspects for the small and medium sized farms in
the state of Rio de Janeiro.
Involved institutions
The main results of this assessment can be summarized as:
Campos dos Goytacazes, UENF. UFRRJ, Asflucan, Coagro.
Sabine Schlüter, Juan Carlos Torrico, Hartmut Gaese,
Carl-Friedrich Gaese (ITT/CUAS); Dagmar Gaese (LT/
CUAS); Torsten Meyer (TM Technik), Andrea Nüsse and
Roland Wollenweber (TÜV Rheinland), Helga Hissa and
Nelson Teixeira (PRR); Jose Marcio Ferreira (PESAGRO),
Arivaldo Ribeiro Viana (PESAGRO); Luiz Carlos Teixeira
Guimaraes (EMATER Campos dos Goytacazes), Ricardo
Ferreira Garcia (UENF)
Relevant results
 It was identified that after the Implementation of the
law (prohibit the burning) there are no mechanized
alternative for the small and medium sized farms to
harvest sugar cane.
 Positive feedback of sugar cane producers, cooperatives, associations of producers, different Brasilian
institutions and the government of the state RJ after
the presentation of the cologne solution for harvesting sugar cane. It shows major interest in this
possibility to secure the small farmers.
 All farms are organized by Cooperations. This could
be a platform to finance and invest in this sugar cane
harvesters especially for small sized farms.
Research area
 Collected data regarding requirement specifications
to built a prototype.
The research took place all around Campos dos Goytacazes municipality as showing in Figure 1.
Next steps
The next steps for the period 2014—2015 correspond to:
 Find a financing to construct a prototype
 Secure the infrastructure (workshop, test field, driver
etc), perform field tests and optimizations and
briefing of the Brazilian partners
Figure 1. Research area
Relevant activities
The main activities carried out during this assessment
correspond to: a) Research of the supply chain of sugar
The researchers would like to express their gratitude to all the
team from PRR whom strongly supported the work done with
the logistic and mentoring in Brazil. Deepest gratitude to PESAGRO Helga Hissa, Nelson Texeira (Rio de Janeiro) and Jose
Marcio Ferreira (Campos dos Goytacazes) for the great support
on-field, thanks to EMATER and the Cooperativa and UFRRJ
(Carlos Frederico de Menezes Veiga) for their collaboration.
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Field Visit to a small farmer (27.03.2014)
©Gaese 2014
Sugar cane harvester (Case) - Usina Coagro (01.04.2014)
©Gaese 2014
©Gaese 2014
On-Site interview with a middle size farmer (08.04.2014)
Sugar cane harvesting by man power (04.04.2014)
©Gaese 2014
©Gaese 2014
Lorry and loader for sugar cane (09.04.2014)
Field visit to a middle sized farmer of sugar cane (09.04.2014)
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