Trail Profile: Shelby Forest Woodland Trail Meeman


Trail Profile: Shelby Forest Woodland Trail Meeman
Trail Profile: Shelby Forest Woodland Trail
Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, located in northern Shelby County, supports
more than 20 miles of trails of all types and activity levels. However, if you are
looking for a short hike that packs a good punch of physicality, choose the
Woodland Trail. The route of this 3-mile looped trail takes you up and down the
steep ravines of Riddick Creek and past the Woodland Shelter.
From the top of the third Chickasaw Bluff you will spot a variety of oak trees and
American beeches clinging to the soil. As you descend, you will begin to notice
more red and silver maple, and the Tennessee state tree, the tulip poplar is also
abundant. The abundance of spicebush in the understory of the forest means that
the spicebush swallowtail butterfly is usually nearby in spring and summer.
While you cross the creek beds, look out for crops of horsetail and a variety of
ferns that love the moisture of shade of the bottomlands. If you are still and quiet in
these areas, amphibians might even begin to emerge as well. The variety of plant
and animal life in the densely wooded area makes the hike aesthetically enjoyable
in all seasons.
Choose the Woodland trail if you like a challenge and want to be wowed by
diversity of life in a prime West Tennessee bluff environment.
Visit the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park webpage HERE for more information.

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