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January 2006
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Meet John Olivieri, TBA’s new president
Making a difference
John E. Olivieri has taken the helm
as Tidewater Builders Association’s
49th president, continuing a family
legacy of contributing to the shelter
He is president of Associated
Development Management Corp. He
and his business partner brother,
Michael, are third-generation builders,
carrying on a family tradition. For
over 50 years, the Olivieri family has
been involved in the construction and
development industry throughout
Hampton Roads.
Olivieri recalled getting a passion
for the construction business after helping build a townhome community in
Hampton. “I really enjoyed the sense of
accomplishment that came from seeing
a raw piece of land transformed into a
neighborhood of homes and families. I
still drive through that neighborhood
today and it’s nice to see a community
that I had a part in building.”
With math and science as his strong
suits in school, Olivieri went on to Old
Dominion University to pursue a degree
in real estate finance. He graduated with
Olivieri talks money
and politics................................2
Lots go!
Builders vie for
Homearama lots ........................3
Roll call
TBA’s directors stand
ready to serve ............................4
Who's who
Learn more about
TBA’s new officers .....................6
Generosity abounds
Builder gives generously..........16
The Main Event
What: Trade Contractors Breakfast
When: Thursday, Jan. 26
Time: 7:30-9 a.m.
Where: TBA
Cost: Free to trade contractor
members only
U.S. Postage
Norfolk, VA
Permit No. 2135
Preview: Local representatives will
detail 2003 IRC changes that affect
trade contractors. (Turn to page 3
for details.)
Richard Olivieri, (right) TBA Director Emeriti, pins the President’s Pin on his son, John E.
Olivieri, the new 2006 TBA president during his installation at the Builders Ball..
a bachelor of science degree in business
administration in 1990 and decided to test
the waters of the real estate world. After a
stint in the Sandbridge resort area leasing
beach houses, Olivieri began working for
past TBA president Steve Magula.
In 1997, he and his father, Richard,
formed Associated Development
Management Corp. Today, almost nine
years later, Olivieri is at the top of the
industry ladder. His company builds an
estimated 75 homes per year and is
building in communities such as
Riverwalk Estates, Saddlebrook Estates
and Williamsburg Village.
See President, page 7
TBA GOTV campaign gets a boost in 2006
TBA’s new “Get Out The Vote” campaign
goes into turbo drive in 2006 with the appointment of a Presidential Blue Ribbon Task Force.
It is charged with gathering employee lists to be
used solely for voter education, voter registration and voter mobilization.
A group of 15 veteran TBA members, led by
Immediate Past President Jeff Wermers will personally call on member firms to ask them to provide a copy of their employee list.
“We represent the interests of the home
building industry, and, therefore, we represent
the interests of anyone who earns a living in the
shelter industry,” said TBA President John
Olivieri. “The people who work for our member
firms are our constituents. We can make their
voices heard in the regulatory arena.”
“I’m calling on all TBA members to step up
and be counted. We can’t truly be the voice of the
housing industry without a broad base of support
among our membership,” he added. “We are asking
you to help your employees participate in our
democracy. There’s no better reflection of our
TBA Immediate Past President
Jeffrey J. Wermers is heading
the GOTV Presidential Blue
Ribbon Task Force.
See GOTV campaign, page 6
Tidewater Builders Association
2117 Smith Avenue
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320-2515
The Cornerstone Foundation
What a
Pages 10-11
The Cornerstone Foundation supports the home building industry in South Hampton Roads.
Kempsville Building Materials
SunTrust Real Estate Finance
Group/SunTrust Mortgage Inc.
Virginia Natural Gas
Dominion Virginia Power
Wachovia Bank/Wachovia Mortgage
Resource Bank/Resource Mortgage
TowneBank/TowneBank Mortgage
RBC Builder Finance/RBC Mortgage
BB&T of Virginia
Bank of America
Superior Equipment Sales Inc.
Tidewater Home Funding
Beach Ford Inc.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc.
Sykes, Bourdon, Ahern &
Levy P.C.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Bank of Hampton Roads
William E. Wood & Associates
Williams Mullen
Kotarides Builders L.L.C.
Wermers Development Inc.
Napolitano Homes
Clark Whitehill Enterprises Inc.
Enterprise Mortgage Corp.
Area Builders of Tidewater Inc.
Caruana Homes by Gary
Caruana Inc.
Terry•Peterson Cos.
Hearndon Construction Corp.
Ashdon Builders Inc.
Sadler Building Corp.
L.R. Hill Custom Home
Builders Inc.
Miller Custom Homes
Joey Corp.
Sasser Construction L.C.
Greenbrier Lighting
Associated Development
Real Estate Information
The Virginian-Pilot
2006 TBA president encourages support of legislative efforts
The Tidewater Builder
The Tidewater Builder
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The mission of Tidewater Builders Association is to
improve the climate for affordable housing; promote
the growth and development of the shelter industry;
promote excellence and professionalism among members through educational and networking opportunities; and support and enhance the community through
charitable projects.
OFFICERS: John E. Olivieri, president, John W.
Ainslie Jr., vice president; Pamla H. Pekrun, associate vice president; Edward R. Sadler, treasurer;
Pete A. Kotarides, secretary; William Halprin,
appointee; Charles J. Miller, appointee; Jeffrey J.
Wermers, immediate past president.
BUILDER DIRECTORS: S.L. Cohen, Curtis Cole,
William Halprin, Pete A. Kotarides, Pete O.
Kotarides, Branch P. Lawson, Charles J. Miller,
Stephen Quick
Gregory J. Dodd, Robert S. Duvall, Tom Dye, Scott
M. Gandy, Richard B. Thurmond, H. Mac Weaver
II, Edward O. Yoder
DIRECTORS EMERITI: Edward P. Brogan, William J.
Fanney, Richard D. Guy, William L. Hendricks,
Doyle E. Hull, Frederick J. Napolitano Sr., Richard
E. Olivieri, John H. Peterson, Owen B. Pickett,
Julian Rashkind, Stanley Waranch, Howard M.
Weisberg, Wendell A. White
OFFICER: Channing A. Pfeiffer
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January 2006
I would like to illustrate the effect of
these regulations with the Monopoly money
you have on your tables. Pick up $200,000.
That represents the cost of a typical home
for a working family.
Now, pick up another $40,000. That represents the additional average cost of all of the
fees and regulations that had to be met to construct that home. These include environmental
studies, permits and inspections, so-called voluntary proffers, fees for parks and recreation
and the list goes on. That home now costs the
working family $240,000.
We know that nationally, for every additional $1,000 added to the price of home,
240,000 families are priced out of the housing market. If you multiply that by 40,000
dollars, that’s 9.6 million families priced out
of that $200,000 home.
Now, you can put that money aside and
pick up $2,500. This represents the average
additional cost per home if the new, more
stringent insulation requirements had been
approved recently at the International Code
Council meeting.
Thanks to our National Association of
Home Builders and a grass roots effort to
educate code officials, that proposal did not
Sign Me Up!
The following is from the Dec. 2 speech
of John E. Olivieri, the 2006 Tidewater
Builders Association president, at the
Builders Ball and Installation of Officers.
I would like to focus my remarks and my
term of office on the
lifeblood of our organization and one of the
most valuable membership benefits that
we offer – and that is
the advocacy we do
with local, state and
national government.
A lot of people
are not aware of just
how important these efforts are. Today,
they’re more important than ever as our
industry operates more and more in an era of
big government and over-regulation.
New regulations are popular tools for
getting re-elected, but they are proving to be
more and more costly in terms of time and
money when it comes to bringing homes to
Now that we’re seeing an affordability
crisis, the same people who have come up
with regulations that increase the cost of
new housing are looking at regulations to try
to decrease the cost of new housing. I think
there’s a word for that. It is “irony?”
pass and this additional expense will not be
borne by the home buyer.
Some of you may not realize NAHB is
known as one of the top lobbying organizations in the country. This is a real life example of how they are working for you.
Now, add another $20,000 to your stash.
This is about how much more each new home
would cost if proponents of Adequate Public
Facilities and impact fees got their way. APF
and Impact Fees have been proposed in the
Virginia General Assembly year after year for
well over a decade. They would require new
home developments to bear the cost of building the schools that might be needed to edu-
Make no mistake. Anyone
who earns his or her livelihood
from home building will be
affected by these proposed
policies. And that’s why it’s so
vital that we all support TBA’s
new Get Out the Vote initiative.
cate the children who might live in the homes
– and sometimes even to pay for the police and
fire protection the new neighborhood might
It’s takes diligence and determination –
but each year our legislative committee of
the Home Builders Association of Virginia
marshals the forces needed to confront these
Your at-a-glance guide
to TBA events and activities.
Members can register for these events online at
www.tbaonline.org and go to Sign Me Up, by
fax at 424-5954, by phone at 420-2434 or by email. Events are at TBA unless otherwise noted.
Trade contractors, don’t skip breakfast! Tap into
the trade contractor network at the next Trade
Contractors Breakfast from 7:30-9 a.m., Thursday,
Jan. 26. A hearty catered breakfast will be served.
The free program is for trade contractor members
only. Contact Jeanettzy Gonzalez at 420-2434, ext.
276, or [email protected] to register.
A Horse Named Remodel comes to town!
Don’t miss this rescheduled opportunity to hear Vince Butler,
vice-chair of the Remodelors Council of NAHB, during the
Remodelers Breakfast at 7:30 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 7 at TBA.
The program, “A Horse Named Remodel,” is free to TBA
Remodelers Council members. Members are encouraged to
bring a guest. The breakfast, as usual, includes a hearty breakfast spread. To make reservations, contact Maggie Rickard at
420-2434, ext. 253, or [email protected]
Here’s a valuable recruitment tool. The upcoming free member orientation from 9-10 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 14 at TBA is a
great introduction for new and prospective members. Even veteran members find it a surprising refresher. TBA President John
Olivieri will give an overview of the association. The program
also includes tips on networking, light refreshments and door
prizes. Register online at www.tbaonline.org, or contact Jeanettzy
Gonzalez at 420-2434, ext. 276, or [email protected]
Register today!
Trade Contractor
Breakfast Forum,
Jan. 26
See 2006 TBA president, page 6
Reverse Trade Show,
Feb. 9
Orientation, Feb. 14
11-14 NAHB International Builders'
Show, Orlando, FL
26 Trade Contractors Breakfast Forum,
7:30 a.m., TBA
Let’s Make a Deal,
Feb. 16
It’s never too early to plan to attend the next Builder Breakfast
Club Forum from 7:30-9 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 23. The program will include a hearty breakfast and is free. To make reservations, contact Jeanettzy Gonzalez at 420-2434, ext. 276, or
[email protected]
Register online. Click Events/Sign Me Up!
efforts. So this is another cost that will not
be added to new homes.
Locally, our builder services division
works every day to help builders who are confronting costly and time-consuming challenges on an individual basis. In one recent
case, TBA staff was able to step in and help a
builder avoid paying an additional $85,000 for
upgrades to the neighboring water system.
With about 100 homes in that development,
that’s a savings of about $8,500 per home. So,
pick up another $8,500
How much money do you have?
$31,000? That’s how much additional cost
we saved from just those three examples.
How many associate members do we have in
the audience? Would this be enough for that
new home theater? An upgrade to granite
countertops? Stainless steel appliances?
Hopefully, you get the picture.
But seriously, as Thomas Jefferson said:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
I’m the first to admit it’s not easy to stay on
top of all of the proposed new regulations
that come at us. That’s one of the benefits of
having an effective builder services division.
Our full-time staff helps work through the
maze in all of our municipalities. Other local
trade groups only wish they could offer this
Our members must understand the issues
that come our way. We already have a full
slate of challenges that we know about —
mandatory inclusionary zoning, stormwater
permitting, APF, extra reviews for building
on environmentally sensitive areas, new
design standards, and new building codes.
That’s just for starters.
Make no mistake. Anyone who earns his
or her livelihood from home building will be
affected by these proposed policies. And
that’s why it’s so vital that we all support
TBA’s new Get Out the Vote initiative.
We now have a full-time TBA staff member dedicated to working with our member
firms to communicate with their employees
about these critical issues. And even more
importantly, he will get them registered and
ready to vote in our local elections. His name
is Chris Woodfin and he is a veteran campaign
organizer who knows very well how much a
mobilized voting block can affect an election.
He will be working closely with Claudia
Cotton, staff vice president of Builder
Builder Breakfast
Forum, Feb. 23
Rescheduled Remodelers Council
Breakfast Forum, 7:30 a.m., TBA
Reverse Trade Show, 4-8 p.m.,
Chesapeake Conference Center
TBA Executive Committee meeting,
3:30 p.m., TBA
TBA Board of Directors meeting,
5:30 p.m., TBA
Member Orientation, 9 a.m., TBA
Let’s Make a Deal, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.,
Chesapeake Conference Center
Builders Breakfast Forum,
7:30 a.m., TBA
The Tidewater Builder
Headliners • Headliners • Headliners • Headliners • Headliners • Headliners
Call for all entries
2006 Stanley Awards are coming!
It’s time to sparkle and
shine by entering The
Stanley Remodeling Awards
or The Stanley New Home
Marketing Awards.
These awards recognize Tidewater
Builders Association members for excellence in their field, as well as for contributions to the association and the industry.
They will be presented at the fourth annual
Stanley Awards Gala Friday, April 21 at
the new Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront.
Other awards to be presented at the Denim & Diamonds
themed Stanley Awards
Gala will be the Homearama
People’s Choice Awards, Spike
Awards for membership recruitment.
Visit the TBA Web site, www.tbaonline.org, to read the criteria and download
the application forms. Those who don’t
have Internet access may call Jeanettzy
Gonzalez at 420-2434, ext. 276, to request
an application by mail.
Trade contractors, do the
2003 IRC changes affect you?
Find out how at the next Trade
Contrac-tors Breakfast forum from
7:30-9 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 26. Bob
Smalley, building official for the city of
Chesapeake, and Lynn Underwood,
building official for the city of Norfolk,
will present a program on changes in
the 2003 IRC of interest to you.
A hearty catered breakfast will be
served. The free program is for trade
contractor members only. Contact
Jeanettzy Gonzalez at 420-2434, ext.
276, or [email protected] to
Remodelers, don’t skip breakfast!
Don’t miss this rescheduled opportunity to hear Vince Butler, vice-chair of the
Remodelors Council of NAHB, during the Remodelers Breakfast at 7:30 a.m.,
Tuesday, Feb. 7 at TBA.
The program, “A Horse Named Remodel,” is free to TBA Remodelers
Council members. Members are encouraged to bring a guest. The breakfast, as
usual, includes a hearty breakfast spread. To make reservations, contact Maggie
Rickard at 420-2434, ext. 253, or [email protected]
Associates, here’s your chance
to network with a TBA Builder!
A new event has been
developed to provide associate members with personal one-on-one time with
TBA builders.
It’s a trade show in
reverse – instead of setting
up booths to attract customers, associate members
will get to visit booths hosted by TBA builders. They will have up to
five minutes to talk about their products
and services.
Modeled after a similar and success-
ful program held in
Baltimore, the Reverse
Trade Show is set from
4-8 p.m., Thursday, Feb.
9, at The Chesapeake
Conference Center.
The event will have a
cocktail party atmosphere
with heavy hors d’oeuvres
and adult beverages.
Tickets are $50 in advance and $60 at
the door. For more information, contact
Jeanettzy Gonzalez at 420-2434, ext. 276,
or email [email protected]
Builders selected for the 2006
Homearama at Pitchkettle Farms
TBA past president Bob Widener of Ainslie-Widener details the plans for The Estates at
Pitchkettle Farms, the 2006 Homearama site, during the lot drawing Dec. 8.
Fifteen local custom home builders
will showcase single-family homes in
the 25th annual Homearama Sept. 30Oct. 15, 2006 at The Estates of
Pitchkettle Farms in Suffolk, an AinslieWidener development.
The group includes a mix of veteran
Homearama builders and first-time participants. Previous Homearama builders
are Area Builders of Tidewater Inc.,
CAJE Development, Charles A. Schmitt
Contractor Inc., Charlie Anderson
Builder Inc., Crestline Homes, G.S.
Williams Inc., Joey Corp., J.F. Schoch
Building Corp., WATAB Construction
Corp. and Wendell Homes L.L.C.
Builders new to Homearama are B.
Valentine Construction Inc., Caruana
Construction, HortKam Inc., Richmarc
Building Corp. and Woodmasters Inc.
Charlie Anderson of Charlie
Anderson Builder Inc. will build the
19th annual Homearama Charity House
to benefit Children’s Hospital of The
King’s Daughters. Anderson previously
built a Charity House to benefit CHKD
in the 1990 Homearama at Cedarwood
in Chesapeake.
The average size of the lots available
to 2006 Homearama builders is 20,000
square feet with prices ranging from
$220,000 to $260,000. The majority of
the lots are wooded, with a few of them
also situated on a lake.
The development is located in the
Suffolk countryside, just off Route 58
and only a few miles from downtown
Suffolk. The sprawling site will boast an
attractive stone entrance and a stone
bridge over the waterway that runs
alongside the site. Other amenities
include a community park, a gazebo and
a fountain on the lake. Plans include further enhancement of the development by
adding additional landscaping along the
roads leading to the Homearama site.
Along with a number of feature
homes, this year’s Homearama will showcase housing-related products and services in an exhibit area. A variety of workshops and entertainment are also planned.
A limited number of lots are still
available for Homearama builders. Any
interested builders should contact Randy
Nieter of TBA at 420-2434, ext. 255, or
[email protected]
It’s time to make a deal
Associates, here’s your chance to
showcase your products and services to
Homearama builders one on one at
TBA’s “Let’s Make A Deal.”
This event, set for 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,
Thursday, Feb. 16 at the Chesapeake
Conference Center, will allow associate
The Tidewater Builder
member firms the chance to exhibit
their products or services to a captive
Space is limited and the reservation
deadline is Feb. 3. For more information or to reserve a booth, contact a
TBA sales representative at 420-2434.
January 2006
New TBA directors appointed
Each year Tidewater Builders Association appoints eight members – four
builders and four associates – to serve on
its board of directors for two-year terms.
A total of 16 members serve as
directors. Half are newly appointed and
the other half are filling the second year
of their term. This year, Robert S.
Duvall of Virginia Natural Gas will fill
a vacated associate term that expires in
New to the TBA board are
Christopher J. Dembitz of Clark
Whitehill Enterprises Inc., who will serve
as 2006 chair of the Tidewater
Multifamily Housing Council, James E.
Jackson of Superior Equipment Sales
Inc., who will serve as a HBAV associate
director, and Samuel G. Scott of BB&T,
Hampton Roads region, who will serve as
an NAHB director.
Newly named director emeriti is
Stanley Waranch of Buxbaum &
John F. “Jack” Schoch Jr. of J.F.
Schoch Building Corp. was appointed as
2006 Homearama Committee chair and
James W. Benson of Benson Builders
Inc. was installed as 2006 chair of the
Remodelers Council for a third term.
Also installed were Michael D.
Newsome of Clark Whitehill Enterprises
Inc., for a third term as TBA Scholarship
Foundation chair, and C. Grigsby Scifres
of Williams Mullen as TBA general
The newly installed TBA builder and
associate directors highlighted below are
joining: builder directors Curtis Cole Jr.
of CAJE Development, William H.
Halprin of S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.,
Pete O. Kotarides of Kotarides Builders,
and Charles J. Miller of Miller Custom
Homes; and associate directors G. Robert
“Bob” Aston Jr. of TowneBank, J.
Gregory Dodd of Horton & Dodd P.C.
and Edward O. “Ted” Yoder of Resource
S.L. “Sam” Cohen
Builder director (2007)
A TBA member since the 1980s,
Sam Cohen first was appointed as a
builder director in 1999. He served as
H o m e a r a m a
Committee chair in
2002, 2003 and
H o m e a r a m a
Committee vice chair
in 2000 and 2001.
Known for his
interior trim work,
Cohen entered the custom home building business in 1984.
Today he is a veteran Homearama
builder – having built in the show since
1997 and having won best in show honors. He built the Charity House at
Homearama 2000.
The Chesapeake resident serves on
the board of Kempsville Church of
Christ. He and his wife, Patty, have
three children. He enjoys spending time
with his family, working with his son’s
stock car race team and collecting race
January 2006
Thomas W. Dye
Associate director (2007)
Thomas W. Dye is branch manager at
Ferguson Enterprises Inc.
This year, Dye
also will chair Big
Home Shows for a
second consecutive
year. A member of
TBA for seven years
and the Remodelers
Council, he has been
involved in the MidDye
Atlantic Home &
Garden Show as vice chair from 2002 to
2004, the Picnic Committee and the PAC
Fall Golf Outing Committee.
In the community, Dye is active with
Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude Children’s
Research Hospital, the Boys and Girls
Clubs and the Eastern Shore Chapel.
The Virginia Beach resident earned
his bachelor of business administration
in marketing and management from
Radford University in 1992. He and his
wife, Jennifer, have two children, Caitlin
and Tommy. Dye enjoys surfing, snowboarding, golf and guitar.
Robert S. Duvall
Associate director (2006)
Robert Duvall is vice president and
general manager of Virginia and
Maryland Operations
of AGL Resources,
the parent company
of Virginia Natural
Gas. In his new position,
responsible for the
day-to-day operations
of the three utility
subsidiaries in Virginia
and Maryland that are part of AGL
Resources' mid-atlantic region.
A recent transplant from the state of
Georgia, Duvall is new to the TBA board
and holds a degree in civil engineering
from Clemson University.
Scott M. Gandy
Associate director (2007)
Scott Gandy is president of Kempsville
Building Materials.
A TBA member
since 1974, Gandy
first served as an associate director in 1997.
He was TBA’s associate vice president in
1998 and 1999. Gandy
also served previously
on the membership,
retention and Mid-Atlantic Home and
Garden Show committees.
In 2004 and 2005, Gandy served as
vice chair of the Apprenticeship and
Training Committee.
He and his wife Patricia have four
children, Michael, Brian, Nicole and
Dennis M. Graf
Builder director (2007)
A custom home builder since 1992,
Dennis Graf is president of Graf
Construction Co., Inc.
Issues • Actions • Issues • Actions • Issues
TBA Builder Services
Success Story
PARTIES AFFECTED: Builders attempting to ascertain whether or not specific building products have been
approved for use.
ADVOCATE: Bobby Tyler or R.W. Tyler & Associates Ltd.
ISSUE: After being approached by a sales agent to use a particular building product, Tyler needed to know if the product
had been approved for use on homes built in the city of Norfolk.
ACTION TAKEN: Tyler contacted Claudia Cotton, TBA
staff vice president of Builder Services, for assistance in this
OUTCOME: By contacting the building official in Norfolk, Cotton was able to
ascertain that the product had not been approved for use in that city. The company is
now working with the city to gain approval.
COMMENT: “Claudia has given me enormous insight and direction regarding
building issues that I've faced in several local cities. Her assistance in these matters is
always helpful.”
A TBA member
for eight years, Graf
built t h e 2 0 0 1
C h a r i t y House for
Homearama. Graf
Homearama in 1999
and 2000.
The Chesapeake
resident earned his
mechanical engineering degree from
Virginia Tech in 1983.
Graf enjoys working out and boating.
He is active in the Hurrah Players, building and designing sets and working on
Branch P. Lawson
Builder director (2007)
Branch Lawson is president of the
Hampton Roads Division of East West
Partners, a developer of “lifestyle-oriented
communities” in six
states. Among them
The Riverfront in
Suffolk was the site
of Homearama 2001.
Lawson joined
TBA in 1999 and has
been a member of the
TBA board of direcLawson
tors since serving as
an NAHB alternate director in 2000 and
2001. He has served as an elected builder
director since 2002. In 2002, he also was
an executive committee appointee.
In 2003 and 2004, Lawson served as
vice chair of the Suffolk, Franklin,
Southampton County Municipal Affairs
Subcommittee. In 2002, he served as the
subcommittee’s chair. Lawson was president of the Peninsula Housing & Builders
Association in 1997.
The Smithfield resident earned a
bachelor of science degree in commerce
from the University of Virginia. He is
involved in Smithfield Baptist Church
activities, particularly those involving
youth. Lawson and his wife, Bonnie,
have a son and daughter. He enjoys col-
lege football weekends, family activities,
occasional golf and tennis, and walks with
his wife.
Stephen B. Quick IV
Builder director (2007)
Stephen B. Quick IV is a principal with
Stephen Alexander Homes & Builders, a
family-owned Chesapeake firm. A longtime TBA member, this is Quick’s second appointment to the TBA board of
Quick’s company
has won several
Stanley New Home
Marketing Awards.
In the community,
Quick serves on the
board of directors of
the REN (Reaching
Emerging Nations)
The Chesapeake resident and his
wife, Geraldine Marie, have seven children,
Stephen, Brianna, Thomas, Connor,
Emily, Seth and Liberty Rose. He enjoys
rock climbing, hunting and family.
Richard B. Thurmond
Associate director (2007)
Richard Thurmond is president of
William E. Wood &
Associates, a real estate
agency with more than
550 agents and 20
offices in Hampton
Roads, and Elizabeth
City and Moyock, N.C.
Thurmond joined the
agency in 1980 as an
agent, and has been its
president and part owner since 1990.
This will be his fifth year as a TBA
board member.
Thurmond earned a bachelor of science degree from Old Dominion
University. He continues to be actively
involved with ODU, as well as
Chesapeake Bay Academy. The Virginia
See Directors, page 16
The Tidewater Builder
What’s new in the law?
By C. Grigsby Scifres
Scifres, a partner in the Virginia
Beach office of the law firm of Williams
Mullen, is Tidewater Builders
Association’s general
counsel. This column
features legal issues
of interest to TBA’s
decisions and the new
Bankruptcy Act that
took effect on Oct.18,
2005, have highlighted certain legal principles in the real estate arena.
Faulty workmanship —
comprehensive general
liability insurance
A recent ruling from the South
Carolina Supreme Court underscored that
defective workmanship by a contractor is
not an “occurrence” that is a covered loss
under a general liability insurance policy.
This matter involved a contractor that was
hired to construct roads in a new subdivision. Within four years after completion
of the work, the roads had deteriorated
sufficiently that the developer sued the
contractor for breach of contract and negligence. The contractor sought insurance
coverage from its CGL carrier. Although
the contractor had several CGL policies
and some of those insurers made payments to the contractor, one insurer disputed coverage. The ensuing lawsuit
addressed whether negligent or defective
work by the contractor was a covered
occurrence under the policy. The state
supreme court, reversing the decisions of
two lower courts, determined that no
“occurrence” occurred and coverage
would exist only for personal injury or
property damage to a third party caused
by faulty workmanship.
Religious Land Use and
Institutionalized Persons Act
The federal government enacted the
Religious Land Use and Institutionalized
Persons Act in 2000. This legislation
addressed both the treatment of religious
buildings under local zoning laws and the
treatment of persons in prisons. The
statute prevents local governments from
using land use laws to prevent construction of buildings used for religious purposes unless there is a compelling interest
in preventing the construction and the
You work hard to cover
all the details...
zoning ordinance is the least restrictive
means of achieving the local governments’ compelling interest. A recent federal district court ruling in Michigan
addressed whether the Living Water
Church of God’s application for a special
use permit to construct a school building
of about 25,000 square feet could be
denied by the local government. The federal court determined that the local government’s denial of the special use permit
was a substantial burden on religious
exercise and that no compelling government interest was involved. The government based its position on land-building
ratios and density but the court determined that denying the special use permit
was not the least restrictive means of controlling density in the neighborhood. The
trial court entered judgment in favor of the
ProSource makes it easy
to cover all the floors.
Bankruptcy changes –
shopping center landlords
The Bankruptcy Act that went into
effect in October 2005, although focusing
primarily on consumer debtor matters, contained a number of provisions that assist
landlords. One of the key provisions was to
make clear that the provisions in shopping
center leases protecting tenant mix and use
of leased premises are enforceable in bankruptcy and do not constitute “anti-assignment provisions” that are prohibited under
the Bankruptcy Code. This change in the
Bankruptcy Code also will assist landlords
seeking to enforce other provisions in retail
leases such as provisions restricting building alterations, closing a location without
the landlord’s consent, percentage rent
clauses and provisions requiring tenants to
share profits received on assignment or
The new Bankruptcy Act also limits
the ability of a tenant in bankruptcy to
obtain multiple extensions of the time
period the tenant has to decide whether to
assume or reject leases. Under the new law
the debtor must either assume or reject
See What’s new, page 6
“Home DistinctionsTM,”
a unique program for home builders!
Once again, ProSource R, North America’s leading supplier of
floorcovering exclusively to trade professionals, has taken a giant step
forward in offering our Members unparralleled convenience. Our new
Home Distinctions program is a no-nonsense approach designed
specifically to meet the unique demands of builders and their clients.
This program offers our Members a fantastic selection of all the best
in name brand floorcoverings, the
" I like doing
lowest wholesale prices, and a
business with Jerry
world of options. Here are just a
Gazzilli and his
staff at ProSource.
few of the many benefits:
They are very
about the flooring
products on the
market today.
They have a great showroom, with the
best of what’s available. And I can bring
my clients in, and the staff protects my
price advantage. You can’t beat it.”
Bill Brice
WATAB Construction Corp.
the program
• Never miss a close upgrade
• The best in name brand
“Just ask our clients”
Charlie Anderson
Charlie Anderson Builder, Inc.
Chris Barbour
Barbour Contracting, Inc.
Jerry Pattenaude
Leo F. Johns Contractor, Inc.
Ken Cohen
Cohen Homes, LLC
Jimmy Jackson
Jackson Construction
Robert Tyler
Tyler & Associates, LTD
The Tidewater Builder
• Higher profit opportunities
• Footage program of all styles
• Price protection on carpets in
Dennis Graf
Graf Construction
Lee Baynor
Lee Baynor Inc.
Jerry Collier
Beachtowne Realty Corp.
Ramon Breeden
The Breeden Co. Inc.
David Smith
Better Built Restoration
Andy Broyles
Broyles Construction
Phil Caruana
Caruana Construction, Inc.
Jerry Harris
Case Handyman Services
David Collier
First Atlantic Restoration
Wilson Goode
Goode Construction, Inc.
Judy Boone
Judy Boone Realty
Jeff Francis
Quality Building
Puddy Sturtevant
January 2006
Meet Tidewater Builders Association's 2006 officers
The wealth of knowledge and expertise of these 2006 Tidewater Builders
Association officers will continue moving
the association forward.
John E. Olivieri, president of
Associated Development Management
Corp., is Tidewater Builders Association
president. He has
served on the TBA
board of directors
since 1999. He was
TBA vice president in
2005, treasurer in
2004, and secretary in
Olivieri also is the
president of the MidAtlantic Insurance Corp. and Association
Publishing Inc. In addition, he will serve
on the boards of directors of the National
Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
and the Home Builders Association of
Virginia (HBAV).
He will also serve as vice chair of the
TBA Political Action Committee and as
an HBAV alternate legislative representative.
The Virginia Beach resident earned
his bachelor of science degree in real
estate finance from Old Dominion
University in 1990.
John W. Ainslie Jr., president of construction for Ainslie-Widener, is TBA vice
president. He was TBA treasurer in 2005
and secretary in 2004. Ainslie has served
on the TBA board of directors since 2001.
He has chaired the TBA Virginia
Beach Municipal Affairs Committee since
2001. He also served as vice chair of
the Chesapeake Municipal Affairs
Committee in 2001.
In addition, he has
been an HBAV legislative representative since 2004 and
was an alternate legislative representative in 2003.
Beach resident has
attended classes at Tidewater Community
College. He has two daughters, and
enjoys snowboarding, boating and woodworking
Pamla H. Pekrun, a trade relations
specialist for Dominion Virginia
Power, Tidewater
area, is TBA associate vice president for
a second term. She
has been an active
member of the TBA
Remodelers Council
Ti d ew a t e r
Multifamily Housing
Council (TMHC), the
Homearama Committee and The
Cornerstone Foundation.
Pekrun has served as an NAHB director in 2004 and 2005 and as an HBAV
director for the past three years. In the
coming year, Pekrun will serve as vice
chair of the TBA Membership/Retention
on Committee.
The Manteo, N.C., resident has a
degree in business administration, which
January 2006
she followed up with several career-related post-graduate classes. Pekrun and her
husband, Kenneth, have a daughter,
Melissa. Pekrun enjoys hunting, fishing,
church leadership activities and yard work
in her spare time.
Edward R. Sadler, president of
Sadler Building Corp., is TBA treasurer.
Sadler has served on
the TBA board of
directors since 2002,
and as an NAHB
alternate director in
2003 and 2002.
This year, he also
will chair the TBA
Legislative Affairs
Committee. He chaired
the Virginia Beach
Municipal Affairs Committee for three consecutive years. In 2002, he chaired the
Chesapeake Municipal Affairs Committee.
The Virginia Beach resident is a
graduate of the University of North
Carolina. He and his wife, Kim, have
three daughters. Sadler enjoys snow
skiing and racquetball.
Pete A. Kotarides, a vice president
of Kotarides Builders, Virginia Beach, is
TBA secretary. Kotarides served as a
TBA executive appointee in 2004 and
2005. Kotarides’ firm
was involved in
Homearama in 2002
and 1998, as developer of Warrington Hall
and builder of the
Charity House in
1998. He has served
on the TBA board
since 1998.
Kotarides served as chair of the
Chesapeake Municipal Affairs Committee
for six years, and currently serves as chair
of the Scholarship Selection Subcommittee. In addition, he was named an HBAV
legislative representative. Kotarides
served as an NAHB alternate director in
The Virginia Beach resident is a graduate of the University of Virginia and is
active in the University of Virginia
Alumni Club of Tidewater.
2006 TBA president
Our Attorney General was recently
elected by less than 4oo votes. Some of
our local elections are decided by just a
few hundred votes. With the support of all
of our member firms, we should be able to
deliver thousands of votes.
I would like to ask everyone here
tonight to make a commitment to work with
Chris to make sure this effort succeeds.
Sure, campaign contributions will always
be needed by candidates running for election. But just think about the influence we
Continued from page 2
will have when we can deliver votes.
I hope that each of you here tonight
will make a conscious effort to educate
yourselves on these issues. The more wellinformed TBA members we have in the
community, the better our chances of getting our message across.
In closing, I want to thank you, in
advance, for answering the calls to support
your industry in the coming year. And also
to thank you for the opportunity to serve as
your 2006 president. I am truly honored.
GOTV campaign
democracy than the grassroots local level,
where elections are often decided by just a
handful of votes.”
A “victory party” for employers who
submit their membership lists is being
planned for February with Attorney
General Bob McDonnell as special
guest. McDonnell won the recent election by a margin of less than 400 votes.
Chris Woodfin, a veteran political
organizer, joined the TBA staff to coordinate the campaign. He and Claudia
Cotton, staff vice president of Builders
Services, are available to answer questions or concerns at 420-2434.
What’s new
non-residential leases within the first 120
days of the bankruptcy case. This period
may be extended for up to 90 days, but
only for cause and no further extension
may be obtained with out the landlord’s
prior consent. If a debtor assumes and
then later rejects a lease, then the landlord will have an administrative expense
priority claim for damages equal to the
unpaid monetary obligations for up to a
two-year period. Any further sums owed
Continued from page 1
GOTV Presidential Blue
Ribbon Task Force:
Jeff Wermers, Chair
John Napolitano
John Ainslie
Mike Newsome
Dennis Graf
Pam Pekrun
Chip Iuliano
Dick Thurmond
Jim Jackson
Wendell White
Steve Magula
Ted Yoder
Chuck Miller
Continued from page 5
under the lease are treated as an unsecured claim for lease rejection damages.
These changes address landlords’ concerns by forcing debtors to make decisions regarding assumption or rejection
of leases relatively early in business
bankruptcy cases.
For further information contact
C. Grigsby Scifres ([email protected]
williams mullen.com) at (757) 4735370.
The Tidewater Builder
It’s a record-breaker!
Cornerstone Foundation tops goal
Cornerstone Foundation recruiters are (from left) Trent Dudley of Wachovia, Pam Pekrun of
Dominion Virginia Power, Vice Chair Mac Weaver of SunTrust, TBA President John Olivieri,
Chair Fred Napolitano Sr. and Ted Yoder of Resource Mortgage. Missing from the photo are
Wayne Humphreys, of TowneBank and Mike Kos of Resource Bank/Resource Mortgage.
The TBA Cornerstone Foundation
broke a record this month when Vice
Chair H. Mac Weaver of SunTrust
announced that recruiters brought in
$130,000 for 2006, exceeding their goal
of $125,000. The total was revealed at the
annual holiday social for the board of
directors and members of The
Cornerstone Foundation.
The Cornerstone Foundation was
developed in 1997 to provide a way for
TBA member firms to invest in local
efforts to keep the industry strong. The
support helps defray the cost of TBA
services, including advocacy efforts at the
local and state level.
TBA President John Olivieri said,
“The support we count on from The
Cornerstone Foundation helps us confront legislative challenges and elect supportive political candidates. It goes
directly toward providing these services
Ready to take TBA to a new level, his
sights are set on continuing to grow TBA’s
Build the Vote campaign and Political
Action Committee. (See President’s Pen
on page 2 for more information.)
As Olivieri’s term begins, he
expressed his eagerness at working with
the staff and members of TBA.
“Everyone there is like a second family
to me.”
Olivieri’s answers to the following
questions help give insight into TBA’s
new leader:
Describe a day-in-the-life of John
Olivieri: I wake up, walk my dog Jerry,
and check the surf. Then I go to work.
After work, I’ll go to dinner with my
daughter and/or friends or I might work
out training in martial arts. If I’m really
lucky, I can lay on the couch and watch
my all-time favorite show, Seinfeld.
Describe your perfect day off:
Spending the day on the beach in Nags
Head with my daughter Grace.
Where were you born and
raised? I was born at Virginia Beach
General Hospital. I lived in the
Hilltop/Birdneck area.
Where did you go to high school?
First Colonial High School – Class of
The Tidewater Builder
without requiring an increase in membership dues.”
Weaver also announced that BB&T
will join Kempsville Building Materials
as a $10,000 Diamond Sponsor for 2006.
Fred Napolitano Sr. was recognized for
his willingness to serve as chair of The
Cornerstone Foundation since its inception.
The following recruiters were recognized for bringing in members:
• Ted Yoder, Resource Mortgage,
• Mac Weaver, SunTrust, $30,000
• Pam Pekrun, Dominion Virginia
Power, $22,500
• Trent Dudley, Wachovia Bank,
• Wayne Humphreys, TowneBank,
• Sam Scott, BB&T, $12,500
• Mike Kos, Resource Bank/Resource
Mortgage, $7,500
Continued from page 1
What were your extracurricular
activities in high school and at Old
Dominion University? Surfing, wakeboarding, (or just about any watersport),
jet skiing, biking, golfing, snowskiing,
scuba diving and soccer.
What was your worst job and
why? I began delivering newspapers
for The Virginian-Pilot at the age of 14.
During the big snowstorm of 1982, the
roads were a sheet of ice and I kept
wiping out and spilling newspapers all
over the place. I think it took me three
or four hours to make my usual onehour delivery run.
Favorite movies? “Forrest Gump”
and “Caddyshack.”
Favorite indulgence? Cheesecake.
Last smart thing you did? Got into
the building business.
Last not-so-smart thing you did?
Got into the building business.
Biggest pet peeve? People who are
not organized.
Name a famous person, past or
present, you’d like to meet: Howard
Achievement you’re most proud
of? I know this sounds cliché, but
becoming president of TBA was one of
the proudest moments of my life.
January 2006
2006 Calendar of Events
These key industry events are planned in 2006. Check every issue of The Tidewater Builder for a
more comprehensive look at the upcoming two months of industry events on page 2.
NAHB International Builders' Show
(Orlando, Florida)
Trade Contractor Breakfast Forum
Reverse Trade Show
Stanley Awards Banquet
Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront
TBA Annual Charity Golf Tournament
New Home Remodeling Show & Tour
Norfolk Scope
TBA Executive Committee Meeting
Chesapeake Conference Center
TBA 2nd Quarter Board of
Directors Meeting
TBA Executive Committee Meeting
TBA 1st Quarter Board of Directors
Member Orientation
Quarterly Builder Breakfast Forum
NAHB Spring Board of
Directors Meeting
Washington, DC
Quarterly Builder Breakfast Forum
Mid-Atlantic Home & Garden Show
Virginia Beach Convention Center
HBAV 1st Quarter Board of Directors
50th Anniversary Celebration
Richmond, VA
Scholarship Awards Breakfast
TBA Executive Committee Meeting
TBA Board of Directors/Cornerstone
Foundation Mid-Year Reception
Steinhilber’s Thalia Acres Inn
HBAV Certified Graduate Builder
Program, Charlottesville, VA
Member Orientation
TBA Annual Picnic
Camp Pendleton
HBAV Annual Convention
Hilton Head, SC
to be determined BIAI Annual
Meeting, Hilton Head, SC
© 2005 Reico is a Division of Reico Distributors, Inc.
I GUESS YOU COULD SAY I AM A stickler FOR details.
WHICH IS WHY I choose TO partner WITH REICO.
Stephen Thomas has been building homes in the Richmond,
VA area for over 25 years, and in that time has earned a
reputation for quality workmanship and his attention to
detail. When he was looking to partner with a kitchen and
bath supplier, he chose Reico. In his words, they were the
only company “that is as demanding as I am when it
comes to getting things done right.” So if Reico can please
a perfectionist like Stephen, they can certainly please you.
20 Locations serving DE, MD, VA and PA
1-800-REICO-11 (1-800-734-2611) ~ www.reico.com
January 2006
The Tidewater Builder
HBAV 2nd Quarter Board of Directors
Hilton Head, SC
Member Orientation
TMHC Associates’ Showcase/Awards
Banquet/RAM Graduation
Virginia Beach Convention Center
HBAV Certified Graduate Builder
Charlottesville, VA
Quarterly Builder Breakfast Forum
NAHB Remodelers Show
Chicago, IL
Oyster Roast
Member Orientation
Trade Contractor Breakfast Forum
Quarterly Builder Breakfast Forum
Member Orientation
New Director Orientation
HBAV 4th Quarter Board of Directors
Meeting/Installation of the 2007
Officers & Hall of Fame Induction
Richmond, VA
2007 Executive Committee Planning
TBA Executive Committee Meeting
TBA Executive Committee
TBA 3rd Quarter Board of
Directors Meeting
TBA 4th Quarter Board of Directors
Virginia Beach Convention Center
NAHB Fall Board of Directors Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
PAC Fall Golf Outing
HBAV 3rd Quarter Board of Directors
Richmond, VA
Homearama Gala Charity Preview
The Tidewater Builder
Fall Home Show
Virginia Beach Convention Center
TBA Builders Ball
January 2006
1. During his speech, newly installed TBA President John E.
Olivieri uses Monopoly money to demonstrate the effect of
regulations on the cost of new homes.
elegant evening on the Boardwalk
2. TBA 2005 president Jeffrey J. Wermers (left) accepts his
past presidents’ gavel from TBA 2004 president Chip Iuliano.
3. TBA founding father and first president Stanley Waranch is
ore than 370 people gathered at the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Dec. 2 to bid farewell to outgoing Tidewater Builders Association President Jeffery J. Wermers and welcome the 2006 president, John
E. Olivieri.
Guests were party to the installation of the 2006 executive committee members and board of directors, officiated by Fred J. Napolitano Sr., TBA past president and director emeriti. In addition, John W. “Chip” Iuliano III, TBA 2004
president, was named TBA’s Member of the Year for 2005.
After the installation and recognition, guests enjoyed gourmet cuisine, a lavish dessert spread and holiday jazz
installed as TBA director emeriti by Fred J. Napolitano Sr.
4. Gina Olivieri, (left) sister-in-law to incoming president John
Olivieri, poses with Sharon Monroe (center) and Kathy Hill of
Associated Development L.L.C. during the cocktail hour at
the 2005 Builders Ball and Installation of Officers.
5. Alan Bradshaw of Dominion Virginia Power and his wife,
Stacey, enjoy the evening and atmosphere at this year’s ball.
6. Dennis Graf of Graf Construction Co. Inc., seen here with
Teresa Kline, is an incoming TBA builder director.
Vice President at SunTrust, and his wife Anita visit with Trent
Dudley of Wachovia before the official ceremonies begin.
(Members are listed on the front page.)
8. 2005 TBA president Jeff Wermers steals a quick kiss from
his wife Allison after delivering his outgoing president’s
Diamond Sponsor
Associated Development
9. Party-goers divide up their Monopoly Money during newly
10. Among those being installed are (from left) Chuck Miller,
as executive committee appointee; Fred Napolitano II as
NAHB director; Chip Iuliano as NAHB alternate director; Pam
Pekrun as associate vice president; Dennis Graf as builder
director; Jeff Ainslie as NAHB director; Robert Duvall as associate director; and Michael Newsome as chair of the
Scholarship Foundation.
Cocktail Sponsor
Presidential Sponsor
Bank of America
11. Chuck Miller, newly appointed executive committee
Platinum Sponsor
Dominion Virginia Power
Sadler Building Corp.
Shuttleworth, Ruloff, Giordano &
Swain P.C.
Stock Building Supply
member, and his wife, Denise, smile with incoming president
John Olivieri.
12. Fred Napolitano Sr. and his wife Jackie visit with Pam
Pekrun and her husband Kenny.
13. From left, Jeff George, Amy Wendell, Tom Huxtable, Johnna
Huxtable, and Ed Devries, all with Ferguson Enterprises Inc.,
smile for the camera and enjoy the cocktail hour.
Ballroom Host Bar Sponsor
Gee’s Residential Development
Boardwalk Sponsor
Custom Stone Company Inc.
East West Partners
General Electric Co.
Greenwich Kitchen Center Inc.
Prudential Decker Realty
Quality Homes
Sound Structures
Superior Equipment Sales Inc.
Tidewater Interior Wall & Ceiling
Virginia Natural Gas
Wilmik Concrete
Park Place Sponsor
Brown & Brown Insurance
Lago Mar Associates L.L.C.
Legacy Estates
Miller Custom Homes
Napolitano Homes
The Lawson Cos.
Tidewater Floors Inc.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Wermers Development
Atlantic Avenue Sponsor
Bay Disposal
GTC Homes Inc.
Heritage Bank & Trust
Kotarides Builders
Kroll Enterprises Inc.
Leading Edge Realty
Marlyn Development Corp.
McQ Builders & Development
Reese Smith Construction
Smith & Keene Inc.
The Franciscus Co. Inc.
Pacific Avenue Sponsor
Allstate Development Corp.
Burgess & Niple
Basgier & Associates Div. NDI, L.L.C.
Reese Smith Associates
Stephen Alexander Homes
Chip Iuliano, TBA 2004 president, (left) accepts the
Member of the Year Award from TBA 2005 President Jeff
Limousine Sponsor
Bay Breeze Limousine
John W. “Chip” Iuliano III was named 2005 Member
of the Year for his contributions to Tidewater Builders
Association and the shelter industry.
Iuliano, president of Area Builders of Tidewater Inc.,
served as TBA president in 2004. He is credited as being
a vital force in TBA’s membership recruitment and is a
regular builder in the annual Homearama showcase of
“When TBA committed to a Homearama event that
included workforce housing, Chip was one of several
high-end custom home builders who took on that task.
He put his talent to work on creating an affordable showcase townhome, “ said 2005 President Jeff Wermers in
presenting the award.
Iuliano also partnered with Sam Cohen of Joey Corp.
to construct a Scholarship House in Norfolk’s East
Beach community to benefit the TBA Scholarship
Foundation, which awards grants to local high school
seniors each year.
Iuliano has been a member of TBA since 1992. He
served as Homearama chairman in 1998 and 1999 and
served on the Portsmouth and Chesapeake Municipal
Affairs Committees in 2000 before serving on the executive committee and ultimately, as president.
He graduated from Old Dominion University with a
degree in business administration. A member of Green
Acres Presbyterian Church, he and his family reside in
January 2006
Mediterranean Avenue Sponsor
Dailey Homes Inc.
Production Painting
Rock Solid Surfaces Inc.
Sasser Construction L.C.
United Property Associates
William Halprin
Iuliano stands out as TBA’s
2005 Member of the Year
2 0 0 5 Bu i l d e r s Ba l l S p o n s o r s
7. Mac Weaver, (center) TBA associate director and Senior
installed president John E. Olivieri’s speech about legislative
issues. For an excerpt of his speech, turn to page 2.
The Tidewater Builder
The Tidewater Builder
January 2006
Please welcome these new members into Tidewater Builders
Association with a call or a personal introduction.
Allen’s Landscaping &
117 Sykes Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
James (Jim) T. Allen
Bank of the Commonwealth
Mortgage banking
3720 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
T. Brandon Woodard
BKH Ceramic Tile Co.
Floor laying/floor work
1961 Piney Woods Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Bardley “Keith” Hodges
Cavalier Custom Countertops
Carpentry work
1194 Bells Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Jill Zemla ......................422-9022
Chelsea Design Studio
Planning or design
980 Smoke Tree Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Alexandra Whiteside....962-3623
January 2006
Classic Design Builders
Single-family custom building
5605 Holly Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
David Slawson..............422-0994
College Square Apartments
Property management
1012 Riviera Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Kathy Patterson ............424-2807
Dunn Demolition
Excavation work
928 Bingham St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Jennifer Dunn ...............428-2323
Hampton Roads Development
Services L.L.C.
Environmental services/consult
19 Eastmoreland Drive
Hampton, VA 23669
Alan Kyker ...................848-9126
K B Home Mid-Atlantic
Single-family custom building
8000 Towers Crescent Drive
Vienna, VA 22182
Thomas Allhoff.....703-760-7800
Nansemond Builders Inc.
Single-family custom building
1226 Executive Blvd.
Suite 113
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Edward Schultz ............547-8888
Eure Equipment Rentals Inc.
Equipment rentals
P.O. Box 2232
Chesapeake, VA 23327
Stanley Eure .................494-0536
Nansemond Construction Inc.
Single-family custom building
P.O. Box 4032
Suffolk, VA 23439
Edward Higinbothan ....241-0584
Fairfield Resorts Inc.
121 Cameron Circle
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Laura Lane....................229-0302
Perfect Party Rentals
Special event rentals
1705 Mediterranean Ave.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Scott A. Cust.................428-5987
Gray Construction, Bruce
633 Westminister Reach
Smithfield, VA 23430
Bruce Gray ...................773-0491
Tidewater Sealants Corp.
2723 Airline Blvd.
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Mike O’Connor ............484-8850
Meet A
Meet a Member is designed to introduce members to each other. The feature is awarded to the winner of a drawing conducted at the bimonthly Tidewater Builders
Association Orientations. The next orientation will be at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 14 at
TBA. Both new and prospective members are invited to attend and enter the drawing.
COMPANY: Chelsea Design Studio, a
division of Upper Berth Ltd.
and James Whiteside and Daymon Kohler,
LOCATION: Virginia Beach
JOINED TBA: November 2005
James and Alexandra Whiteside
are excited about the numerous
opportunities their new TBA membership brings.
Studio is not just a basic interior design company.
They handle any aspect of interior design from
designing whole rooms and additions to color consulting to decorative interior
painting. They also offer a completely new service to builders by handling the
administrative needs of interior design such as tracking supplies and following
through with the details such as countertops, cabinets, fixtures and accessories.
TBA INVOLVEMENT: “When I joined TBA I was eager to serve on committees. I don't just want to use TBA for my own networking. I want to help TBA
grow and let the community know how professional and dependable its members
are. This is one way I can contribute to my community. I want to help business colleagues though my time with TBA.
“I hope to benefit from the many networking experiences by letting people know
our company is out there. I want to work together with other companies to benefit
each other's business.” — Alexandra Whiteside
The Tidewater Builder
The Tidewater Builder
January 2006
January 2006
The Tidewater Builder
TMHC celebrates the holidays
More than 130 party-goers enjoyed the fun and festivities at the annual TMHC Holiday Party
at the Jillian's in Norfolk's Waterside on Dec. 2.
Ken Carroll of Coinmach Corp., (left) visits with Carl Hardee of The Lawson Cos. (center) and
Ken Van de Water of BMR Investments during the TMHC Holiday Party.
Jessica Harvey and John Kren
of party-sponsor Wall, Einhorn
& Chernitzer P.C. smile for the
camera during the TMHC
annual Holiday Party.
From left, Shelly Woodworth, Kathryn Perry, Carole Crawford, Christin O'Hara, Jamie Fisher
and Kesha Webster of Ripley Heatwole Co. Inc. take a break from playing skee ball for a quick
holiday party photo.
The Tidewater Builder
January 2006
Possible Dream
Donors make dreams come true
Janice and Raymond
Key of Woodmasters
Inc. give the TBA
Scholarship Foundation
a boost with their bighearted donation.
Many thanks go to Raymond and
Janice Key of Woodmasters Inc. for their
wonderful generosity. Their $3,000 contribution to the TBA Scholarship
Foundation will help make the dream of
going to college come true for local high
school seniors.
The TBA Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships for financially
disadvantaged but academically successful local high school seniors. These are
good students who want the opportunity of
a college education but may be unable to
attend because of financial limitations.
“Anything that benefits education
for children is definitely important.
There are so many talented students
who just need a chance,” said Janice
January 2006
Key. “Education is fundamental.”
With a daughter approaching college
age, Raymond and Janice know the
importance as well as the cost of higher
education and wanted to help the TBA
Scholarship Foundation.
In 2005, 10 local high school students
received $5,000 each in academic scholarships.
Foundation has given out over $1 million
to 320 students since 1965.
When you think about giving,
remember the Scholarship Foundation.
Whether it is in someone's memory, a
birthday, or an anniversary, the gift will
be featured in the Tidewater Builder and
an acknowledgment card sent to both the
recipient and the donor.
Beach resident has one son, and enjoys
fishing and exercise.
H. Mac Weaver II
Associate director (2007)
Mac Weaver is senior vice president
of SunTrust’s Real Estate Finance Group.
A TBA member for 18 years, Weaver
has served as an associate director since
1998. He served as co-chair of The
Cornerstone Club in 1998 and recruiting
vice chair of The Cornerstone Foundation
since 2001.
Beach resident is a
member of the board
for the Boys & Girls
Clubs of Southeast
Virginia, a past chairman of the United
Way builder/ develWeaver
oper campaign in
Virginia Beach and a former United Way
loaned executive.
Weaver is a graduate of The College
of William and Mary, where he earned his
bachelor’s in management and master’s in
business administration in finance. He and
his wife, Anita, have three children. In his
spare time, Weaver enjoys tennis, basketball and boating.
James W. Benson
2006 Remodelers Council
James W. Benson, president of
Benson Builders Inc., is serving a third
consecutive term as Remodelers Council
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chair. He served as vice chair in 2002.
Benson started his custom home
building and remodeling business in
1985. It has since
won several TBA
Remodelers Council
excellence awards,
Overall Award, Grand
Award and Merit
Award for projects
over $200,000.
Benson was one of the first 1,000
remodelers in the country to earn his
Certified Graduate Remodeler designation from NAHB. He earned the Certified
Aging in Place degree, giving him special
expertise in retrofitting homes to meet the
changing needs of homeowners as they
age. He also earned his Graduate Master
Builder degree.
In addition, the Virginia Beach resident serves on the board of directors of the
local chapter of the Construction
Specifications Institute.
Benson has a master’s degree in
Business Administration from Oral
Roberts University. He and his wife, Linda,
have five children. He enjoys coaching soccer, camping and stamp collecting.
Christopher J Dembitz
2006 Tidewater Multifamily
Housing Council chair
Dembitz is director of property management for Clark Whitehill Enterprises
The Tidewater Builder
Inc. He is responsible for all aspects of
management of 1,500 units in eight apartment communities.
He first served on
the executive committee of TMHC in
2001, as secretary/
treasurer in 2004 and
vice chair in 2005. He
also served as chair of
the 2005 3M’s comDembitz
The Virginia Beach
resident enjoys photography and disc golf.
He has a bachelor of arts degree in
government from of the University of
Virginia. He and his wife, Beth, have a
daughter, Ella.
James E. “Jim” Jackson
2006 HBAV associate director
Jim Jackson is president of Superior
Equipment Sales Inc.
A TBA member
for five years, Jackson
has served on the TBA
Picnic committee for
the past three years.
The Chesapeake
resident is active in
the Las Gaviotas
Civic League, the
Lung Association, the Cancer Society and
the Great Bridge Battlefield Foundation.
Jackson is a graduate of Virginia Tech,
where he earned his bachelor of science in
mechanical engineering. He and his wife,
Beverly, have one daughter, Lori. In his
spare time, Jackson enjoys biking and golf.
The Tidewater Builder
John F. “Jack” Schoch
2005 Homearama Committee
John F. Schoch is
president of J.F. Schoch
Building Corp.
Schoch has built
Homearama showcase
homes since 1994. In
2003, he built the
Charity House.
H u n d r e d s o f Schoch’s homes,
ranging from $200,000 to more than $1 million, can be found in such communities as
Indian River Plantation in Virginia Beach,
The Estates at River Pointe in Portsmouth
and Wellington Estates in Suffolk.
Schoch and his wife, Margaret, live in
Virginia Beach with their three children.
Samuel G. Scott
2006 NAHB director
Sam Scott is senior vice president of BB&T.
He has been a TBA member since 1998.
The Norfolk resident
is active in the local
United Way, American
Heart Association and is
a member at Trinity
Presbyterian Church.
Scott is a graduate of
Virginia, where he
earned his bachelor’s in
commerce. He and his wife, Terri, have four
grown children and two grandchildren. In his
spare time, Weaver enjoys photography, travel and sports.
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January 2006
2006 TBA Council Leadership
The following is the listing of Tidewater Builders Association’s 2006 committee leadership. Contact the TBA staff contact for information about related activities and participation.
The Cornerstone Committee
Chair: Frederick J. Napolitano Sr.
Recruiting Vice Chair: H. Mac Weaver II
Members: Trent Dudley, Wayne
Humphreys, Michael Kos, Pamla H.
Pekrun, Samuel G. Scott and Edward O.
“Ted” Yoder
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Big Homes Shows Committee
Chair: Thomas W. Dye
Vice Chair: James E. “Jim” Jackson
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Builders Ball Task Force
Chair: John W. Ainslie Jr.
Vice Chair: Edward R. Sadler
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Building Trades Academy Committee
Chair: S.L. “Sam” Cohen
Co-Vice Chairs: Scott M. Gandy and James
E. “Jim” Jackson
Staffed by: Keith Curtis
Bylaws Committee
Chair: C. Grigsby Scifres
Staffed by: Channing A. Pfeiffer
Charity Golf Committee
Co-Chairs: Dennis M. Graf and Krys Reid
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Chesapeake Municipal Affairs
Chair: Stephen B. Quick IV
Vice Chair: J. Gregory Dodd
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
Homearama Committee
Chair: J.F. “Jack” Schoch
Vice Chair: William Brice
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Homearama Awards Subcommittee
Chair: Richard B. “Dick” Thurmond
January 2006
Vice Chair: Kelly Warren
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Homearama Site Selection Subcommittee
Co-Chairs: J.F. “Jack” Schoch and William Brice
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Investment Committee
Chair: G. Robert “Bob” Aston Jr.
Members: John W. Ainslie Jr., Paul Farrell, John E.
Olivieri, Mike Rashkind, Samuel G. Scott
Staffed by: Randall Latham
Legislative Affairs Committee
Chair: Edward R. Sadler
Vice Chair: Charles J. “Chuck” Miller
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
HBAV Legislative Representatives:
John Ainslie, Pete A. Kotarides, Charles J.
“Chuck” Miller, Michael D. Newsome and
Edward R. Sadler
Alternates: Jeffrey W. Ainslie, M. David Jester,
John C. Napolitano, John E. Olivieri and
Jeffrey J. Wermers
Membership/Retention Committee
Chair: John W. Ainslie Jr.
Vice Chair: Pamla H. Pekrun
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
New Building Task Force
Chair: Robert A. Widener
Staffed by: Channing A. Pfeiffer
Nominating Committee
Chair: Jeffrey J. Wermers
Vice Chair: John E. Olivieri
Members: John W. “Chip” Iuliano, John C.
Napolitano, Robert A. Widener, Jeffrey W.
Ainslie, and John W. Ainslie Jr.
Staffed by: Channing A. Pfeiffer
Norfolk Municipal Affairs Committee
Chair: Emma Williams
Vice Chair: Donald D. Williams
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
Scholarship Selection Subcommittee
Chair: Terry Neal
Vice Chair: Pete A. Kotarides
Staffed by: Mary Prier
PAC Fall Golf Outing Committee
Chair: William “Bill” Halprin
Vice Chair: Robert Duvall
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
TMHC Scholarship Subcommittee
Chair: William “Bill” Halprin
Staffed by: Mary Prier
Picnic Committee
Chair: Pamla H. Pekrun
Vice Chair: William “Bill” Halprin
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Young Designers’ Scholarship
Competition Subcommittee
Chair: Christopher J. Ettel
Staffed by: Mary Prier
Political Action Committee
Chair: Vincent A. Napolitano
Vice Chair: John E. Olivieri
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
Shelter response Foundation
Chair: William “Bill” Halprin
Staffed by: Mary Prier
Portsmouth Municipal Affairs Committee
Chair: Curtis Cole
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
Presidential Blue Ribbon GOTV Task Force
Chair: Jeffrey J. Wermers
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
Remodelers Council
Chair: James W. “Jim” Benson
Vice Chair: G.H. “Puddy” Sturtevant
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Scholarship Foundation
Chair: Michael D. Newsome
Staffed by: Mary Prier
Endowment Subcommittee
Chair: Frederick J. Napolitano II
Staffed by: Mary Prier
Scholarship House Subcommittee
Co-Chairs: S.L. “Sam” Cohen and John W.
“Chip” Iuliano
Staffed by: Mary Prier
Stanley Awards Gala Committee
Chair: Charles J. “Chuck” Miller
Vice Chair: Edward O. “Ted” Yoder
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Suffolk, Franklin, Southampton County
Municipal Affairs Committee
Chair: Richard L. “Tuck” Bowie
Vice Chair: Branch P. Lawson
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
Tidewater Multifamily Housing Council
Chair: Christopher J. Dembitz
Vice Chair: to be announced
Staffed by: Sandra K. Amidon
Virginia Beach Municipal Affairs
Chair: Larry R. Hill
Vice Chair: Pete O. Kotarides
Staffed by: Claudia Cotton
The Tidewater Builder
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The Tidewater Builder
January 2006

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