Chili`s Case Study copy


Chili`s Case Study copy
When a Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant in Raynham, MA experienced many store
closures due to failure of their 199,999 BTU, 100 gallon commercial tank unit,
they knew they needed to make a switch to a better alternative. Not only were
they losing business for one or more days with the repairs/replacement to their
water heater, but they also had to incur the expensive repair/replacement
costs. To find a permanent
solution, the Chili’s restaurant
contacted Facilities Resource
Group, who performed a
Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant (Raynham, MA) complete testing and assessment
of the site and came up with the Noritz Tankless Water Heater Solution that would fit the Chili’s
restaurant’s needs. The Noritz tankless water heater would offer durability and redundancy,
which the previous commercial tank was unable to provide. Noritz’s high grade, quality
engineered tankless water heaters are built to last and deliver long term performance. Should
any one of the Noritz units in a multi-system setup need any service or repairs, this could be
done without compromising the business. The other units online would continue to provide Before: 199,999 BTU, 100 gal.
Commercial tank water heater
hot water efficiently and
occupies valuable floor space of
Why Chili’s Chose Noritz:
the mechanical room.
Another advantage of the
• Efficiency - 38% savings
Noritz tankless system is its
• Life Expectancy - 20 years
modulating water heating
• Redundancy - 4 Units
technology, which would track
(hot water) demand accurately
• Lower Repair Costs
and heat water using only the
energy necessary, saving the Chili’s restaurant on their water heating costs. Under the
direction of Facilities Resource Group, the recirculation pump line was redone, maximizing
the Noritz systems efficiency and adding even more energy savings. Previously with the
commercial tank water heater installed, the pump would always be on, even during closed
After: Four NCC199-DV units line the
hours when no hot water was being used. Since making the switch to a Facilities Resource
Group system design using Noritz tankless water heaters, the pump can now be set to shut side wall, clearing up space and
making the mechanical room more
off completely during closed hours. To actually show the difference in efficiency, Facilities
Resource Group collected actual physical data. Their data showed that the Noritz tankless
water heater system was 38% more
Monthly Gas
efficient, which is estimated to save the
Monthly Gas
Chili’s restaurant approximately $1,953 CF/gal.
annually on their water heating costs.
Tank Water Heater
(199,999 BTU, 100 gal.)
Monthly Water
46,000 CFH
28,500 CFH
50,000 gal.
Gas Price per Therm
Property Profile
Location: Chili’s Grill & Bar Restaurant
City: Raynham, MA
Engineered: Facilities Resource Group
Noritz Installation
Location: Indoor installation
(mechanical room)
Application: 1 dishwasher,
2 (3 compartment) kitchen sinks,
8 bathroom sinks
Vent set-up: 3” PVC (vertical vent-run)
Noritz heater profile
Noritz units: Four NCC199-DV
Noritz Accessories:
Isolator Valves (IK-WV-7) and
System Controller (SC-201-6M)
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Gas Consumption:
Max. 199,900 btuh – Min. 11,000 btuh
Flow rate performance:
0.5 – 11.1 GPM
Temperature settings:
100 – 181.4°F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and
parts (non-prorated)
* Monthly Gas Bill (Estimate) based on actual CF/gal. data collected by FRG multiplied by average monthly water usage (converted to Therms), multiplied by
average gas price per therm at the time.
Facilities Resource Group
For complete evaluation of your facility, please contact:
Ben Wirick
Phone: 616-406-0004
Email: [email protected]
Noritz America Corporation
For more information on this project or on system solutions, please contact:
Brian Watts
Phone: 866-766-7489 ext. 7848
Email: [email protected]