- Darbi G


- Darbi G
You’ll see yourself
through his eyes.
And you’ll love what you see.
you are
completely, totally
Just let me prove it to you.
If you’re considering going for the glory
and baring your beauty before a camera,
then you know deep down that you’ve
got something special going on.
And there’s no doubt that the man you
love agrees.
Every woman has a quality that makes
her alluring.
The spark in her eyes... The come-hither
curve of her back... The irresistible
firmness of her abs... The combination
of her flirty smile and supple lips... what ’ s yours ?
What’s that? You’re hesitant because
you’re self-conscious? So what you’re
saying is...you’re normal.
I dare you to put aside your issues with
your hips or your tummy or whatever
other trivial hangup you have and allow
me to show you how the love of your
life sees you. I will do what I can to hide
your trouble areas and bring out your
Once you see the images, your confidence
will sky rocket. And once your man sees
them … well, let’s just say...
His jaw will
drop !
the pretty little
Timeline expectations
Your full gallery will be finished within
4-6 weeks of your session. One it’s
posted, the images will be ready for
immediate download. During high
season (April-November), I tend to
book up 2 months out. So keep that in
mind. If you’re ordering an album, it can
take up to 8 weeks after your full gallery
is up until the first draft is finished.
From there it depends on how fast you
can approve it. Within two weeks of
approval, you should have your book.
Location of the shoot
I do not have a studio. Ideally, I like to
shoot in a client’s home, to make the
session more comfortable as well as
more personal. However, we need at
least decent lighting and simple decor.
If you’re not sure whether your home
will work, you can send me photos.
Otherwise, maybe a friend owns a house
or loft that would make for a great
locale. If that isn’t the case for you, or if
you’re traveling to the Kansas City area
for the shoot, let me know and we will
go over your options.
The when of the what
The 90-minute sessions take place on
Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays,
and very limited Fridays. Start time
depends on location and time of year.
Hair & makeup options
I highly encourage you to opt for
professional hair and makeup to take
your look to the next level. I offer addons to any package, so I can bring on
a trusted stylist to get you ready. If you
want to do your own, just be careful to
not go too vampy with the makeup as
you still want to feel like YOU. If you
usually go for the more natural look,
amp it up for the session as it will do
wonders. False eyelashes are a great way
to boost your eyes. If you have long
hair, maybe start with it styled down and
bring along clips or pony-tail holders for
alternative looks if needed.
Privacy info
I request that my clients allow me to at
least use photos in which they are not
indentifiable in my marketing materials
so that I can continue to book sessions
with an ever-growing portfolio. If you
will let me use images that show your
face, I’ll be super thankful. I will ask
first, and whatever your answer is, I
will oblige. Once your images are fully
processed, I will send you a link to your
private password-protected viewing
gallery. You can share this info with
whomever you wish. You can post your
own photos online, but you must use
the watermarked images provided in
your digital image set.
Degree of nakedness
How naked you get is totally up to you!
I’m comfortable with complete nudity,
but I do not shoot images that can be
mistaken for porn. About 75 percent of
my clients opt for topless photos. We
can chat more about this at your session
though. No need to fret over it now!
What can I expect?
In one word? FUN. Seriously. I’ll show
up. You’ll be nervous. We’ll look at the
clothing and props you want to use.
We’ll get an idea of the order we’ll
shoot what. I’ll make dumb jokes. You’ll
start to relax. And then bam, magic
is made as I direct you from pose to
pose. You’ll start getting into it and with
some coaching from me, you’ll feel like
the next centerfold. You’ll change your
outfit a times (depending on which
session you go with), all the while feeling
giddy that you’re FINALLY doing this...
whether it be for yourself or for the love
of your life.
Post-shoot editing
Pretty please don’t ask me to
photoshop you so you look thinner
or have bigger breasts.. You
don’t need a perfect body to look
beautiful. Instead, I will find poses
that help obscure your insecurities
and magnify your strengths. But
I also will do touch-ups with skin
smoothing to cover minor skin
imperfections such as cuts or
pimples; but please do not expect
my editing to alter your body shape
or physical features. As you should
be able to tell from my site, I believe
in a bold, natural style of boudoir
photography without glowy effects
or drastic photo manipulation. You
still want to look like yourself, but the
most sexy version of yourself.
Your comfort matters
I will email you before your session
with advice on how best to prepare for
our shoot. But if you have any specific
questions before then, I am here to help.
I’m also game if you want to chat for a
bit on the phone to soothe your nerves.
I will do whatever it takes to put you at
ease. Feel free to bring to the session
any images you’ve seen in magazines or
elsewhere that you want to try emulating.
We’ll use them as inspiration for poses
and will help me get a feel for the style
you’re wanting.
And if you have a girlfriend whom you’d
feel more comfortable having there for
moral support, you can definitely bring
her. We’ll all be cracking up together
in no time. Just make sure you can be
yourself in front of her.
How to book
If you’re ready to get on my books,
email me and let me know. Once we
work out a date, I can e-mail you a
contract. To hold the spot, I require
the full balance and the signed
contract back within one week of
your verbal or written commitment.
The retaining fee is nonrefundable,
but should you cancel, you can apply
it to another photo session within 90
days. If you cancel on me twice, you
will have to forfeit the retaining fee.
Any products added on beyond the
base package must be paid for by the
day of the session.
now let’s talk about
what you should
& shouldn’t
Ah, what to wear! One of the most frequently asked
questions. The answer depends entirely on you. What kind
of look do you envision for yourself, what genre or era are
you trying to evoke, and most importantly, what makes you
feel most comfortable, yet sexy?
Having options is good. Get together outfits or lingerie
items that you think your special someone will enjoy. But
don’t feel like it has to be all about lacey thongs and bras.
A simple tank top and jeans or boy shorts and an oversized
shirt can be equally as sultry.
Some clients prefer to bare it all, while others like to remain
more conservatively covered. Any way you like it, I’ll work
with you to create photos that will show you just how
lovely of a woman you are.
Turn the page for a few suggestions...
color, pattern & texture
Colorful accessories, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie can really make your photos pop.
Even a small touch of color, such as a scarf or anklet, among an otherwise muted
pallete can add a lot of excitement and interest to the composition.
outfit options
Bringing multiple outfits is always a great idea. You may not feel as comfortable in some than
others, and you’ll never know what looks absolutely fabulous until you’re wearing it in front of the
camera! You never know - even an old shirt or two from the hubby’s closet can look amazing. I can
also help you pick the most flattering items from your collection, so bring it on!
Whether it’s your
engagement ring, a vintage
parasol, a sparkly necklace,
your favorite sunglasses,
or a brightly colored
scarf, accessories can add
personality and interest to
your photos. See the list on
the following page for more
lingerie with interest
Fishnet stockings, extra-lacey negligees, colorful corsets, ruffles, and patterned
fabrics look amazing on camera. Ruffles, toule, and lace catch light beautifully!
And don’t worry if there is something you want to wear but don’t know how
to put it on. I can help! It’ll be a bonding experience. (haha)
sugar & spice session | $ 7 2 5
Be naughty, be nice....
Zb e
You don't need
a special occasion
to book a
Sugar & Spice session.
it's a special
occasion in and
of itself.
yo u.
Whether you’re single, married, beginning
a new chapter or ending an old one, the
images we create together will boost your
confidence and improve your self-image.
Although this might start out as a gift for
someone else, you’ll soon see that it is just
as much a gift to yourself. That sort of
present is priceless.
So if you’re a woman who has a secret
desire to feel indescribably beautiful and a
tad naughty... and have hard evidence of
the day you stepped out of your shell and
let your inner goddess unfold... then what
are you waiting for?
wardrobe consultation
60-minute session (3 wardrobe changes)
private online viewing gallery
35 high-res edited image files w/ print release
To add on-location professional hair &
makeup styling, add $100 to the total.
sweeter & spicier session | $1,250
on-location professional hair & makeup
wardrobe consultation
90-minute session (4-5 wardrobe changes)
private online viewing gallery
75+ high-res edited image files w/ print release
10x10 leather-bound book (20 pages of your favorite images)
bound photo books
(10 spreads/20 pages)
extra spread......................$45
mini accordion book
8-12 images.............................$95
other products available .
inquire for details.
me about bachelorette party or gal-pal options!
When you’re ready to book... email me at
da r big @ g m a i l . co m to let me know!
Current sales tax for johnson County, kansas, will be applied to all products and
services provided to residents of kansas. All rates subject to change at anytime.
Let’s Do This!
[email protected]