the press release here.


the press release here.
the invasion of the new breed at Strychnin Gallery
curated by Yasha Young and co-curated by Kasra Ghanbari
On August 10th the world‘s most evil, dangerous and depraved characters will reign Strychnin Gallery
at the gathering of Villains and Assassins.
Plenty of well-known character designers, creature effects artists, illustrators and CGI specialists will
display masterpieces of their exceptionally infamous characters and tell stories about murder, misery
and destruction. The show will give insights into the colorful personalities and backgrounds of a variety
of fictional evil masterminds, who are the backbone of every fine action story and the fuel of every
legendary rivalry.
These characters constantly engage millions of spectators into a love-hate relationship due to their
brilliant but twisted minds, their tragic history or supernatural powers and high-tech equipment. All of
these iconic figures are best known for their remarkable characteristics and obsessions. While some
simply enjoy the thrill of the kill, others are just made to execute orders or even torn between what they
think they must do by nature but still despise.
No matter what vicious plans and compulsions some of these malicious creatures have, Strychnin
Gallery has invited the most eccentric and compelling villains to be showcased for your pleasure. Come
and see them until September 9th.
Exhibiting artists are: Sacha Lees, Ben Templesmith, Toby Cypress, Paul Tobin, Greg Broadmore, Brynn
Metheney, Menton 3, Ming Doyle, Jenny Frison, Riley Rossmo, Nathan Fox, Chris Newman, Richard
Friend, Alberto Ruiz, Christian Gossett, Shane Pierce, George Pratt, Sho Murase, Christopher Mitten
and many more.
Strychnin Gallery - Boxhagenerstr. 36 - 10245 Berlin
Tel.: +493097002035 -
Contact: Michael Niedzwicki: [email protected]