Santa Fean - Blue Rain Gallery


Santa Fean - Blue Rain Gallery
Nussbaumer Fine Art
Robin Branham, Her Glorious Arrival,
mixed media/acrylic on canvas, 79 x 54"
The highly refined and creative work of Robin Branham
evolves as she applies layer upon layer of paint to
fashion abstract shapes and varying textures in a myriad
of colors. Her compositions are shown in the beautiful
environment of the Nussbaumer Fine Art Gallery.
314 S Guadalupe, 505-982-1767
Niman Fine Art
Charlotte Jackson Fine Art
Dan Namingha, New Mexico Desert,
acrylic on canvas, 12 x 16"
Dan Namingha may well be the most gifted original
and important Native American painter at work.
Namingha breaks the mold, the point is the grandeur
of his abstractions. Quote from Alfred Frankenstein.
125 Lincoln Ave, 505-988-5091
Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Contemporary American
and European Art. Specializing in monochrome, concrete,
light and space, modernism, color field, and photography
since 1989.
200 W Marcy St, Suite 101
the gallery
Meyer East Gallery
Selby Fleetwood Gallery
Nicholas Wilton, Red Earth, oil and
mixed media on panel, 60 x 60"
Nicholas Wilton’s oil and wax paintings on panel are
seductive. His work is abstract, his forms organic, and
his paintings rich with symbols. Wilton works in layers,
building up, then roughly abrading his surfaces for interest
and texture. His work is well-collected throughout the
country, especially in Santa Fe.
600 Canyon Rd, 505-992-6855
Blue Rain Gallery
With Tammy Garcia’s sculptural glass, she works on
a flat surface creating striking panels which appear
to engage in a dance with light, the luminosity of their
surfaces creating subtle reflections enhanced by the
play of light and shadow.
130 Lincoln Ave, 505-954-9902
Danny McCaw, Afternoon Light,
oil on board, 30 x 24"
Danny McCaw began painting at an early age and in an
atmosphere where materials and family encouragement
were in abundance. His paintings soon developed into
mature individual statements. European buildings, street
façades, cathedral, café scenes, and ballet dances combine
the current body of work.
225 Canyon Rd, 505-983-1657
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