Kulturzentrum "Treffpunkt Stadtmitte" Wendlingen



Kulturzentrum "Treffpunkt Stadtmitte" Wendlingen
Drei Architekten
Cultural Center
Building Award 2012 Chamber of Architects BW
Cultural Center in Wendlingen
Client Location
Scope of works Key figures Planning period Construction period
1st prize in the overall competition 1982
Stadt Wendlingen am Neckar
Am Marktplatz, 73240 Wendlingen am Neckar
Building and outdoor areas
GBV 15,474 m³, GFA 3,452 m²
September 2006 - April 2008
September 2007 - July 2009
The Cultural Center at the of the new city center of Wendlingen is the keystone
of a competion that our office won as early as 1982. In the subsequent years,
we were able to complete most buildings of the overall master plan. Only the
heart of the city had to wait for 25 years. The newly built cultural center has
two assembly halls for a total of 575 persons on ground floor with a gallery for
another 75 spectators. On the two upper floors are the exercising, seminar and
lecture rooms for the music school, for adult education and for social clubs.
The foyer with an open staircase to the gallery is the meeting place for all users
of the manifold house. In the interior, exposed concrete and wood dominate
with their natural colors. Plaster surfaces are kept white. Geothermal energy is
used for an underfloor heating respectivly cooling system. Photovoltaic panels
on the roof provide electrical power.

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