June 2013 - Temple Shir Tikva



June 2013 - Temple Shir Tikva
JUNE - AUGUST 2013 | SIVAN - ELUL 5773
MLK’s Dream — 50 Years Later
by Rabbi Neal Gold
his August, America will commemorate a milestone: the 50th anniversary of the legendary
March on Washington and Martin Luther King,
Jr.’s immortal speech, “I Have a Dream.” It would be an
appropriate time for a cheshbon nefesh le’umi: a national reckoning of the condition of King’s dream today.
I’m a child of the 1970s and 1980s, so I wasn’t there.
But all of my teachers and my heroes were veterans of
the civil rights movement—which was, in its origin and
essence, a religious movement, organized in church
basements and inspired by the message of the Jewish
prophets. In Confirmation class, my classmates and I
scrutinized the Jewish role in the movement, and King’s
reliance on the words of our shared prophets, such as the
call to “let justice well up like waters and righteousness
like a mighty stream” (Amos 5:24; his words weren’t a
We were inspired by the legacy of heroes like Andrew Goodman, Mickey Schwerner, and James Chaney;
Freedom Riders who were martyred for the cause. We
learned how to sing “We Shall Overcome” in Hebrew.
The year 1963 was crucial in the nation’s history,
before and after the march. As Professor George
Hutchinson of Indiana University notes in Greil Marcus’s & Werner Sollors’s seminal A New Literary History of America, by the summer of 1963, nine years had
passed since Brown v. Board of Education and yet the
nation’s schools remained overwhelmingly segregated.
It was the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and Jim Crow still held sway. As King languished in jail, Bull Connor was turning his water cannons on demonstrators, putting America’s hypocrisies
on display to the entire world. And King was writing his
“Letter from Birmingham Jail,” addressed to specific
local Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish leaders who had
been criticizing agitators for “untimely” demonstrations
against segregation. The rest of that fateful year would
see the summer’s March on Washington, the September
15 massacre of four young girls at the Sixteenth Street
Baptist Church in Birmingham, and President John F.
Kennedy’s assassination.
So we must be sure to ask ourselves this summer:
What is the condition of King’s dream 50 years later?
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Shir Tikva Announces
New Education Leadership Team
e are very excited to share news about the Temple Shir
Tikva Education Leadership team for 5774 with the
entire congregation .
After an extensive year of review, evaluation, and searching for
new leadership, we’ve determined that our best course for next year
is to draw on the extraordinary team of talent that we already have
within our community. From our own pool of talented and experienced professionals, we have assembled a great team who will continue the work of re-envisioning and re-energizing our school program and moving our education program in directions we can all be
proud of.
We are delighted to announce that Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz, with
her wealth of Jewish youth and education experience, will oversee
our K-12 formal and informal education program as part of her continuing responsibilities as the Assistant Rabbi of our community.
Beverly Klau, currently our Grades 3-5 coordinator and a beloved fourth grade teacher, will become Principal of our school. In
the years that she has been part of our community, Bev has developed an enormous amount of trust and admiration among our children, teachers, and parents for her wisdom and commitment. She
will be responsible for students, faculty and parent relations. She
will be the primary contact person for typical day-to-day concerns
about the operations of our school and our students.
Rhonda Magier-Cohen will be our Director of Curriculum and
Family Education. Rhonda is a tremendously talented and awardwinning educator, well known in our community as a teacher of
many years, a cherished bar/bat mitzvah tutor, and the coordinator
of our family education program. She will serve as the primary manager of our curriculum, directing our faculty on unit planning and
lesson plans; coordinating family education programs; and directing
our madrichim program, training our eighth to twelfth grade student
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In This Issue…
Shabbat & Holiday Services………………………………………..2
Tikkun Olam………..………………………………………………4
Youth Community …………………………………………………7
Looking Back at 5773 ( Photos)……………………………………9
TST Library……………………………………………………….14
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June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Shabbat and Holiday Services
June 2013
Shabbat Shelach
Friday, May 31
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, June 1
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
9:30 am Shabbat Yeladim
6:30 pm Mincha and Ma’ariv Service
KYLE MILLER, son of William and Dana Miller,
Bar Mitzvah
Shabbat Korach
Friday, June 7
6:00 pm Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm Simchat Shabbat Service
7:45 pm Prospective Member Oneg
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, June 15
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
10:45am Late Shacharit Service
AVI GOLD, son of Rabbi Neal and Heidi Gold,
Bar Mitzvah
Shabbat Balak
Friday, June 21
6:00 pm Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm Simchat Shabbat and Family Friday Night Service
Saturday, June 22
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
10:45am Late Shacharit Service
IRIANA LESSIN, daughter of Marc and Ivy Lessin,
Bat Mitzvah
Saturday, June 8
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
8:30 am Bar/Bat Mitzvah Torah Study
Shabbat Pinchas
Friday, June 28
6:00 pm Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm Simchat Shabbat Service
Shabbat Chukat
Friday, June 14
6:00 pm Forshpeis (Nosh)
Saturday, June 29
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
July 2013
Tisha B’av
Monday, July 15
8:00 pm Tisha B’av Service
Shabbat Matot-Masei
Friday, July 5
6:00 pm Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, July 6
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Shabbat Devarim
Friday, July 12
6:00 pm Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, July 13
8:30 am Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Shabbat Va’etchanan
Friday, July 19
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, July 20
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Shabbat Eikev
Friday, July 26
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat and Family Friday Night Service
Saturday, July 27
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
August 2013
6:15 pm
Shabbat Re’eh
Friday, August 2
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, August 17
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Saturday, August 3
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Shabbat Shoftim
Friday, August 9
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, August 10
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Shabbat Ki Teitzei
Friday, August 16
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
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Simchat Shabbat Service
Shabbat Ki Tavo
Friday, August 23
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, August 24
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Shabbat Nitzavim-Vayeilech
Friday, August 30
6:00 pm
Forshpeis (Nosh)
6:15 pm
Simchat Shabbat Service
Saturday, August 31
8:30 am
Early Shacharit Service followed by Torah Study
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Discover Shir Tikva Shabbat
Friday, June 7, 6 p.m.
Share the special experience of being a Shir Tikva
member with your neighbors and unaffiliated friends
at our Simchat Shabbat service.
Our Rabbis and Cantor are looking forward to seeing you
and meeting your friends and neighbors.
Please join us for an Oneg following the service.
Getting Ready for the
High Holy Days 5774
In case you’ve not yet looked ahead, please be aware that
Rosh HaShanah falls very early this year, beginning on Wednesday evening, September 4, just two days after Labor Day.
Therefore, Shir Tikva’s critical planning for the High Holy Days
must begin very early this year as well. We anticipate that the
initial congregational mailing for the Holy Days will be sent on
July 25 and that your requests for extra tickets, registration for
our Children’s Programming, “Scroll of Remembrance” memorial listings and similar items will be due back to the Temple
office no later than August 14.
We know these dates occur while most of our community is
in full summer vacation mode, but we ask that you please be on
the lookout for this very important communication and respond
to it as soon as you receive it, so that we can all be prepared for
these important and significant days in our Jewish year.
From Our Rabbis and Cantor
We are eager to share in your times of joy
and support you in times of sadness.
Please call us directly or inform an
administrative staff member so we may extend
timely friendship and comfort to you
and your family.
Rabbi Neal Gold, Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz
Cantor Hollis Schachner
Rabbi Herman Blumberg, Emeritus
Temple Shir Tikva
Tisha B’Av at Shir Tikva
Michael Mirman
Everyone is invited to gather in the sanctuary for a
very special night of study, prayer, and discovery in
observance of Tisha B’Av.
This holiday, which began as the annual commemoration of the Jewish exile from Jerusalem more
than 2,000 years ago, has been transformed by
our tradition into a HOLY, SPIRITUAL, AND POWERFUL moment in the Jewish calendar.
Together we will explore a variety of thoughtprovoking themes and will take turns reading aloud
by candle light from the book of Eichah
(Lamentations), generally attributed to the prophet
The whole family is encouraged to participate in
our deeply moving Tisha B’Av observance.
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June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Tikkun Olam
Mitzvah Garden Planting
Spring has sprung at Shir Tikva! Just
look outside our back door - we have
started our season of planting, weeding,
and feeding, and the picking is soon to
come. No experience needed - parents,
kids, everyone can help! Learn how to
grow-your-own while giving back to the
community. Green City Growers is providing professional assistance, so come with
all your gardening questions. Last year we
grew and donated about 150 pounds of
fresh produce to Serenity House Woman’s
There is a minimal time commitment,
come when you can. We meet twice a
month for about an hour, from now
through the fall. Check the web site or
Vats Nu for when we meet next or contact
Edie Hotchkiss at [email protected]
Join the Mitzvah Day Committee
If you are looking for a way to get more involved, join us on the
Mitzvah Day Committee as we plan another great Mitzvah Day
for October 27, 2013.
Julia Machado
donated her hair to
Locks of Love at the
2012 Mitzvah Day.
Family Table...
We Need Tuna Fish and Pasta!
A year-long food donation program—
make it a weekly routine and part of a family mitzvah.
Temple Shir Tikva will continue to collect food throughout the year for Jewish individuals and families who cannot afford the basic necessities. Food will be distributed through
JF&CS’s Family Table.
TST has been assigned tuna fish and pasta (whole grain varieties, if possible) to support
this program. Please bring these items (marked Kosher or Pareve) weekly and place them
in the Family Table receptacle near the Temple office.
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Online Donations
To make performing the mitzvah of tzedakah
more convenient, we have enabled on-line
donations. Go to www.shirtikva. org/donate.
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
MLK’s Dream — 50 Years Later
by Rabbi Neal Gold
(continued from page 1)
On one hand, anyone paying attention must agree that our society
has changed in fundamental ways. When you read the actual words
of some of the Jim Crow laws, it is hard today to fathom that racism
was institutionalized in such unabashedly shameless terms. At random: Segregation was such a deeply-held value that it was illegal in
many places for a white person and a black person to play backgammon together in a public place. (That was a specific law in Alabama.) For most of us who were born after the civil rights era – and
certainly for our children – it is difficult even to conceive of separate
entrances for whites and blacks, separate schools, separate seating,
separate drinking fountains… and that all these things were enshrined in law. And that all this existed not in the distant past, but
quite recently—in the lifetimes of many of us. That world is truly
gone, thank G-d.
Other changes are certainly in flux. For instance, laws regarding
interracial marriages have disappeared, but same-sex marriage equality struggles to come to be. I believe we have reached the tipping
point, and in a few years our children will look back aghast at a time
when same-sex marriage was prohibited, a vestige of an archaic way
of thinking.
On the other hand, none of us believes we have achieved the ideal
of one of the most often-quoted passages of “I Have a Dream:” “I
have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation
where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the
content of their character.” Many—not all, but many—racial boundaries have fallen away in 2013, but other boundaries remain. In
America, whose race-obsession masks that fact that our real divisions are based on class, other forms of obscene segregation linger.
Racial and religious integration exists most everywhere – but rich
children rarely interact with children from below the poverty line.
Your friends may be white or black; Jewish, Christian, Muslim,
Hindu, or Buddhist; the children of immigrants or Mayflower families. But how many of us socialize with friends from a very different
economic bracket than ourselves?
King challenged us to dream of a society the way it should be,
when we live up to the highest ideals that our national and religious
texts articulate:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [sic] are
created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
inalienable rights…”
“Love your neighbor as yourself…”
“You shall have one law for stranger and citizen alike.”
“When G-d created the first human being, G-d created him in the
image of G-d.”
“…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
How far along are we? When it comes to articulating an ideal, it is
not a failure to humbly acknowledge that we have not yet reached its
fulfillment. The only failure is to lose sight of the dream or to reject
cynically the notion that we continue to progress along the way.
Temple Shir Tikva
KESHER Provides Spiritual, Emotional Support
TST Kesher Program’s mission is to provide both spiritual
and emotional support, solace and hope to congregants and their
families during times of illness, suffering, loss and grief, and to
recognize celebrations of simchas.
Each month, a volunteer coordinates community support
services. The June coordinator is Sheila Deitchman. She can be
reached at either [email protected] or 781-6460380. If you are aware of a congregant in need of Kesher services, call the Temple office, the Rabbis or Cantor or the coordinator.
Thank you...
Dear Friends,
We would like to thank the Shir Tikva community for your support and friendship during our
health crisis these past few months.
We are continually grateful for your wishes for
‫ רפואה שלמה‬and for your expressions of kindness
and affection, and we are so thankful to be part of
such a caring place as Temple Shir Tikva!
Rabbi Neal & Heidi Gold
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June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
jepig Education
Shabbat Morning Torah Study
With Special Guest Teacher Rabbi Edgar Nof
June 15, 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Rabbi Dr. Edgar Nof is the founder of GESHARIM LETIKVAH (“Bridges to Hope”), an organization in Haifa, Israel, dedicated to social justice, acts of
kindness, and building positive interreligious connections in Israel.
Rabbi Nof was the spiritual leader of Congregation Or Hadash
in Haifa from 2000-2013. Before joining Or Hadash, he served as
rabbi of Congregation Emet v’Anava in Ramat Gan (1990-1997), as
Director of the Israel Rabbinical Program at HUC-JIR (1990-1997)
and as rabbi of the Ohel Avraham Synagogue at the Leo Baeck
School in Haifa (1997-2000).
He typically performs 300 life cycle events each year, and coordinates 20 different Jewish education, Tikkun Olam, social justice,
and social action projects in the city of Haifa. He is also passionate
about making connections with the Reform Jewish communities
abroad, and creating interfaith dialogue between Jews, Christians
and Muslims.
He is married to Deborah Nof, and together they have four children: Yael, Elior, Ariel and Taliah.
Mazel Tov to the
Confirmation Class of 5773
‫נִי ַמ ֲא ִמין‬
I believe
Emily Bogdan
Dory Lustig
Julia Herbordt
Adam Merkin
Sam Hoenig
Allison Nemrow
Benjamin Kammer
Isaac Stone
Lauren Weintraub
These Seniors
Graduated from our
Youth Community
Jesse Bogdan
Jeremy Cohen
Samuel Goldberg
Jason Goodman
Daniel Nussbaum
Debra Regensburger
Samantha Zarkower
More Torah, more life;
More study, more wisdom;
More counsel, more understanding;
More tzedakkah, more peace.
Pirké Avot (2:8)
Mazel Tov to the
Shir Tikva Me’ah graduates.
Me’ah is a two-year course of
in-depth Jewish study from biblical
and rabbinic literature to
medieval and modern thought.
Rowena Abadi
Michael Eliastam
Eric Falkof
Robert Koster
Mindy Milberg
Alexandra Mirman
Michael Mirman
Through a year of study with the Rabbis,
our Confirma(on students explored
Judaism and their personal iden(ty,
culmina(ng by examining and developing
their personal beliefs.
Page 6
May they go from strength to strength in their
life-long pursuit of study!
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
jepig Youth Community
by Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz
AISH: Shir Tikva’s Center for Youth Leadership
Olam projects;
hat would you do?!" This provocative question was
posed to us by our 9th grade students during Youth Com♦ To foster a spirit of innovation and exploration for teen engagmunity's Yom Hashoah commemoration on April 10. Unment in Jewish life.
der the guidance of Rhonda Magier-Cohen, our 9th grade students spent
In the spirit of educational innovation, we invite you to be our partthe year working on a Holocaust timeline to highlight the rich memories ner as we continue to explore meaningful ways to connect teens to Jewof people such as Raoul Wallenberg and Oskar Schindler, who fought
ish living! In order to refine and evolve this new experience, as the
to save lives during the Shoah. Throughout the presentation, our teens
year progresses we will be reaching out regularly for feedback and ascompelled us to consider "What would you do?" when faced with diffi- sessment from you and your teens.
cult choices. Utilizing technology funded by a CJP grant, and fueled by
We will also pilot AISH Shabbat and AISH Sundays – to test opporRhonda's immense commitment to this project,
tunities to gather as a teen community in new and
our teens navigated through research, web design,
exciting ways. We will continue to strengthen our
In the spirit of educational
and public speaking to offer a beautiful presentaalready successful Madrichim student teacher interninnovation, we invite you to be
tion to our entire Youth Community. This projectship, create a Va’ad ha’Noar teen leadership council,
our partner as we continue to build new immersive travel opportunities, and will
based learning method proved to
be a very successful model and we
implement Shevet Achim - the Brotherhood, a project
explore meaningful ways to
are grateful to the 9th grade class's leadconnect teens to Jewish living! of Moving Traditions, designed for 7th and 8th grade
ership and dedication to this project and for
"GUYS ONLY." Similar by design to our Rosh
being our teachers during this most important Yom Hashoah Commem- Hodesh: It's a Girl Thing program, Shevet Achim is a unique way for
young men at Shir Tikva to get together to hang out, shoot hoops and
In very exciting news, we will take this methodology of projecttalk about issues relevant to their lives with the guidance of trained
based learning one step further next year. Over the course of the spring adult facilitators from our Shir Tikva community.
semester, a team of dedicated teens, parents, teachers and congregationAs we move forward in exciting ways, we offer special thanks to the
al stakeholders worked to redesign Youth Community, rebranding it as 2012-2013 Youth Community staff: Rachel Fadlon for coordinating
AISH: Shir Tikva Center for Youth Leadership.
Rosh Hodesh and Youth Community, Zack Barr for coordinating our
AISH will infuse teen-identified passions, relationship building and
Madrichim Program, Devora Rohr for her administrative support, and
leadership development with meaningful Jewish experiences utilizing
to Deena Bloomstone for her guidance and direction.
this educational approach of project-based learning. AISH aims to acWe are also grateful to our teachers, Eli Katzoff, Raffi Fadlon, Rabbi
complish the following goals:
Gold, Melissa Hoffman and Rhonda Magier-Cohen for the thought and
care they put into creating and teaching our Youth Community teens.
♦ To identify and support the AISH – spiritual spark – within every
From “What would you do?” to “What’s your AISH? What’s your
Jewish teen;
personal spark?” – we can’t wait to discover with you and with your
♦ To cultivate a joyful, exciting and safe learning environment for
teen all that Shir Tikva has to offer and all that you have to offer Shir
Jewish teen expression;
♦ To encourage teen leadership by developing, managing and executIf you have ideas or questions about AISH, please reach out to
ing community and creative projects;
Rabbi Jen Gubitz – [email protected]
♦ To create a network of relationships through large-scale Tikkun
Opportunities for our students to get involved in AISH programming include:
• AISH Wednesdays: Dinner and Classes (6 – 8 p.m.)
Open to all, required for all Grade 7 students.
Students will choose a track from a selection of exciting
options including (but not limited to) Fine & Performing Arts, Journalism and Tikkun Olam.
Join us as we innovate periodic Shabbat and Sunday
gatherings for AISH teens.
• Madrichim: Student Teacher Training Internship
The Madrichim Program is open to students in Grades 8 - 12 and is a
full year commitment.
• AISH Trips
Off-site learning and social engagement for
students in Grades 7 - 12.
• AISH Shabbat and AISH Sundays
Open to all, required for all Grade 7 students and Madrichim.
• STIFTY & NFTY-Northeast Local and Regional
Youth Group Events
Temple Shir Tikva
• AISH Va’ad ha’Noar
Teen Leadership Council
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June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Rabbi Blumberg Honored at
“Seize the Dream” Gala
Our Shir Tikva community turned out in force at the annual
Jewish Family Service/Metrowest “Seize the Dream” gala to
honor Rabbi Herman Blumberg and CJP Chair Sari Rapkin.
140 Shir Tikva members were among the 450 who attended the
April 28 event which was an enormous success for JFS and the
Metrowest community.
The honorees were introduced by Rabbi Gold and Diane
Black. Rabbi Blumberg invoked the saying “All of Israel
shares responsibility for each other” and powerfully reminded
the audience of the need to care for each other.
JFS works throughout Metrowest to provide the vital social , health and community services to alleviate suffering, enhance lives and support people in need.
For more information or to become involved with JFS
please call or e-mail Jayne Lampert at 508-875-3100 x430,
[email protected]
Note from Rabbi Herman J. Blumberg
To My Shir Tikva Friends,
I was motivated to participate in the Jewish Family Service/
Metrowest’s “Seize the Dream” April fundraising event by:
My long-standing respect for the help this relatively small
agency provides for the needy in our community
The gratitude Paula and I hold for its role in the adoption
of our grandchildren Asha and Avinoam Pukar.
The dividend I realized that Sunday evening last month was
feeling anew the vibrancy of our Shir Tikva community. We
really enjoy being together. What a great impromptu reunion!
Our gathering was testimony to the strength of our shared experience at Shir Tikva and to our enduring relationship.
Thank you for joining in supporting this agency’s important
work. Thank you for honoring me. And, thank you for your
sustained connection to our synagogue community.
This past January I began a new phase of my work at Hebrew SeniorLife. HSL is starting a Jewish Hospice Care organization. While open to all, our goal is to erase the comfort
level of our community’s use of end-of-life services. An important phase of our work, for which I will be responsible in
my role as Director of Rabbinic Services, is to enhance our
understanding of available choices and Jewish attitudes to end
-of-life needs.
Paula joins me in warmest greetings and best wishes for
rejuvenating summer days.
Page 8
(Pictured, left to right) Sari Ann Rapkin, Rabbi Herman Blumberg and
Marc Jacobs at the Seize the Dream Gala sponsored by Jewish Family
Service on April 28..
Selichot at Shir Tikva
Saturday, August 31
8 p.m.
Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur can be lifeenriching days that shape the year-to-come as one
of blessing and growth. To accomplish this, however, requires some spiritual preparation.
On Saturday evening, August 31, beginning at
8:00 p.m., we will come together as a community
for a late-night spiritual investigation into the seasonal themes of Teshuvah and the High Holy Days
The evening offers a fascinating array of learning
sessions designed to nurture our hearts, minds,
and souls; a decadent dessert reception; Havdalah;
and a beautiful, moving, and uplifting Selichot service.
Come share in the drama as our Torah scrolls are
dressed in their magnificent white mantles, representing the High Holy Day themes of Malchuyot
(majesty/the present), Shofarot (redemption/the
future), and Zichronot (memory/the past).
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Looking Back at 5773 at Temple Shir Tikva
Mitzvah Day, Family Trip to Israel, the Grade 10
trip to Washington, DC for the L’taken seminar, Chanukah,
the Grade 6 Shabbaton, the Yom Ha’Atzmaut Israel Fair,
Youth Community, Confirmation and Graduation
are only a few of the many activities during the past year
at Temple Shir Tikva.
Temple Shir Tikva
Page 9
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
May 13 Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights
by Amanda Glynn, Recording Secretary-Elect
In an effort to improve communications and provide congregants with more
information about governance at Temple Shir Tikva, the following is a summary of
the last Board of Trustees meeting:
Executive Session: An Executive Session was held to vote upon a three-year
extension to David Passer’s contract and an amendment to Rabbi Gubitz’s contract.
Both motions relating to the employment contracts were approved unanimously
and with enthusiasm.
JCC Lease: Phil Benjamin reported that the JCC Early Learning Center’s current
lease with Shir Tikva ends in August 2013. The Board voted to recommend that
the Congregation approve a new lease, through which the JCC will rent three of the
five available classrooms, allowing for the potential of alternative uses for the
remaining two classrooms. While the new lease represents a decrease in revenue
for Shir Tikva, the rent amount is in line with other childcare facilities in the area at
this time. The JCC preschool and the temple have been collaborating on efforts
both to increase preschool enrollment and to boost Shir Tikva membership.
Employee Handbook: Robin Kostin reported that the proposed Employee
Handbook, which includes information about policies relating to employment, has
been completed. The guide applies to both faculty and staff and documents many
practices that are already in place at Shir Tikva. The Board voted to approve the
new Employee Handbook.
Education Task Force: Cathy Regensburger updated the Board on the work of the
Education Task Force search. The TF has determined that the necessary tasks can
best be undertaken by a team of in-house talent. Rabbi Gubitz will oversee
education (in addition to her rabbinic responsibilities), Bev Klau will be the
Principal of the religious school, and Rhonda Magier-Cohen will be Director of
Curriculum and Family Education. Rabbi Gold, Rabbi Gubitz, Cantor Schachner
and a number of members of the Board expressed enthusiasm for the new model of
oversight for religious education at Shir Tikva.
Finance Committee: Larry Whitman provided an overview of the budget, and
commented that the forecast for this year had not changed significantly since the
last board meeting. The Board voted on and approved a number of motions
relating to the budget, including recommendations that the Congregation approve
the dues and fees schedule for FY14 and the proposed budget for FY14.
Policy for the Use of Discretionary Funds for Rabbis and Cantor: Phil Benjamin
reported that a policy for the use of discretionary funds of the Rabbis and Cantor
has been developed as part of the effort to update policies and to codify them
appropriately. The Board voted to approve the policy.
Executive Director’s Report: David Passer acknowledged the temple’s celebration
of Julio Machado’s becoming a US citizen and his years of dedicated service to
Shir Tikva. He also noted that the High Holy Days fall very early this year, and
that planning is already well under way. He also mentioned that the Publicity
Form developed as part of the new website has been used successfully by many
committee chairs and staff members. The form allows detailed information about
events and programs to be provided, so that effective planning and more
streamlined communication and publicity can occur.
Rabbi’s Remarks: Following Brian Levey’s thanks to Trustees for their service,
Rabbi Gold expressed his and the Board’s appreciation for Brian Levey’s hard
work. Rabbi Gold discussed the powerful remarks made by graduating high school
students at Shabbat services on May 10th and also shared that the service allowed
the congregation to thank Deena Bloomstone for her years of dedicated service. He
discussed the upcoming holiday of Shavuot and encouraged everyone to consider
how we will continue to grow and learn as Jews.
Leadership Development: Trudy Sonis thanked the Trustees, Officers and
Committee Chairs for their enthusiastic participation in the temple-wide Volunteer
Fair. The fair provided an opportunity for congregants to learn about ways to
participate in committees and programs at the temple.
The Temple’s Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m.
Page 10
Shir Tikva Announces
New Education Leadership Team
(contnued from page 1)
Together, these three professionals will work
closely with Rabbi Gold, Cantor Schachner, the
School Committee, the Youth Committee, and of
course our wonderful faculty to energize our education program. We are also investigating hiring a parttime Youth Educator who would focus on aspects of
our informal education program and teach in our
We have deep confidence in this team of seasoned
Jewish educators. All of them have evinced a passion
for innovation and serious Jewish education; they are
all tremendously dedicated to the families of Temple
Shir Tikva; and they all share our commitment to
raise the standards and quality of everything we do
with our students and families. There are many great
things in store for our community in the coming
Synagogue Council Honors
State Treasurer Steve &
Professor Barbara Grossman
and Steffi Aronson Karp
The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts invites you
to attend this year's exciting and historic Annual Tribute
Celebration on Tuesday, June 11, 6 p.m. at Temple
Emanuel in Newton.
The 2013 Community Service Award
will be presented to State Treasurer
Steve and Professor Barbara Wallace
Grossman for their active involvement
and dynamic leadership in a myriad of
activities throughout Massachusetts and
within the Greater Boston Jewish
It is our pleasure to present this year's K'lal Yisrael
Award to Steffi Aronson Karp. She has
lived a truly pluralistic Jewish life,
founding LimmudBoston, establishing
Congregation Dorshei Tzedek in Newton,
and serving on the Leadership Council of
Hebrew College and on the Board of the
Vilna Shul.
The evening will include a dinner buffet, Installation
of SCM's Board and music by Kol B'Seder (of "Lo
Alecha," "Modeh Ani," and "Shalom Rav" fame, among
others) and Temple Emanuel's Hazzan Elias Rosemberg
with members of the "Shabbat Alive" ensemble. For
details, visit www.synagoguecouncil.org.
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Going on Vacation?
dlidw Gathering/Reyim
How do you find your larger Progressive/
Reform/Liberal family when travelling outside of North America? The process is different than what you find in North America, where synagogues
and Jewish institutions in North America generally have an
“open-door” policy and regularly welcome visitors. Elsewhere,
there is a pervasive security consciousness. Many synagogues
do not publish their street addresses, return phone calls or
emails, or openly declare their presence. A random visitor, even
one claiming affiliation with a Reform synagogue in the U.S. is
likely to be turned away if visiting unannounced.
The best way to connect is to have the World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ), the institution that serves, nurtures,
and supports 1,700+ Reform/Progressive/Liberal Jewish congregations worldwide, make the connection for you.
Several weeks in advance of your vacation, go to the World
Union for Progressive Judaism website, wupj.org. On the main
page, use the dialogue box to search for WUPJ congregations by
country and then city. Once you verify the presence of a congregation in the area you plan to visit, contact the Shir Tikva office
or the office of the World Union for Progressive Judaism at 212452-6531. If given sufficient time, we can arrange a personal
Reyim Selichot Dinner
Saturday, August 31
We aren’t rushing the summer away…
but please mark your calendars:
Reyim is sponsoring a Selichot Dinner on Saturday evening, August 31. Following dinner, there will be a wonderful
Selichot program that includes “dressing” our Torah scrolls
for the "Days of Awe," Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Watch Vats Nu for more details.
Reyim is Temple Shir Tikva’s adult programming initiative
developed to engage temple members, especially empty nesters. In Hebrew, Reyim means “friends” and our participants
are both old and new friends. Programs are especially designed to appeal to a wide range of interests. Reyim plans
three to four interesting Jewish events a year which vary in
subject matter but always include sharing a meal.
Looking for a Meaningful
Volunteer Experience?
Jeff’s Place, a community-based, family-focused program,
provides FREE volunteer facilitated support groups and services to children and teens, ages preschool through high
school, and their caregivers who are coping with a meaningful
death loss. Jeff’s Place welcomes families in all their diverse
forms, and of all races, ethnicities and socioeconomic strata.
Our support groups are 100% free, though all donations are
gratefully accepted. We are proud and truly appreciative of our
partnership with Temple Shir Tikva in Wayland, who generously provides us with a much needed home for our support
groups. Jeff’s Place is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.
To discuss upcoming training, contact [email protected]
metrowest.org or call 508-879-2800.
Temple Shir Tikva
Page 11
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
dlidw Gathering/Sisterhood
Sisterhood Summertime Schmooze
‫רוחי גויתי‬
Tuesday, July 9, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Ruchi G’viati - My Soul, My Body
Join us for cool beverages and friendly conversation!
Refresh yourself with good food and the company of
great women at our annual informal gathering – no
agendas, simply socializing.
Bring a friend or make one there! Watch Vats Nu for
location or send a message to [email protected]
Finding Calm in Chaotic Moments
Women’s Kallah
The over 100 women who attended
April's Women's Kallah brought a
bounty of shampoos, body lotions,
toothpastes and other health and
beauty aids that were donated to
Jewish Family Service of Metrowest
for use in Lucy and Joe's Food Pantry. Centerpieces crafted by Bonnie
Levy, pictured left, featured donated
items from Kallah committee members and Jeff Feingold of the nonprofit Hope and Comfort were a
beautiful inspiration to support our
Sunday, June 9, 5–7 p.m.
We are excited to invite you to the third session of
“Ruchi G’viati--My Soul, My Body” after its debut at
our Women’s Kallah this past month.
Bring your friends and celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the
beginning of the new month, by learning timeless strategies drawn from Jewish tradition for caring for your
mind, body, and soul.
This dynamic series of workshops is based on music,
contemplative meditation, Torah teachings, psychological thought and gentle Yoga. The texts and skills we
learn this month will focus on finding calm in chaotic
There will be plenty of space this time and no one
will be turned away!
We suggest that you:
♦ Wear comfortable clothing
♦ Bring your own yoga mat –or they will be provided
♦ Bring friends, old and new
♦ Bring frayed nerves in need of healing
♦ Bring open minds and hearts, eager to learn, share
and sing
We look forward to sharing this special evening with
Facilitated by Cantor Hollis Schachner,
Dr. Randy Kamen Gredinger, and
Holly Friedman Glick, LICSW, RYT
Mah Jongg Tournament Winners
Happy winners of the annual Temple Shir Tikva
Mah Jongg Tournament:
(l to r) SueEllyn Idelson (first place),
Doris Weinberg (second place)
and Jill Abend (third place).
Will you be a winner next year?
Page 12
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
dlidw Gathering/Brotherhood
Monday, June 17, 11:30 a.m.
he Temple Shir Tikva Brotherhood Golf Classic is fast
approaching. This year’s event will be held at Stow
Acres Country Club in Stow on Monday, June 17.
This is a great opportunity to not only participate in a fun-filled
gathering of golf enthusiasts at every level of play and rekindle
friendships, but also an opportunity to support Temple Shir Tikva
at the same time. So come on out and help us make this year’s
event a big success.
There are several ways you can participate:
•Play golf. You can invite your spouse, friends or co-workers
and create your own foursome. Or, if you cannot get four people,
we can always pair you up with other golfers of similar abilities
to create a foursome for you. Just $175 covers 18 holes, golf cart,
box lunch, dinner after golf and a player gift - not to mention the
after-golf awards
•Become a sponsor. If you own a business or know someone
who does, you can sponsor a hole, the lunch, or dinner or the entire tournament with a generous donation that also generates terrific publicity.
•Donate auction items. Donate sports or theatre tickets, vacation
properties, personal services or other merchandise of value. These
can be a huge part of the proceeds for the golf classic offered up
through our silent and live auction. Your donations are very much
welcomed and appreciated.
•Buy a Raffle Ticket: We are raffling off four owner's box seat
Red Sox tickets again this year. Buy your raffle tickets for your
chance to win! If you are not golfing, go to www.shirtikva.org/
GolfRaffle to buy your raffle tickets, otherwise you can purchase
when you register for golf.
Get your foursome together. If you don’t have a foursome, register to be added to a foursome and make new friends. For information or to register for golf, go to www.shirtikva.org/golf. To
buy raffle tickets only, go to www.shirtikva.org/GolfRaffle.
Temple Shir Tikva
By investing a few minutes of your time,
you can help make the TST community
more personable and friendly.
Upload your photo to your member profile
in the TST online Member Directory.
This will help all of us put names to faces,
creating more meaningful connections.
Follow the instructions on the website:
or call Toni at the temple office, 508-358-9992,
to get help logging onto the website.
Need a Ride to Services?
Is poor night vision keeping you
from attending Shabbat services
or other temple activities?
Our volunteer drivers are ready to help.
Call our June Kesher coordinator,
Sheila Deitchman, at 781-646-0380
and she will match you up with
a volunteer driver.
Page 13
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
New Books in the Temple Shir Tikva Library
by Susan Saul, Librarian
The Gods Are Broken! : The Hidden Legacy of Abraham / Salkin, American Jews & America's Game : Voices of a Growing
Legacy in Baseball / Ruttman, Larry
Jeffrey K.
The story of Abraham smashing his father’s idols might
be the most important Jewish story ever told and the key
to how Jews define themselves. In a work at once deeply
erudite and wonderfully accessible, Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin
conducts readers through the life and legacy of this powerful story and explains how it has shaped Jewish consciousness.
Salkin’s work—combining biblical texts, archaeology,
rabbinic insights, Hasidic texts (some never before translated), philosophy, history, poetry, contemporary Jewish thought, sociology, and popular culture—is nothing less than a journey through two thousand years
of Jewish life and intellectual endeavor.
Ancient Israel : The Former Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings: a Translation With Commentary / Alter,
The life stories of many famous and not-so-famous baseball figures, on and off the field, have been compiled
from nearly 50 in-depth interviews and arranged by
decade in this edifying and entertaining work of oral and
cultural history. In American Jews and America’s Game
each person talks about growing up Jewish and dealing
with Jewish iden(ty, assimila(on, intermarriage, future
viability, religious observance, an(-Semi(sm, and Israel. Each tells
about being in the midst of the colorful pantheon of players who, over
the past seventy-five years or more, have made baseball what it is.
Their stories tell, as no previous book has, the history of the larger-than
-life role of Jews in America’s pas(me.
FDR and the Jews / Breitman, Richard
Nearly 75 years a?er World War II, a conten(ous debate
To read the books of the Former Prophets in this rive(ng
lingers over whether Franklin Delano Roosevelt turned
Robert Alter transla(on is to discover an entertaining
his back on the Jews of Hitler’s Europe. Defenders claim
amalgam of hair-raising ac(on and high literary achievethat FDR saved millions of poten(al vic(ms by defea(ng
ment. Samson, the vigilante superhero of Judges, slaughNazi Germany. Others revile him as morally indifferent
ters thousands of Philis(nes with the jawbone of a donand indict him for keeping America’s gates closed to Jewkey. David, the Machiavellian prince of Samuel and Kings,
ish refugees and failing to bomb Auschwitz’s gas chamis one of the great literary figures of an(quity. A ruthless
monarch, David embodies a life in full dimension as it moves from brilIn an extensive examina(on of this impassioned debate, Richard Breitliant youth through vigorous prime to failing old age.
man and Allan J. Lichtman find that the president was neither savior nor
American Jewish Story Through Cinema / Goldman, Eric A.
bystander. In FDR and the Jews, they draw upon many new primary
sources to offer an intriguing portrait of a consummate poli(cian—
Like the haggadah, the tradi(onal “telling” of the story
compassionate but also pragma(c—struggling with opposing priori(es
of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt that is read at the
under perilous condi(ons. For most of his presidency Roosevelt indeed
Passover seder, cinema offers a valuable text from
did liBle to aid the imperiled Jews of Europe. He put domes(c policy
which to gain an understanding of the social, poli(cal,
priori(es ahead of helping Jews and deferred to others’ fears of an an(and cultural reali(es of Jews in America. In an industry
Semi(c backlash. Yet he also acted decisively at (mes to rescue Jews,
strongly influenced by Jewish filmmakers who made
o?en withstanding contrary pressures from his advisers and the Ameriand con(nue to make the decisions as to which films
can public. Even Jewish ci(zens who pe((oned the president could not
are produced, the complex and evolving nature of the
agree on how best to aid their co-religionists abroad.
American Jewish condi(on has had considerable impact on American
cinema and, in par(cular, on how Jews are reflected on the screen.
This groundbreaking study analyzes select mainstream films from the
Room for the Baby / by Michelle Edwards
beginning of the sound era to today to provide an understanding of
the American Jewish experience over the last century.
A liBle boy frets that the sewing room where his baby
brother or sister will sleep will never be emp(ed of things
Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts / Stories Retold by Jane Yolen
his mother has collected from neighbors for years, but she
uses those things to sew and knit everything from diapers
Presents Jewish folktales along with recipes, arranged
to Hanukah gi?s.
in sec(ons for brunch, soup, main courses, and dessert.
Wonderful stories, wonderful recipes and wonderful
Page 14
Temple Shir Tikva
June - August 2013 Sivan-Elul 5773
Shir Tikva
Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts
Brian C. Levey, President
[email protected]
Neal D. Gold, Rabbi
[email protected]
Jennifer Gubitz, Assistant Rabbi
[email protected]
Herman J. Blumberg, Rabbi Emeritus
[email protected]
Hollis Schachner, Cantor
[email protected]
David Passer,
Executive Director
[email protected]
ext. 214
Deena Bloomstone,
Director of Congregational Learning
[email protected]
ext. 201
Karen Edwards,
Assistant to the Rabbis and Cantor
[email protected]
ext. 210
Toni Spitzer,
Office Administrator
[email protected]
ext. 200
Devora Rohr,
Office Administrator
[email protected]
ext. 211
Lucy Dube, Bookkeeper
[email protected]
ext. 215
Peggi Cohen, Hineni Editor
[email protected]
JCC Early Learning Center of Wayland
Phone: 508-358-5331
Fax: 508-358-5332
Office Hours
School Office
Members of our Shir Tikva
community are always looking
for fun, responsible, creative babysitters. If
you want to add your name to our babysitting
list, send your name, age/grade, address, email
address, cell phone number, preferred method
of communication (email, text or phone),
transportation requirements and any additional
notes about you to Ellie Klein Goldman by
Facebook message.
Your details and contact information will
be made available to the Shir Tikva Family
Connections Facebook group, which can only
be viewed by members.
Support Our Congregation
With Tzedakah
To make supporting your congregation
and performing the mitzvah of tzedakah
more convenient, we have enabled online donations. To commemorate or memorialize life-cycle events of congregation members, family, or friends, go to
www.shir tikva.org/donate.
Temple Office
Monday……………………9 a.m. - 5 p.m.…………….9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday……………………9 a.m. - 5 p.m.…………….9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday………………...9 a.m. - 8 p.m.…………….9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Thursday…………………..9 a.m. - 5 p.m.…………….9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday……………………..9 a.m. - 2 p.m.…………….9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Contribution Allocation
We are extremely appreciative of your
donations. Please help us properly allocate
your contributions by writing a note on
your check or using a donation form.
Summer Office Closings:
Thursday, July 4, Independence Day; Monday, September 2, Labor Day.
Upcoming Events
Saturday, June 1, 9:30 a.m…………………………………………………..Shabbat Yeladim
Monday, June 3, 7:30 p.m……………………………….Temple Shir Tikva Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 15, 9:30 a.m……..Torah Study with Special Guest Teacher Rabbi Edgar Nof
Sunday, June 9, 5 p.m…………………………………….Ruchi G’viati - My Soul, My Body
Monday, June 17, 11:30 a.m………………………………………..Brotherhood Golf Classic
Tuesday, July 9, 6:30 p.m………………………………...Sisterhood Summertime Schmooze
Saturday, August 31…………………………………………………...Reyim Selichot Dinner
Temple Shir Tikva
September Hineni Deadline
Monday, August 5
Articles and photos may be sent by email
to [email protected] or mailed to the
temple office. Email or call Peggi Cohen,
Hineni editor, at 508-358-6272 with questions or comments.
Page 15

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