Canada`s Landform Regions


Canada`s Landform Regions
Canada’s Landform Regions Using Google Earth and Canadian art as mediums for exploration CGC1DG Ms. Percy of Ganada
Flll Innuitian
f---l Hudson
l-l WesternCordillera
f--.l InteriorPlains
l---'l Canadian
l--.l GreatLakes*St.
f--l Appalachians
Google Earth Ê  Take a few minutes and use the iPad or your notebook to explore the different landform regions on Google Earth HOW TO GET TO GOOGLE EARTH ON THE iPAD: On the iPad, go to the original menu screen Click on “History/Geography” and select Google Earth Select “satellite” view to see what the land actually looks like Note: Only some regions will have 3D or street view imagesL Canadian Art and Physical Geo Ê 
In your first group analyze your assigned painting by completing the questions below: 1)  Discuss all the physical features you see in the painting. 2)  Identify the geological features that you see. For example, what type/shape of rocks do you see, not see? 3)  What evidence of glaciation do you see in the painting ? 4)  What region of Canada do you think your painting is depicting and why? What landform region is it showing? 5)  Do you like or dislike the painting? Explain. Present your findings to the class FOLLOW-­‐UP Ê 
Now look on pages 126-­‐129 in Making Connections and compare your analysis with that found in your text. 1)  How are the analyses similar or different? NIT 3
Canadian Art Analysis #1 White Pine PHYSICALCONNECTIONS:CANADA'SEcozONES
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AJ. Casson
Canadian Art Analysis #2 Hillside, Lake Alphonse CHAPTER I2
1Fig. l2-2 W
Goodridge Rob
Canadian Art Analysis #3 Fig.l2-3 )
William Kurelekpainted
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No Grass Grows On The Beaten Path Canadian Art Analysis #4 The Glacier CHAPTER I2
{ Fig. f 2-4 TheGloci
paintedby Arthur Lism