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CTC Environmental Policy_April_2015_low-res
Canadian Tire Retail
Supply Chain Toronto Operations
Environmental Policy
Canadian Tire Retail Supply Chain Toronto Operations services over 500 retail
stores across Canada and provides over 180 million customers a year with
the products for everyday life in Canada. As one of Canada’s most trusted
companies, we recognize the importance of integrating environmental concerns
into our Company’s values, operations and business strategy. We commit to
building sustainable processes that support our aspiration to drive innovation,
profitability, growth and long-term shareholder value.
In support of our long-term vision we will:
• Comply with all governing environmental laws, regulations, codes of
practice, as well as internal standards and other guidelines as subscribed to
by Canadian Tire Corporation.
• Continually improve our environmental performance by establishing metrics
to monitor our performance, and use these to set specific goals and targets.
• Utilize lean principles and methodologies to identify areas of wasted
resources and to reduce our environmental footprint.
• Prevent pollution through the development of an ISO 14001 Environmental
Management System designed to identify risks, determine appropriate
controls and identify continual improvement opportunities.
• Promote sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship by
encouraging the reduction of wastes; including greenhouse gas emissions
and materials sent to landfill.
• Provide all employees with appropriate education of their environmental
responsibilities and encourage environmental stewardship both in and
beyond the workplace.
These initiatives reflect our commitment to integrate positive environmental
actions into our day-to-day operations. These objectives will enable us to
reduce our environmental footprint in a way that adds value to our employees,
customers, shareholders and the communities where we live and work.
This policy will be reviewed annually by the VP, Toronto Operations.
John Scheel
Vice President, Toronto Operations

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