Charging your PowerSLIMTM 9.0 - eshop x


Charging your PowerSLIMTM 9.0 - eshop x
DC5V/ 1.5A (Max)
DC 5V/ 3.1A (Max)
PowerSLIMTM 9.0 external power bank
Charging your PowerSLIMTM 9.0:
Connect your PowerSLIM™ 9.0 using the included
micro USB cable.
You can charge your PowerSLIM 9.0 using your
computer or using a third party USB wall adaptor.
You can even use your iPad wall adaptor, which is
the fastest method currently available.
(The LED power indicator will blink when charging,
as the PowerSLIM™ 9.0 becomes more charged
the LEDs will indicate how full it is, but one LED will
remain blinking until completely full.)
1. Please fully charge the PowerSLIMTM9.0 for the
first time.
2. To ensure maximum functionality and performance,
Please use a 5V 1A wall-adapter to charge the product.
Charging your devices using the
PowerSLIM™ 9.0:
In order to charge your device, you will need to
have a USB cable compatible with your device.
These come standard with all Apple products as
well as most other smartphones, tablets and MP3
Plug the Standard USB end into the PowerSLIM™ 9.0
Now, use the other end of the cable and plug it into
the device you wish to charge.
Next, touch and press the on/ off button for 3 seconds
to start charging.
Once charged, simply unplug your device and store
your PowerSLIM™ 9.0 until you’re ready to charge