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Solid Cincinnati reads the Cincinnati Enquirer
617 Vine Street, Cincinnati,
Ohio 45202
28, 1966
Dr. Albert B. Sabin
University of Cincinnati
Oincinnati, Ohio 45221
Dear Doctor Sabin:
As Doctor Langsam, or John DeCamp, perhaps has informed
you, The Enquirer is doing a special series on headlines
of the future.
First printing date is April 11 and the
series will be one of our important special projects in
connection with The Enquirer's l25th anniversary.
You may be interested
projects include:
A four-part
to know that some earlier
history of Cincinnati.
A history of The Enquirer through the personalities
who have been identified with this newspaper since
it began.
A pictorial
tour of The Enquirer
as it is today.
It had been our original intention to bring together at
a kickoff luncheon those of our staff assigned for
Future Headline stories so that our overall concept could
be outlined and university and Enquirer people could
get a bit better acquainted.
Time is running out on us, however, and we are forced to
revise our plan. We are making our staff assignments
at once and asking that staffers interview as quickly as
possible the various experts assigned to them.
This will take some unspecified period of time, since we
are talking on each headline subject to faculty experts
Dr. Albert B. Sabin
February 28, 1966
Page 2.
at the University
Miami University.
of Cincinnati,
Xavier University
The headline article subjects are Peace and War, Population
and Food, Living Together (civil rights, poverty, welfare),
Health (killer diseases, increasing height, life
expectancy), Environment (urban congestion, transportation,
air and water pollution, power, parks, beauty), Crime and
The Law, Space and Other Science Advances, Education,
Leisure (work week, work hours, use of leisure), Governing
Ourselves (individual vs. group rights, one-man-one-vote
vs. other factors, urban political changes, reapportionment), Our Homes and Their Contents (servants,
human and mechanical, trends), Religion, The Economy
(jobs, living standards, inflation, depression), U.S. as
a Super-Nation and its Future as a World Leader.
After the interviews must come the writing, editing and
layout planning.
We hope in this respect that your
university can provide us with a r ce t hotograph of ou,
s well as some brief biographical material.
When there
is an unusual news interes
'TIvolved, t e picture can be
in a work area rather than the standard head shot.
While the staffer who will interview you will be working
in a specific area, there may be instances in which you
additionally may wish to pass on through him certain
thoughts on a subject among those listed above on which
some other staffer is working.
Our efforts in this series will be directed toward
extending the threads of important events in our lives
today into the future and trying to fathom the directions
in which they are leading us.
Thank you in advance for any help which you can give to The
Enquirer staff writer who will be contacting you.
Dr. Albert B. Sabin
February 28, 1966
Page 3.
The staffer is ranklin Rec and the headline topic
assigned to him is Rea
(killer diseases, height,
life expectancy).
Mr. John DeCamp
Department of Public Relations
University of Cincinnati
Administration Building
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221

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