How to register your company with Bantrel`s Supplier/ Contractor



How to register your company with Bantrel`s Supplier/ Contractor
Start by going to
Step 1 – Registering
Register if new, or login if you’ve already registered.
Registering a new company inside the Supplier Portal
After clicking on the Register’ button on the previous page, click the following buttons:
Next you have to enter you Dun and Bradstreet number. You can search for it here.
Sequence of screens.
Finish the registration process.
Note: Before you can continue on to update the rest of your company’s information, a Bantrel/Bechtel representative has to first verify your
company. Please contact your Bantrel rep to have this done.
Step 2 – Updating the rest of your company details once you have become Bantrel Verified
Once you have had a Bantrel Rep verify you. You can now log back in and complete the rest of your company information.
Logging in if you’ve lost/forgotten your password.
If you don’t have your password or have forgotten it; Click the ‘forgot password’ box on the main supplier/contractor portal page:
This will take you to a new screen were you can put in your email. Once you click send, you will receive a new log in password email from
supplier/contractor portal within a few minutes.
Supplier Portal Home Page
Your Company information needs to be updated regularly. Click the Registration information to do this.
Once done – contact your Bantrel representative and letting him know.

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