May/June 2015 - The Waldo Tribune


May/June 2015 - The Waldo Tribune
Volume 27, Issue 2
May/June 2015
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The Waldo Tribune
page 5
May/June 2015
Letter from the Editor
Dear Readers,
Little Shirley Temple was a star in her own right. Sweet,
soft, and beautiful beyond words, she appeared in countless photos and over 23 movies with her gorgeous curls and beautiful eyes.
Her song, “On the Good Ship, Lollypop” was popular worldwide.
Born on April 23,1928 in Santa Monica, she became an instant sensation, bringing over $20 million for her studio.
In 1935, she won an honorary Oscar. Shirley Temple was as
sweet as any little girl could be, who danced and sang into the
hearts of the world. She will never be forgotten.
Eric Wald
Shirley Temple, America’s Sweetheart.......................................6
The Shirley Temple Drink............................................................7
Shirley Temple in the Movies.......................................................8
Shirley Temple Black, Ambassador.............................................9
Restaurant Section....................................................................10
Did You Know?....................................................................10
Camps & Summer Programs....................................................11
The Story of Two Wolves..........................................................11
Dear Ms. Spiral Notebook........................................................12
Emily’s Post; “Coderiffic!”.........................................................13
Keep Cool with the Lemonarf Stand........................................14
Bobo and Fatso the Clowns .....................................................15
Mimi & Frank.............................................................................16
Letter to Waldo.........................................................................17
Which Picture is Different?........................................................17
Answers to the Shirley Temple Puzzles....................................17
More Eleanor Roosevelt Puzzles.............................................19
Publishers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Eric "Waldo" Wald, Susan M. "Tulip" Wald
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Sales Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Eric Wald
Contributing Writers:
Eric Wald, Rosalind Marie Letcher, Debbie Tuma, Paula Timpson, Greg Bullock,
Zaren Berg Jr., Ms. Spiral Notebook, Emily Post
Contributing Artists and Photographers:
Susan Wald, Elizabeth Smith McCarron, Greg Bullock, KarenLise Bjerring
Special Thanks to Associated Press
Terry Maccarrone, John Brinsmade
Cover by Elizabeth Smyth McCarron
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with Cooper
The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
Shirley Temple,
America’s Sweetheart
written by Rosalind Marie Letcher
photo credit: Associated Press
hirley Temple was possibly the most famous child
star of all time. She seemed to have a natural ability
to captivate and delight her audiences with little
effort. She was gifted with unique beauty, great
talent and personal appeal. These great gifts were
apparent in her even at a very young age. At the height of
Shirley Temple’s fame, which she enjoyed during her very early
childhood, she became known worldwide. She was a great
influence on American culture and she was truly loved and
admired everywhere.
Shirley’s unique natural beauty, her bright eyes, lovable
personality and her winning ways stole the hearts of her
millions of adoring fans and admirers everywhere she was
known in the world. Her famous curly hairstyle became known
as “Shirley Temple curls”. Millions of little girls during the time
of her greatest popularity all wanted their hair in those curls.
Her bright heartwarming smile and her optimistic
personality gave great encouragement to the many people
who were struggling in the hardest economic times this
country has ever known. During these bleak years, known as
The Great Depression, people were suffering from severe
hardships. Many families during this time could not even afford
enough food to eat. This was an extreme time of widespread
page 6
poverty that was being felt in the United States and all over
the world.
Shirley Temple’s message of hope and courage in the
face of severe adversity inspired million of her adoring fans
during these most difficult years of The Depression. This tiny
little girl’s spunkiness and bravery lifted the spirits of Americans
and helped people go on with their heads held high and a
cheerful song in their hearts.
Shirley Temple’s message of hope inspired all to keep
hope alive through the hardest economic time our nation had
ever experienced. Her personality at this very young and
innocent age was truly sincere and sweet. She was loved by
millions of adoring fans all over the world.
This tiny tot had the heart of a lion. She was a real
inspiration to many diverse people all over the world. She
helped them to face the hard times of the Depression with
great courage because her message of hope was so believable.
She was so believable as an actress because she really
lived her parts. The message I got from Shirley Temple was if
you have the determination and the will to win you can meet
any challenge and emerge victorious. This was the kind of
courage that carried us to victory under the most trying
conditions during the era of the great depression and World
War II.
Shirley’s fame was worldwide and was spread by photos
of her that appeared in many magazines, newspapers and
other publications around 20 times daily at the height of her
remarkable fame.
Her worldwide fame rivaled our United States
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and the King of
England, King Edward VII. Photographs of Shirley Temple
appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers twenty
times a day during the height of her fame. Her countless
adoring fans and admirers all over the world also kept photos
of her in their homes.
Photos of her lovely cheerful smiling face graced the
homes of black sharecroppers in the poorest parts of the
southern United States. Her image seemed to make people
feel a true sense of happiness.
Among her other notable fans were the famous artist
Andy Warhol (who did a great portrait of her), J. Edgar Hoover,
Washington D.C.’s gangster Ellsworth Raymond “Bumpy“
Johnson (whose apartment in Harlem was adorned with her
photos). Her adorable image was found also in the
bedchamber of the now-famous Anne Frank, who was hiding
from the Nazis in Amsterdam for two straight years.
The most amazing thing about this is that she was such
a very tiny young child at the time of her greatest world fame
and influence. She spread cheer that lifted the spirits of millions
with a smile, a song, a dance and a sincere heart full of real
hope and kindness.
Little Shirley’s strength of character was truly amazing.
Her sincerity won the day. She stole the hearts of the American
people and millions of others around the world. She made
magic that helped many people look forward to a better day
with true hope in their hearts. Just seeing her bright beautiful
face with her curls and dimples brought a true smile to
anyone’s face.
The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
page 7
The Shirley Temple Drink
written by Debbie Tuma
photo credit: Associated Press
ey Kids! Have you ever had a drink called the Shirley
Temple? Named after this famous child star, this has
become a popular drink for kids. I’ll bet you already know
that it is made from ginger ale, a little orange juice, and
some red syrup called grenadine, which gives it some color. It also has
a red cherry and sometimes a piece of lemon on the side. It is also
known as a “kiddie cocktail.”
But did you ever wonder how it got this name? Shirley Temple
did not name her own drink, and she was never paid for using her
name. There are a few different thoughts on how this drink was named.
One is that it was invented by The Royal Hawaiian Hotel at Waikiki in
Honolulu, since Shirley Temple was often a guest there. Another is
that it was invented by a bartender at Chasen’s Restaurant in Beverly
Hills, California.
And still another theory is that Shirley Temple was out with her
parents and saw them drinking alcoholic beverages, and she asked for
one that she could drink, but when she tasted it, she thought it was too
So there are many ideas about how this drink was actually
named. In 1988, some people tried to market a bottled soda using her
name, and Shirley Temple brought civil lawsuits claiming this was an
invasion of her privacy. Over the years, she has fought against the use
of her name.
Also over the years, the Shirley Temple drink has changed slightly.
Other sodas have been used instead of ginger ale, like 7-Up®, lemonlime soda, or a mix. Sometimes orange juice is not used, and sometimes
there are cherries but no lemon slice.
The Shirley Temple has usually been used to give the children a
“kiddie cocktail” when the parents are having their real cocktails. If
you have never tried one, ask your parents about it, and see if they
know how this fun drink got its name!!
(A variation on this drink is the Roy Rogers, which is made with
cola instead of ginger ale or 7-Up® , and has no orange juice in it. - Editor)
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May/June 2015
Shirley Temple in the Movies
written by Paula Timpson
photo credit: Associated Press
hirley Temple was born April 23, 1928 in Santa
Monica, California. She was born a year after sound
films, called “the talkies”, came out. From the time
she was a baby until she was six, she was one of
the world’s most photographed celebrities. Before she was
10, she made many movies. Her movies were special because
they were for all ages, not just kids. She was the star; even
though she acted with some of the best-known actors, her
name appeared above the title. She had a red-pink lemon-lime
soda drink with a cherry named after her. She was a model for
popular dolls.
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page 8
Shirley had two
older brothers, Sonny
(George Jr.) and Jack.
Her mother was
a homemaker and a
talented dancer who
always wanted Shirley
to be exposed to the
arts. She played music
and enrolled Shirley in
dance lessons at age
three at The Ethel
Meglin Dance Studio.
Shirley had good
coordination and
rhythm. She loved to sing. Shirley’s father was a high school
dropout, but he worked hard and became a banker.
A Hollywood talent scout saw Shirley instantly while she
was in her dance class. People from Hollywood were always
looking for new talent. Her first film series was one where
kids played big people, for which she earned $50 a week. At
Thanksgiving time in 1933, Shirley’s big break came when she
was seen in or near a movie theater where one of the Frolics of
Youth series was playing, which she had starred in. She was
cast in the movie Stand Up and Cheer! and Little Miss Marker,
which made Shirley a star in 1934 at age six. Rather than
bedtime stories, Shirley’s mom read her scenes so Shirley
would recognize her lines. Her mom also set her 56 curls for
every movie. Corkscrew curls were popular for girls in the 1930s.
Shirley was smart. She rarely forgot a step or a line. In
1935, at age seven, Shirley was invited to the Academy Awards,
where she was awarded a special miniature Oscar for her great
contribution to the movies. People in foreign countries enjoyed
her films as much as people in the U.S.
Shirley was honored by having her hand and footprints
in the court of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Shirley had a pony
named Spunky and a Pekinese puppy named Ching Ching.
Shirley appears on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
Band album cover. The Cairns terrier in the movie Bright Eyes
was the same dog in The Wizard of Oz five years later.
Shirley’s best-known song was “On the Good Ship
Lollipop” from the movie Bright Eyes in 1934. Shirley went to
The Westlake School for Girls. In 1937 she was in the wellknown movie Heidi. She was first cast as Dorothy for The Wizard
of Oz but Fox Studios would not let her go. They cast her in
the magical movie Blue Bird.
Shirley called wonderful tap dancer Bill Bojangles
Robinson “Uncle Billy”. He said she was the best tap dancer
for her age. Shirley learned tap dance routines by listening to
his feet tapping. Uncle Billy helped Shirley learn a fancy staircase
dance for the movie The Little Colonel. Together they made the
first interracial dance team in US movie history. In the southern
United States, there was segregation, where blacks and whites
were divided. The movie was a success, and it helped people
open up about blacks and whites together in the movies.
As a child star, Shirley Temple helped many people feel
hope and the promise of a better future in the 1930s during
the Great Depression. People fell in love with her. She lives
forever, inspiring us all with her unforgettable curls, smile, wit
and charm.
The Waldo Tribune
Shirley Temple Black,
page 9
May/June 2015
written by Debbie Tuma
photo courtesy of Associated Press
ey, kids! Do you know what an ambassador is? This is
a man or a woman who is selected to go to another
country and help make peace, form good
relationships, and do good works to help other people.
she was
known as
a child
star and
later a
Te m p l e
spent the
half of her
life as an
Ambassador and
a politic i a n ,
as teen
and grown-up actress from 1932-1965, and she worked as a
public servant from 1969 to 1992.
During this time she played an important role in global
politics. She was now Shirley Temple Black, having married
her second husband, Charles Alden Black, and was appointed
Representative to the 24th United Nations Assembly by
President Richard Nixon in 1969. She was then appointed as
the ninth United States Ambassador to Ghana by President
Gerald Ford.
In 1974, Shirley Temple Black went to Accra, in Ghana,
and she immediately started learning the African culture. She
wore African clothes, danced to their music, and referred to
her fellow African women as “sisters.” In Ghana, she was even
named an honorary African Chief!
While there, she learned much about the culture and
also shared the American culture with her newly found friends.
Shirley Temple Black was appointed the first female Chief
of Protocol of the United States from 1976 to 1977 and was in
charge of arranging President Jimmy Carter’s inauguration and
ball. Later she was appointed by President George H.W. Bush
to serve as the first and only United States Ambassador to
Czechoslovakia, from 1989 to 1992. Being so well-known and
popular as a former actress helped her in this role, where she
threw glamorous parties and met many people.
During this time, Shirley Temple Black witnessed
Czechoslovakia’s struggle against Communism. She was there
during the Velvet Revolution, which brought an end to
Communism in that country. She helped to form diplomatic
relations with the newly elected government, led by Vaclav
Havel. She even accompanied him on his first visit to
Washington, D.C.
As ambassador for our country, she formed good
friendships and became a legend that many throughout the
world will never forget.
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May/June 2015
page 10
Did you know...
written and illustrated by Greg Bullock
...Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928?
...Shirley Temple’s mother listened to music before Shirley was born in
hopes that the baby-to-be would naturally grow to be musically talented?
...Shirley Temple’s mother played records to baby Shirley in her crib so
that she would grow up loving music?
...Shirley Temple’s mom gave her many beautiful dolls, and Shirley kept
on collecting them when she was grown? Her doll collection became
world famous.
...Shirley Temple loved to sing and had perfect pitch? Her mother taught
her to dance and sing when she was only three years old!
...Shirley Temple had a unique dancing
ability? She could close her eyes, listen
to someone do a dance step, then copy
that step just by listening to the sound
of the dancer’s feet!
There once was a girl named Shirley,
Whose hair was so nice and curly.
When the director said, “Go”,
She would make the screen glow.
That curly haired girl named Shirley!
(See picture.)
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The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
The Story of Two Wolves
submitted by Zaren Berg Jr.
ery often, children’s karate programs offer insight
to questions that young people may ask. One day,
a student wanted
to know if wolves
were bad animals and how one
should understand them. The
Sensei offered a short story:
“An old Indian was sitting
by a stream singing a song about
the wolf. Shortly, a young Indian
boy, about eight years old,
happened by and listened to the
old chief’s song. It was about the
great battle between two
wolves that goes on inside of us.
One wolf is evil and full of
anger, envy, greed, self-pity and resentment. The other wolf is
good; full of peace, joy, kindness, faith and compassion. The
boy thought about the song and asked, ‘Well...which wolf wins?’
The old chief replied, ‘The one you feed.’”
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page 11
The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
page 12
Dear Ms. Spiral Notebook
“Don’t just ask for a Bagel -- ask for a Hampton Bagel!”
Dear Ms. Spiral Notebook,
I am the class mother for my daughter’s fourth grade class. With
Memorial Day approaching, do you have any suggestions for how to
incorporate a day of remembrance that is age-appropriate?
What about a “mock” Memorial Day quilt? You can gather some
colored index cards in red, white and blue. Rotate who gets each color
and have the following prompts written on them. The red card could
state, “I appreciate the military because...,” the blue card could state,
“What does it mean to be patriotic?” and the white could state, “On
Memorial Day, I will…” You can then
arrange the cards in a quilt-like pattern
to resemble a quilt for the bulletin
Dear Ms. Spiral Notebook,
How do I keep my struggling
fifth-grade son from becoming
overwhelmed with the learning process?
A great way to work through
frustration is through visualization. I
would suggest developing an “I can”
poster wall in his room. First, start with
images of all the things he is good at,
and what he considers his strengths to
be. You always want to focus on the
positive. Next, find some inspirational quotes that he can relate to.
Michael Jordan has some fantastic ones. These will serve to build
Dear Ms. Spiral Notebook,
How do I help my seventh grader prepare for final exam?
It is important to plan ahead. I would have a large wall calendar
where I would indicate when each exam is. I would then establish an
organizational system for keeping all review material that is being handed
out. You may then want to designate specific “study” days for each
subject. Remember that small intervals of studying work best with young
learners. There is a need for breaks, and ones that include physical activity
are the most beneficial.
Dear Ms. Spiral Notebook,
Are there any new reading apps for a phone or digital device that I
can use with my young elementary students to build comprehension skills?
Yes, there are many. MiniMod is an app that allows students to
“assess” their ability to read for the five W’s. This app is $3.99. Here is
the iTunes link: The app has been aligned for the new
Common Core standards and has various reading levels, so as you child
gains more skills; they can advance onto a higher level.
Attention Parents and Teachers: Have a question or concern about
your child’s/students’ education? E-mail [email protected] You
may also fax it to (631) 808-3248, or send it via “snail mail” to Ms. Spiral
Notebook, c/o The Waldo Tribune, P.O. Box 2587, Sag Harbor, NY 11963.
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May/June 2015
page 13
Highly TTrained
rained Instructors
Over 47 YYears
ears Combined Experience
Emily’s Post: “Coderiffic!”
by Emily Post, age 14
ou know I love robotics, but I have found another
area to love, and now I am reporting on it to you. But
first, readers should know that Westhampton High
School is ranked as one of the top schools for robotics
in the U.S. They beat us at the Javits competitions.
Now I am adding coding to my favorite things. Coding is
computer language that is now part of our daily culture. Some of
the richest people in the country were first coders, including Mark
Zuckerberg, as you remember if you saw the movie, and Steve
Jobs, Bill Gates, Evan Spiegel of Snapchat, and Mike Krieger of
Instagram; they were coders first.
So I am going to be a coder first at 14, at least starting to
code. I took a crash course on web design at the Flatiron School.
First, we learned two coding languages: CSS and HTML. Then I
built my first website; it is about animals and no matter what, I will
keep that website because it is my first. I think that coding and
programming is great for girls - it is no longer a boys-only club!
And by the way, Taylor Swift’s BFF Karlie Kloss, a model,
dancer and now coder, is sponsoring a contest with Flatiron School
to give away coding courses for videos submitted. I am going to
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The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
Pictured above, Adam and Eliza Liebowitz sell lemonade and lemon-scented potpourri seashells at
their Lemonarf Stand.
Keep cool with the Lemonarf Stand!
Specializing in PPediatric
ediatric and AAdolescent
dolescent Medicine
444 North Sea Road
Southampton, NY 11968
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page 14
id you know that the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons
has an official club to involve kids in raising funds for the animals
at the ARF Adoption Center in Wainscott? A Lemonarf Stand
is just like a regular lemonade stand, only better. ARF has created a
Lemonarf Stand starter kit, designed to help let people know that young
participants are an important part of the ARF team and that all of the
money raised will go directly to the care of the animals at ARF. Last year,
thanks to kids, Lemonarf stands raised $5,000 for ARF!
The kit includes the following items to help make a Lemonarf
Stand a big hit in any neighborhood:
• the official Lemonarf Stand homemade lemonade recipe. Kids
can use this recipe or create their own refreshing summer drinks.
• the official Lemonarf Stand barking-good cookie recipe. Kids
can use this recipe or make their own treats.
• a Lemonarf poster, to let customers know that the stand raises
money for ARF. Kids fill in what they are offering for sale and the price.
They can decorate the poster as they see fit.
• the official Lemonarf minibank, to collect all of the donations
and keep them safe until the money is brought to ARF.
• official Lemonarf cups.
• official Lemonarf buttons, to let everyone know you are an
official member of the Lemonarf team.
The most important part of any Lemonarf Stand is that the children
have fun! Kids can feel free to add items for sale such as homemade
jewelry or art and set their own prices for the items for sale. Participants
can also let ARF know where and when they are having their Lemonarf
Stand and ARF will put it on their events calendar on Facebook. Everyone
who runs Lemonarf Stand this summer will also have their photo taken
when they bring their donation to ARF and will be featured on ARF’s
Facebook Page.
FREE Lemonarf Stand Kits can be picked up at the ARF Adoption
Center at 90 Daniels Hole Road in Wainscott. For more information,
visit or contact Jamie Berger 631-537-0400 x215.
The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
page 15
Bobo and Fatso the Clowns
A Make-believe Story Written by Waldo
obo the clown was a hobo clown, which means that
he would appear as a run-down, tired old clown
with a grey beard, a red nose, and a rag-tag suit. His
wife, Fatso the clown was what is called a whiteface clown,
which means she would use a lot of white make-up, or as
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Fatso would love to dance; she could rumba to the cha• Household & Rug Cleaning
cha! They were world famous, and would perform in front of
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thousands of adoring fans.
One of Bobo’s and Fatso’s favorite gags was the clown
car act, where about 50 clowns would cram into a small
Volkswagon Bug at one time. Another clown gag was the
firehouse act, where Fatso the clown would jump out of a
84A Main Street · Southampton, NY 11968
make-believe house, as clowns would put out the make-believe fire, with lots of slapstick.
Another skit they were well-known for was the horse
gag, where two clowns dressed as one horse in a two-part
costume would enter the ring, and spell, walk and sing, until
the two parts separated! Another skit Bobo would perform
was the wash day gag, where Bobo and Fatso would attack
each other with a bucket of water and a wash rag filled with
Now Fatso loved to eat. She loved cheesecake cupcakes,
and could finish a whole bucket of fired chicken all by herself
in one sitting. She also adored cannoli for dessert.
Today, Fatso and Bobo are retired from the circus, but
their names will last for eternity in the circus museum, deep in
the heart of Florida, where clowns go to warm their tired and
aching funnybones.
Hampton Arrow Cleaners
Environmentally Friendly Cleaners
The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
page 16
Mimi & Frank
Children’s Eye Exams
written by Waldo
ot so long ago, in a very town called Speonk, New
York, lived a very nice mouse family, Mimi Field and
her husband, Frank. They both had a luxury mouse
condo with a deluxe kitchen, a sauna, and a beautiful king-size
mouse bed.
Now the family that lived with them in Speonk were a
very nice family. They always left Swiss cheese and bread
crumbs out for them to nibble on. Mimi and Frank were very
neat, and never left a mess by the kitchen, so as to not upset
their family.
One morning, out of nowhere, to their dismay, out of
the blue Mimi woke up, and there appeared to be a black and
white cat with big fangs and sharp nails, looking right at them,
in through their mouse hall, into their deluxe home sweet
home, in the quiet town of Speonk!
The Fields were horrified, and feared for their lives.
Afraid out of their minds, they grabbed a suitcase and left their
home sweet home.
Now this story has a happy ending. The Field mouse
family went to live in Miami, Florida. It was much warmer
there, and more peaceful. They lived in a place that was more
peaceful, with no cats to bother the Field family. This gave
them time to enjoy their new villa by the beach, happily ever
after, in the heart of Miami.
The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
page 17
Letter to Waldo
My name is Alexis Hardcastle. I am 12 years old. Some
of my hobbies include dancing, drawing, reading, and arts and
crafts. I dance five days a week at a local dance school. I’ve
been dancing since I was three years old. I have two pets, a 15year-old Yorkie named Bianca whom I love very much. I also
have a hamster named Nucky, who is about a year old. My
favorite food is tacos. I also love popcorn very much. In the
future, I want to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in
Manhattan, because I would like to be in the fashion industry,
possibly being a part of a popular magazine like Teen Vogue or
Seventeen. I hope you were able to get to know me a bit.
Alexis Hardcastle
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The Waldo Tribune
May/June 2015
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