ascom telecaRE IP call modulEs ThE REAssuRAnCE oF A



ascom telecaRE IP call modulEs ThE REAssuRAnCE oF A
 Product sheet Product:
Ascom teleCARE IP call modules
Wireless call module with a pull-cord or a
handset socket
Three call buttons for different call levels
Battery operated and low battery monitoring
Fully supervised
Ability to work with hard-wired call peripherals
ascom teleCARE IP call modules
The reassurance of a mounted call
module in a wireless environment
Reliable wireless call modules at fixed locations
were you need them the most
Call modules for individual needs
teleCARE IP offers a flexible range of fixed (mounted) wireless call modules.
You choose what suits your needs. Perhaps a pull cord in a bathroom or a
call module with socket for a handset in the living room or by the bedside?
With our fixed call modules you’ll get the functionality of the hard-wired
nurse call, but wireless and fully supervised.
User-friendly buttons
The three buttons are used for different purposes. The red button is used
by the patient or resident to call for help. The yellow button is for caregivers
to call for assistance and the green button is used when caregivers want to
cancel a call.
Pull-cord and handset options
If you want to place the call modules in, for example, a bathroom we can
offer a practical cord alternative. With the cord a simple pull is enough to
trigger a resident or patient call. For bedside use we recommend a socket
module with an easy to use handset that can be placed in the bed.
Prepared for the future (from Q2 2014)
All the fixed call modules have a built-in LF receiver. This enables the use of
a caregiver transceiver and shows which caregiver has cancelled a call.
product sheet: Ascom Telecare IP call modules Dimensions (WxHxD)
91x19x31 mm
Battery operated
2x 1,5V alkaline batteries
Battery life time
1,5 years (at 10 alarms per day)
External power source
Optional 12 – 24Vdc adapter
10 to 45 degrees centigrade
30 – 80% non-condensing
Transceiver frequency
869,2125 MHz
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