UU Marching Instructions and Maps


UU Marching Instructions and Maps
 UU Marching Instructions
To Carpool From UU Fellowship of Winston-Salem
Meet between 3:30 and 4:00 at the Fellowship, 4055 Robinhood Road.
(Note: Ridesharing is encouraged due to parking limitations. Drivers offering to transport others must
assume all risk and liability for their passengers when they leave the Fellowship premises. Return to the
Fellowship should be worked out individually between parties traveling together.)
Park Downtown in a Garage or on the Street
See the reverse side of this handout for locations of garage parking. Or,
many of the streets have meters, which are free after 5pm. Bring quarters.
UU’s will Meet-Up Downtown at 4:30 pm
UU’s will march together. Meet on the backside of the BB&T Building (tall
green building at 200 W 2nd St.) facing Corpening Plaza around 4:30pm. If
you arrive after 5, look for the yellow tees!
March is One Mile Long
The March is 10.5 blocks long - ½ mile to the Courthouse from Corpening
Plaza and ½ mile back. There is an optional reduced route 2.5 blocks long
that begins at the Federal Courthouse between 5:15 & 5:30 and walks the
final portion of the route.
Wear Your Standing on the Side of Love Gear
… or any yellow/gold top. Dress for the heat. Bring water.