Carlos Amorales


Carlos Amorales
Carlos Amorales
A morales
L iquid
This font is the first one I designed and used for
my work. In 2003 I made a four wall piece which
represented paint dripping as when one is painting
a room and the paint is too liquid, just that in my
wall piece the drippings where going upwards,
against gravity, which gave the sensation of a room
falling down towards the center of the earth. To
make this wall painting I had to first paint a real
dripping on a wall and then photograph it, later
I trace it with vectors and devoid it on different
segments. Some time later I realized that I could
use this segments to compose other images and
then came the idea to draw letters with it, which
became an alphabet.
Through the years this font was used in different
works, as for instance are a group of 27 oil
paintings each one representing a letter, or for the
record cover of the band Titan that I realized with
the record label Nuevos Ricos in 2005 and a large
poster installation called Germania that it was
presented in Kunsthalle Kassel in 2009, which is a
pirate version of the piece by Hans Haacke.
The font is also part of a large collection of vector
images which I call “Liquid Archive” which I used
for about ten years for making animations and
graphics. It is the language component of this
archive and as such it is the predecessor of the work
that I have been doing in the last years which is
mostly based in exploring and experimenting with
the meaning of several invented typographies.
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