becoming the human crystal


becoming the human crystal
the Human Crystal
Evolutionary Practices with Crystals
Special two day workshop events with Naisha Ahsian
orld renowned author and teacher of crystal consciousness and healing,
Naisha Ahsian, is coming to South Africa to offer her ground breaking 2
day Becoming the Human Crystal workshop in September! Spend two full days
immersed in the science and spirit of the mineral kingdom with one of the most
respected crystal consciousness experts on the planet.
Durban - Sept. 8 & 9 Sponsored by Top Rock
Cape Town - Sept. 15 & 16 Sponsored by African Gems & Minerals
Johannesburg- Sept. 22 & 23 Sponsored by Stones for Africa
Each participant will receive a free crystal from the event sponsor!
n this paradigm shifting 2 day workshop, you’ll be introduced to the science
and spirit behind human-mineral interaction and will experience first hand the
evolutionary power of the mineral kingdom. Whether you are an experienced
crystal healer and meditator, or just beginning to experience the mineral
kingdom, this workshop will offer you rock solid information and crystal clear
insight into how the human body and energy field process crystalline energy to
fuel personal & planetary evolution!
Participants will learn:
Stone Cycles
A 28 Day Crystal Life Design Program
Naisha Ahsian
<< How and why crystals and stones work as healing and spiritual growth
tools; with information from both scientific and spiritual approaches.
<< The physical law of resonance as the basis for all vibrational medicine
and how to use this law of physics to turbo-charge your healing & spiritual
<< How to connect with the devic spirit of a crystal or stone in order to
receive information and teachings directly from the stone deva itself.
<< How to connect with the spirit of your personal crystals and stones to
understand their purpose, uses and reasons for being with you.
<< How the elemental energies of nature can facilitate your understanding
of, and connection to, the mineral kingdom.
<< Current Earth changes and their impact on humanity, the mineral world
and All Our Relations.
<< How to connect with the Crystal Allies; the oversoul beings that govern
the mineral kingdom.
<< How to choose, clear and awaken crystals and stones; Learn the most
effective methods and why they work.
<< How to use crystals and stones to connect with your personal healing &
spiritual guides, and much more!
Tuition for the workshop is R2250.00
Contact Kathryn Coulson at (0027)0826060755 or [email protected] to register.
A limited number of private consultations with Naisha will also be available by appointment
only. Please contact Kathryn to book your private consultation.