Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc.


Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc.
motorcycle club
international, inc.
“We are looking for a few good Marines”
Happy 10th Anniversary Leathernecks!
First National Meeting, Camp Springs, MD
May 22, 1999
We Are A Marine Corps Motorcycle Club
Motorcycle Club
We are absolutely nonpolitical. Distinction of class, nationality, or sect will not be recognized
nor tolerated by our organization. Our members act in good faith with other Members, and
uphold the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps. There is no distinction of
military rank in the Leathernecks MC International.
National Officers
Our Members come from all walks of life, some are active duty Marines and FMF Corpsmen,
and others are not. Some served in times of conflicts, and others served in times of peace. We
ride all types of motorcycles both foreign and domestic. Two and three wheelers, and those
with sidecars too. It isn't the type of machine that counts, it's the fact that we are Marines, with
the love for the lifestyle of motorcycling in common.
Al Little “NFA”
[email protected]
Vice President
To be appointed
Many of our Members, who have a love for riding and the camaraderie that comes with it, can
no longer ride due to disabilities. Those members are also welcome, and often ride support
vehicles for those of us still fortunate enough to ride.
Our Members consist of a very special breed of person. In most Military Services, you can be
all that you can be. But the Members of this Club who joined the Marines found themselves
being more than they ever thought possible. Both Marines and the Fleet Marine Force
Corpsman who wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor have a very special bond and loyalty to
one another that even we find hard to explain. Although we find it hard to explain it comes
quite natural. And when you combine this bond with the love of motorcycling through the
beauty of mother nature, in the country we would die for you've created a breed of person – A
Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Member.
The LMCI Newsletter…
Bill Sanford “Fireball”
[email protected]
Tina Cunningham “Sideshow”
[email protected]
Sgt. at Arms
To be appointed
Dennis A. Jaromin “Fat Guy”
d.jaromin[email protected]
National Web Site
The LMCI newsletter is published quarterly and distributed to all Members whose dues are
current. Our mission is to promote Marines and FMF Navy Corpsmen who enjoy riding
Who Should Submit Stuff: While all Members are encouraged to submit items and
reports, we encourage Club Officers, Chapter Officers, and events chairpersons to submit
something each quarter. This way the rest of the Membership will learn what’s going on in
your area. It is never too early to announce an upcoming ride or event. Early announcements
could encourage a Member from a distant state to plan his or her vacation and plan to
How to Submit Stuff: When you send in an article or report please try to do it in Microsoft
Word on a diskette or via email as an attachment. If you do not have access to a computer,
then typewritten will be accepted. Please answer the questions, “Who? What?, Where?
When? Why? and How?
Photos: Our readers enjoy photos of Members and Club-related events. The best way to
submit photos is to send them to The Editor with a self addressed, stamped return envelope.
This permits the Editorial Staff to scan and crop them to fit our format. Digital photos via the
Internet or sent on a floppy disk are also acceptable. Photo content should be suitable for the
entire family. While the Editorial Staff greatly enjoys looking at photos of naked people, we
cannot accept them for publication. All photos should be accompanied by a brief description
of the event and the full names of all the people in the picture.
When to Submit Stuff: The LMCI Newsletter will be published quarterly and posted on
the National Website. Send in your suggestions and items for inclusion. All must reach The
Editor by the deadlines which are March 25, June 25, September 25, and December 25. We
anticipate that the Newsletters will reach Members on the 15th of the month following the
Member Profiles: Individual Members are encouraged to send in a brief personal history
along with a photo of themselves and their bike.
Officers, Directors, and Sponsors Not Responsible: The Officers, Directors, and
Sponsors of the LMCI are not to be held responsible for any information, errors, deletions
and/or omissions in this Newsletter. The opinions and statements found in some material
herein may not reflect the overall opinion of the LMCI.
New HMFIC for the Newsletter
Brothers and Sisters, my name is Fat Guy, and I will be doing the National Newsletter for
awhile. Those of you that know me know that my family and I have done the Newsletter in
the past. That was way back when it used to be published and mailed to the Membership.
That became too expensive so we will be posting it here on the National Website. My format
will be a little different but, I hope it will help make things easier to read, as well as allow
your photos to be recognized better. Everyone knows how beautiful us Marines can be, so I
want to be sure to capture all of your radiant beauty.
I would ask that you, the MEMBERS submit any stories, articles, or flicks you feel might
interest the other Members. I won’t beg and plead with you to help me in this endeavor, I’ll
just start out with my slides from my trip to East Overshoe Maine, and continue till I finish
up with the slides that were taken in South Buckle-up New Jersey. Although they may be
interesting to some, I’d really rather see what you have going on in your area.
I know that some Chapters have some great things happening, in your area, and it would be
nice to share your triumphs and good deeds with us all. Many Chapters don’t do the things
they do for the publicity or recognition but it sure makes us all proud to know that LMCI
does many good things for many good people. Or maybe you just want to send in some flicks
of the new Grandkids, or the family dog.
Although this Newsletter will be informative, most of all, I hope it will be fun. I know….
Marines don’t know how to have fun. Just give it a try, and we’ll see how it goes. As with
everything, we need some rules like no swearing. (Within reason of coarse) No attacks on
other Brothers or Sisters. (Strictly enforced!!! because I don’t want you guys picking on me
all the time.)
Let’s make it fun, informative, and something we can all be proud to be associated with.
Dennis A. Jaromin
(Fat Guy)
13 June 2009
Our meeting will be at the Holiday Inn Express - Old Town, San Diego at 1500 (3p.m.) on
Saturday June 13th. For those arriving early Company B, Series 1021-1025 is scheduled
for graduation at MCRD on Friday the 12th. I recently spoke with our California State
President and we can fly the cube for this meeting. If you're riding out you should also
check with the states you'll be riding through for their status.
There were numerous issues including their inability to fully accommodate our
handicapped members at the Homestead Suites Hotel.
This new location is closer to MCRD and local activities.
The new hotel is:
Holiday Inn Express
Hotel Front Desk: 1-619-2997400 OR call 1 800 972 2802
Hotel Fax: 1-619-2991619
Link to web for Holiday Inn Express - Old Town, San Diego
Register as LMCI. We have the following:
- 40 room block
- 75% Double Beds
- 25% King
- Room block good until 28 May
- Room cost is $99.00 plus taxes per night. Reduced from $129.
- 3 miles from airport
- include shuttle
- 3 miles from MCRD Sand Diego
Semper Fi
Albert Little -"NFA"
Leathernecks -National President
Cell Phone: 407 620-9356
[email protected]
“Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong."
- Thomas Jefferson
Officer Positions for Election
As of March 30, nominations for National office are now closed. The following
members are running for office:
President - "NFA" Al Little (Unopposed)
Vice President – none (To be appointed)
SAA - "Nuklehead" Scott Merritt (Unopposed)
Secretary - "Sideshow" Tina Cunningham (Unopposed)
Treasurer - "Fireball" Bill Sanford (Unopposed)
Activities in the San Diego Area during National Meeting Week-End
For those of you who would like to take in some of the sights and sounds of
beautiful San Diego, below is a list of local activities. “Pay Day” and his Crew
have gathered some information on some of the local attractions.
Those that may have spent time in the area might also have some insight into
some of the Chow Halls, Slop Chutes, or businesses of ill repute.
I’m sure there may be a Tattoo Parlor, or two somewhere in the area, as well.
All in all, I’m sure it will be quite a lively, fun filled weekend.
- Other attractions nearby;
Old Town Plaza Del Pasado (0 MI / 0 KM )
San Diego Zoo (4 MI / 6.44 KM )
Sea World (5 MI / 8.05 KM )
Petco Park (Padres Baseball) (4 MI / 6.44 KM )
Gaslamp Quarter (4 MI / 6.44 KM )
Beaches (3 MI / 4.83 KM )
Fashion Valley Mall Shopping (2 MI / 3.22 KM )
LegoLand (45 MI / 72.42 KM )
Qualcomm Stadium /San Diego Chargers (10 MI / 16.09 KM )
San Diego Wild Animal Park (30 MI / 48.28 KM )
Tijuana, Mexico (25 MI / 40.23 KM )
Seaport Village (4 MI / 6.44 KM )
Cabrillo National Monument (10 MI / 16.09 KM )
- Night life in Old Town is great
The Black Sheep Chapter in Eastern Illinois
MAY 23 2009
The Black Sheep Chapter in Eastern Illinois has once again proven that they have what it takes
to remember our veterans and completed the mission they have accepted. Approximately 08:45
Leathernecks start showing up at B.B Stackers place to make the trip to Danville Illinois.
Once the Marines and family members show up we take off to pick up another local member
and his family we hit the highway on to Urbana Illinois where the Group from Bloomington
join with another group of Leathernecks awaiting our arrival at Andres HD. 36 Leathernecks,
family, and friends assemble and once again hit the road for Danville.
After a lunch stop we head to the Danville VA Hospital for another afternoon of festivities. We
have an afternoon of bingo, ice cream and soda. Spending the time with our veterans is
something everyone should commit to no matter where you are. The patients at the hospital
enjoy seeing us and our families and you can see the happiness in their faces and in their
comments to us. On this trip the Leathernecks expanded their donation to include prizes for the
super bingo, the clothing room where veterans in need can get shoes and clothing when needed
and a donation for a remodel fund for the game room.
The Black Sheep were not alone. We had members from the founding chapter as well.
Sideshow, Doobie and Dauwg with two of the members also bringing their wives. The other
members of the Black Sheep were Sis, Craig, Fingers, Goose, Doughboy, and Pothole, our 3
prospects Pierced, Highlander and Fat Tony P. We also had wives, girl friends and kids along
for the ride.
Everyone was instrumental in completing the task at hand and we look forward to the next trip
in August.
B.B. Stacker.
The Wisconsin Badgers Chapter
Wisconsin has more than a thousand miles of winding two-lane roads just begging for bikers to
enjoy, but the WI Badgers Chapter of LMCI turned the biggest corner of all last year.
After a long stretch of near-zero growth we saw significant increases in chapter membership
and recently took on several new prospects, all of whom have great potential to move us fullspeed into this riding season and beyond.
President Jim (One Nut) Stout and Don (Gunner) Kuehn of Milwaukee had us out and about on
rides and to bike events on a regular basis last season, and the coming one appears to be shaping
up as even better. Our colors being seen in public in increasing numbers and in more places has
netted interest from former Marines who see the striking gold and scarlet club patch and want to
find out more. Sometimes this initial inquiry ends with a new applicant and sometimes it
doesn’t. However, the more the public sees us at fund-raisers and veterans and other bike events
the better the image of motorcycle riders and general and Leathernecks MC in particular.
Most of our membership attended a veterans ‘fund raiser in Northern Illinois last summer where
we met up with several Leatherneck brothers from the Northern Illinois Chapter, including
Slick (who escorted us out-of-staters to the starting area) and Cannon, to name just a few.
Members of the two chapters socialized for much of the afternoon at the Bunker, a veterans
club somewhere in the wilds of the borderland. There we met members from other military
clubs in the general area. It was a good way to be with our club brothers and also to make
ourselves known to other clubs and riding associations that we are bound to meet in later
Speaking of Illinois, WI deeply appreciates what J.D. Young and other Illinois Founding
Leathernecks did as they played host to the October meeting of the Midwest Region of LMCI.
In addition to getting us lined up in a classic location – the Route 66 Motel – in Springfield, Ill.,
JD hooked us up with a poker run with a local club down there and later took about 40
Leathernecks from six Midwestern states to the Illinois State Vietnam Memorial and the resting
place of Abraham Lincoln.
The entertainment highlight for our chapter is always the trip to northern Wisconsin in July to
the cottage of Brother Rich Sack, one of our chapter’s charter members, and a generous guy
who gives us the run of his large, forested acreage and leads us to scenic places such as Copper
Falls State Park and the equally beautiful, but always chilly, shores of Lake Superior in the
Bayfield area.
It may be in the’ 90s downstate on a hot day but unless you’re an Eskimo you’ll be wearing
heavy leathers riding up there when the wind blows out of Canada across the largest lake
We give a standing invite to our MN brothers to attend our up north “camp out” but as always
summer up here is short and every weekend is packed with events, thus the inevitable
scheduling conflicts. However, Caveman Reggie Amell and Wire from MN joined us last year
and we were happy to have them. Hey, we also put them to work with Larry Showers (Wire)
being chained to the stove as visiting cook extraordinaire.
The schedule conflict continues this year with our Up North run falling on the same July 11-12
weekend as Minnesota’s Toy Run out of Albert Lea. The Toy Run is an annual event over there
and Header’s crew each year raises hundreds of dollars and scores numerous donated toys for
children’s causes run by the local Salvation Army. This is a wonderful event with Leathernecks
leading a ride that is becomes better attended as time goes on and gets the Leatherneck message
out to people outside the biker community. The Albert Lea newspaper has published
information about the Leathernecks-sponsored charity event and their contributions.
Minnesota’s Bob (Toolie) Versich, the state Sgt. At Arms, each year leads his chapter and
whatever Wisconsin Leatherneck stragglers we can muster on a weekend run. Last year he took
us to his home in Duluth for a cook-out and then onto the upper reaches of MN near the
Canadian border where we stayed at a casino complex and rode through some of the most
densely forested and beautiful areas of America.
You tend to ride a little slower than usual in those parts because, as the natives say, “Once the
moose knock you off your bike the bears are likely to eat the remains.”
I’m happy to report that we didn’t have any problems with mammoth mammals and the trip
along the shore of Lake Superior was magnificent.
One of the finest days for the WI chapter came in late summer and involved very little riding
but much service work. Several of our members volunteered for the hot dirty job of manning
the barbecue grill at the Milwaukee Marine Reserve Center’s “homecoming picnic” for
members and families of Fox Co. 2/24- a local unit - just back from Iraq.
Caveman for years has said “Why don’t we get the Wisconsin and Minnesota chapters together
and have a party or something?”
The “something” happened in late February when the majority of the membership of both
chapters got together in West Central Wisconsin for food, refreshments, camaraderie and a late
night out of the house on a cold winter day.
It is great to be with biker brothers during the frigid off-season where we don’t see each other
on the road until April or May. Hopefully, we can do this again as it further strengthened the
bond between Leathernecks on both sides of the river.
In mid-June, the WI chapter is having a run up to Arcadia, in the west central part of the state,
to see one of the finest veteran’s memorial parks between here and Washington, D.C.
A local multi-millionaire businessman started the project with lots of money and contributed
dozens of world-quality monuments dedicated to those who served their country dating back to
the American Revolution and up to and including the recent wars in the Middle East.
A non-veteran himself, the businessman started the project as a tribute to a childhood friend of
his who died in Vietnam.
The main face on a marble replica of the Iwo Jim flag raising is that of a local Marine who was
wounded at Iwo Jima in 1945, and for years was caretaker of the memorial grounds.
I met the Iwo Jima Marine years ago and nothing touches me more than the privilege of getting
to know the veterans of that era, especially the Marines of course, which are quickly passing
from this earth.
Semper Fi Brothers and sleep well you heroes who are too fast leaving our ranks to join those
guarding Heaven’s Gate. We owe you more than can ever be repaid. Thank you.
By Triker
Sec. WI Badgers and Midwest Region
Terry “Triker” Burt
Copper Falls State Park, Northern Wisconsin
Left to right: Curt Sickinger (Billy Ray), Jim Stout (One Nut), Don Kuehn (Gunner),
Wire (MN Member), Ed Molencha, Jim Pelkey, Rick Sack (Uncle Rich)
Northern Wisconsin; Rich Sack, Sgt. At Arms Cabin
Front Row: MN Member, Reggie Amell (Caveman), WI Chaplain, Jim Pelky, WI
President, Jim
Stout (One Nut)
Mid Row: MN Member, Wire, WI & Mid West VP, Don Kuehn (Gunner)
Back Row: WI & Mid West Sec, Terry Burt (Triker), WI Sgt at Arms, Rich Sack (Uncle Rich), WI
Members, Ed Molenda & Curt Sickinger (Billy Ray)
The Florida Treasure Coast Chapter
A Warm Hello and Greetings from Hobe Sound Florida! It's always good to be home after a
great road trip!
It was O' Dark Thirty when I wheeled out my Harley Fat Boy and headed to the Cumberland
Farms Store where I was to meet Gunner. Our timing was good and we both headed North on I95 to the rest area in Port St. Lucie where we hooked up with the rest of our Treasure Coast
Chapter of Leatherneck's M/C.
Some rode from as far South as Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton & West Palm Beach. There
was Blue our President, Popeye our Sgt of Arms, Budda, Skip, Houdini, Gunnz, Gunner, some
others and myself. Now we were a number of cycles in a safe staggered formation as we
hammered our way up the super slab. We made several stops to meet up with other
Leatherneck's still further North. From my position near the back of the formation I could see
everyone and counted tail lights after each stop to insure we left no man behind. I could not
help but notice Blue up front there in the lead with his white pony tail waving in 80 MPH
breeze. A good Marine who did far more than his job in Viet Nam, he earned a Bronze Star.
Without exception, we all elected him as our President last year. As we rode I felt sure that each
of us from up front to the back door had the same feeling - that this was really going to be a
good ride. A ride that we will always remember...
Shortly after daybreak we reached the Georgia State line and we were now a large Company of
Marines heading to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island South Carolina. Each of us
had been through "boot camp" there at one time in our lives. This was to be a road trip back to
that place where we had become Marines and to also attend a regional meeting of Leathernecks
M/C in the nearby town of Beaufort. I had rain gear stowed in my rut bag along with extra
skivvies, T-shirts and cushion soled socks. Luckily, the weather was warm and clear and I
would not need the rain gear at all during the trip. The Hooker exhaust on my Fat Boy sounded
healthy, loud and clear. As I moved through the gears it played a staccato of pure , sweet - good
ole' Harley tunes, with a deep rumble which around town is always very pleasing to hear. Being
very used to my exhaust notes I thought nothing of it while on the road. Now when stopped, my
ears were ringing a bit. The thought of changing the exhaust crossed my mind. Then, on second
thought it is seldom that I make road trips this long. I'll let it be. Others spend really big bucks
to try to duplicate that sweet sound and that's really music to my ears.
We arrived at the guard gate at Parris Island and were each completely checked out by the
guards to insure security. We showed Driver's Licenses, I.D., Insurance, tags, registrations and
proper attire including bright colored long sleeve shirts, gloves, boots etc. Once satisfied, the
guards issued each of us a guest pass that would permit us to come and go.
We stayed on Parris Island in quarters frequently used by visitors. Family members often like to
visit when a son or daughter finally graduates and receives an EGA (Eagle, Globe & Anchor)
from their Drill Instructor... The rates are really very low and truly a real bargain. They
probably do not get too many veterans. Maybe it's because who the h&ll would really want to
go there anyway after once going thru boot camp there. Once would more than likely be enough
for most sane folks. But here we are a bunch of Marine Veterans recapturing a bit of our
Gunner had joined, been a private and over twenty years in the Corps was a Sergeant, rising to
Warrant Officer and finally retired as a Captain. We shared a room at Traditions, the BOQ
(bachelor officers quarters) on the water, while the rest of the "rif raf" had billets in the enlisted
men's area on mainside. There was little actual difference in rooms but it was fun kidding them
that the difference was like the Waldorf versus the Super 8 Motel. We all rode, ate and spent
time comparing notes and had plenty of real laughs and shared many sea stories and jokes over
our long weekend trip.
To a visitor Parris Island is very unique and very beautiful. It is spotless, clean and well
maintained. Surrounded by alligator and shark infested waters, strong tides, sinkholes and
quicksand it is quite inescapable. It is the training ground for Marine Corps Recruits East of the
Mississippi. It has a long and colorful history and has had Marine Corps activity since 1891.
Located off the South Carolina Coast, Parris Island is midway between Charleston ,S.C. and
Savannah Georgia, opposite Port Royal. This flat sandy piece of land covers an area
approximately 8,400 acres and is covered with a verdure of tropical palms, cactus, pine forests
with eerie looking Spanish Moss hanging everywhere. Billions of sand fleas love it there...and
those of us that underwent recruit training there can attest to the appetite of those pesky little
critters. Those sand fleas had a daily banquet all over us as we stood for hours at rigid attention
or marching and doing squads drill on the grinder. Some say the term Leatherneck came from
skin made deep tan and tough from countless hours in the sun combined with the many bites
from the sand fleas. Historians will relate the term to a leather collar that was a part of the
uniform worn by early Marines. Their job was to maintain order aboard ship, put down any
mutiny attempts by sailors. These "Leatherneck" Marines who were all sharpshooters were
often positioned high in the rigging to fire upon the Officers and crew of other ships during
broadside battle prior to boarding.
I made a point of riding out to the rifle range and around each of the three training battalion
areas. While some buildings have changed the traditional discipline and training of young men
and woman to become the "first to fight" offensive tip of our nations spear continues...Some
training methods and equipment have also been greatly improved and I'm here to tell you that
they are still turning out top quality Marines.
I went through Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in 1956. I was in Platoon 63, C
Company, third training battalion. We used old World War 11 aluminum Quonset huts and they
served as a place to keep your foot locker and not too often - even rest your head in an assigned
double decker metal bunk bed. My drill instructors were Tech Sergeant Muldrew, Sgt. Howell
and Cpl. Palmer. They were squared away and taught by the book. Sgt. Muldrew, a WW11
veteran was about the meanest SOB I ever met in my life before or since....but I am thankful in
that he made Marines out of us. His training and discipline later saved lives. God bless you
Gunny- If you are still around! The training was intensive and at times seemed unending. No
question - it was tough. Many recruits dropped out and were sent home. Looking back over all
my life's experiences I believe the Marine Corps was about the best thing I have ever done. I
would not want to do it again but I would not trade that experience for anything. After Parris
Island all the places that I served, all the companies, jobs I have ever had - everything by
comparison has been very easy.
Now, riding around the island I see that there have been some changes. The Quonset huts are all
gone along with the old asbestos insulation - replaced by new modern brick buildings. What
used to be a little 1200 square foot Post Exchange is now a big box store called Corps Values
along the lines of a Wal-Mart selling everything from dress blues, t-shirts , food to home
furnishings. From somewhere in the distance I could often hear a platoon of recruit voices all
shouting in unison...Sir-Yes Sir. Aye Aye Sir Gangway!
With special passes obtained after close scrutiny by the main gate we rode our cycles on and off
base and toured around for several days. South Carolina has plenty of interesting two lane back
roads for cruising. I really do prefer them to the high speed super slabs. At 75 to 80 MPH you
do not have much to look at but those ahead and the focus is riding with care and all at the same
The US Military Vets M/C hosted and invited us to a birthday party they had way out in the
boonies for "Spotter" and it was really great. Spaghetti, rich, thick meat sauce, garlic bread,
cake, ice cream and plenty of cold beer...Yeah Boy! They were very hospitable and really some
of the nicest folks I have ever met. As I promised, I had my camera along and captured some
good photos that I share here with you. My thanks on behalf of all us Leatherneck's to the
USMV M/C for having us as their guests...
Semper Fi,
Treasure Coast Leathernecks M/C
Members in Attendance
Note: This article was originally posted in Sgt Grit by MacMan
Ron Hill “Dinkydau” and Ed Smiley “Grizz”
National Founders, both Gone but Not Forgotten
Send me a picture of your Chapter Patch
New Hampshire
Do you know what this thing is??? If you know, and have a story to tell about
it, send it to the Newsletter for print.
10 Years and Still Growing!!
Sarge, MT State Pres. on the left and Maverick, on the right with Saint at his
Patch in Party and Reffer, kneeling, getting his Prospect Patch. This picture
was taken on 02/21/09.
Meet the newest members of the National Founding Chapter. Pres. Doc Albert presents
colors to Jim Eckles with his wife Rebecca (top), Andy “Boldt” Jeffery (bottom) with VP,
Lenny “Colonel” Szerlong and Sgt at Arms, Heath “Bubba” Aiken.
NC Ka-Bar Chapter
SSGT Currently on Recruiting Duty in Iowa
A Tribute to the Greatest Generation
Every year on December 7th no matter what day of the week the members of the Pearl
Harbor Survivors and Friends brave the cold New England weather for a Ceremony
aboard the U.S.S. Cassin Young. The Cassin Young has a permanent home at the
Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston. President Don Tabbut eloquently speaks about being
at Pearl December 7, 1941. He was a young man, just seventeen years old. He always
finishes his speech with “Remember Pearl Harbor”. The National Founding Chapter has
participated in this ceremony for the past eight years. It is our goal to keep this tradition
going in the future so that our children and grandchildren will understand the sacrifices
that this generation made for us and they too will “Remember Pearl”
Pearl Harbor Ceremony, December 7th, 2008
Pearl Harbor Survivors. President of the Survivors, Bernie Murphy, Don Tabbut, center.
National Founding Chapter Members; Pres. Doc Albert, Treas. George “Merlin” Loring,
Webmaster, Paul “Raz” Rakauskas, VP, Lenny “Colonel” Szerlong

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