Knoah enables an American language learning


Knoah enables an American language learning
Knoah enables an American language learning software
company with millions of customers in more than 150
countries to offer improved multi-channel customer
Industry Vertical:
E-learning / Software retail
Knoah’s Service Offering/Channel:
Multi-Channel Customer Support Solutions Voice, Chat, Email and Quality Assurance
A U.S. software/services company that offers computer-assisted language
learning programs to millions of individual customers, schools and
private/public businesses across 150 countries
The client needed to provide a low cost, highly
responsive, multi-channel (Voice, Chat and Email)
support solution to assist customers that had
purchased its industry leading PC and cloud based
software platform for language learning.
Its current offshore provider struggled to provide
effective management and infrastructure to handle
their growing business and they needed to make a
Client executives made it clear that they needed a
partner with mature people, processes, technology and
management oversight that would work in a
collaborative fashion with their teams in the U.S. and
around the world. They needed the transition from the
old provider to Knoah to go without a hitch to minimize
any customer pain during the process. Finally, they
needed the partner to be able to handle the scaling
required during their busy holiday sales period every
Phase one of the engagement involved working with the
client to come up with a rapid, 60-day implementation plan,
during which,
Knoah recruited and trained the technical service team
of more than 100 people, including management and
leadership for that group.
This initial team was responsible for all inbound English chat,
Email and phone technical support - over 10,000 inquiries
per week. Knoah worked closely with their IT and tools
teams to insure that all the transactions would be delivered
to the agents without drops or outages and all reporting,
both real-time and historical would be available to
management from both teams.
After the initial (smooth) cutover from the prior outsourcing
partner, it took roughly six months to optimize the
performance of the new technical support team and have it
achieve all KPIs on a day-to-day basis. Knoah simultaneously
revamped training, reviewed quality assurance scorecards,
updated the recruiting / candidate screening processes, and
made improvements to day-to-day management and
coaching practices.
When the client made the decision to move to a new
CRM tool, Knoah supported them through the transition
and focused on providing robust reporting, tracking of
first call resolution (FCR) for the first time, creating new
team dashboards and balanced scorecards for the
Knoah also developed training content to blend the
workforce with processes, technology and analytics.
After partnering with Knoah Solutions to offer multi-channel
customer support to end-customers, the client was able to:
Plan better for volume spikes with the more robust
workforce staffing model that Knoah introduced
Drive overall operational excellence and be more in-tune
with customer satisfaction and feedback, thereby
maintaining high quality and compliance levels
Improve customer surveying capabilities so that
customer support could contribute to a more enhanced
service experience
The client took full advantage of Knoah Solutions’ robust
tools, agent training, skill sets and experience to take on
the high SLA support they were looking for ensuring
quality from their service teams.
In the end, we were able to build an offshore team
that fit into the client’s business culture, corporate
values and overall business goals.
Knoah supported the client as a strategic partner throughout
all the different stages of the engagement. Knoah’s emphasis
on remaining flexible and its ability to embrace rapid changes
and improvements in the client’s environment has led to
better agent performance and improved customer
satisfaction for the client’s customers.
Recruited and trained
multi-channel technical service
team of more than 100 people
Revamped training and
recruiting screening processes
Provided robust reporting
Tracked FCR and simplified KPIs
Operational challenges
with existing general
technical support team
No tracking of FCR
Several complex KPIs
Need for integrated and
centrally managed
multi-channel support
Multi-channel customer
support for online language
learning programs
Improved customer surveying
High quality and compliance
About Knoah:
Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an SMB, Knoah Solutions’ global BPO services create memorable
experiences that matter to your brand. Our customizable and flexible, multichannel solutions help you meet the
needs and challenges of each of your customers through voice, chat and email to our award-winning TotalAssure QA
third-party call monitoring solution; all powered by our proprietary WFO tool, KnoahsARK. Knoah has the
adaptability that big companies can’t provide and a level of competency and scale that smaller companies can’t
deliver on. Knoah’s innovative and consultative approach has repeatedly earned us awards and recognition from
independent review bodies like IAOP. | 702-722-5005 | [email protected] | Las Vegas | Hyderabad | Pune

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