Exploring Native American Traditions


Exploring Native American Traditions
Exploring Native American
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Gwen Locklear
1437 Guffy Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 779-5936
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Native American Cultural
Presented By:
Gwen Locklear
Indian Artist and Educator
United Arts Council Arts Education
Arts Education (K-8)
Performance (55 students or less)
Performance (over 55 students)
Perf. /Same Day/ Same School (small)
Perf. /Same Day/ Same School (large)
$ 200
$ 350
$ 180
$ 300
Hear the Stories - Learn about the
Culture See and Touch the Artifacts
One (1) 6-8 foot table for displaying artifacts;
TV and VCR where applicable.
Preferred Dates: Aug. - Nov., Feb. - May.
CALL (919) 779-5936 TO BOOK A DATE
OR EMAIL: [email protected]
Gwen Locklear, a member of the Lumbee Tribe of NC, a graduate of UNCPembroke, Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, graduate coursework in
Educational Administration. Ms. Locklear is an American Indian artist and
craftsperson with years of experience making traditional Native American art,
crafts and clothing such as dream catchers, beadwork, jewelry, and regalia.
Gwen endeavors to create opportunities to teach others about the amazing
Native American culture and history.
Skills/Training: Since 1987 has been dedicated to cultural education, to
educating American Indian youth and the general public. An experienced
cultural educator who has developed many cultural programs and diversity
presentations about American Indians in North Carolina to a wide variety of
audiences including elementary school classes, public school educators and
the general public.
School Performances:
Students will explore the realism of early Native Americans in North Carolina
by being able to see, touch and feel such items as rabbit skins, a naturally
tanned deer skin, cooking tools, toys and other artifacts that were and still
are important to Native American culture.
Engaging in Literacy through Storytelling: Storytelling stimulates students’
imaginations while creating a desire for students to read and to write.
American Indians preserved their history through storytelling. Students will
be educated by the entertaining narration and dramatization of the stories.
Students will learn how to read a pictograph, a way Native Americans
recorded their history, and students will generate their own. Students will
do their own pictograph story, using native or their own symbols and then be
able to share their stories with classmates and to their parents.
Education About American Indian Culture-Dispelling Myths: Students will
gain an understanding of contemporary American Indian culture through this
component of the cultural presentation. Students will be introduced to
contemporary Native American practices, traditions and regalia with a focus
on dispelling stereotypes and raising awareness about who American Indians
are today. One goal of this presentation is to illuminate the truth that
American Indians exist and to erase the myths perpetuated by Hollywood
and popular culture as evident in movies and books produced or written by
High-Impact Hands-On Interactive Educational Experiences: Help students
meet North Carolina Standard Course of Study Standards for parts of:
Kindergarten: Social Studies Goals 1 and 3; Science Goals 1, 3, and 4;
Language Arts Goals 3 and 4
Grade 1: Social Studies Goals 1 and 3; Science Goal 1; Language Arts Goals
3 and 4
Grade 2: Social Studies Goals 3, 4, and 6; Science Goal 4; Language Arts
Goals 3 and 4
Grade 3: Social Studies Goals 2 and 3; Science Goal 1; Language Arts Goals
3 and 4
Grade 4: Social Studies Goals 1, 2, and 5; Science Goal 1; Language Arts
Goal 3 and 4
Grade 8: Social Studies Goals 1 and 5; Science Goal 2; Language Arts Goals
1 and 2
Students will learn about Pow-Wow culture and etiquette. All aspects of a
Pow Wow will be addressed: the arena, the drum, singers, MC, arts, crafts,
demonstrations and the Pow-Wow dances. The students will be able to see
a dancer’s actual regalia. This performance is 45 to 60 minutes in length
and because of the hands on items, is best suited to 2 combined classes at a
time (max. 55 students) or less. This program is tailored the fit the
appropriate age of students K - 8. *Accommodations can be made for larger
groups upon request and fee adjustment

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