Local Realtor Awarded CCIM Scholarship


Local Realtor Awarded CCIM Scholarship
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優質華人地產經紀 Carole C. Tam
榮獲 國際商業地產認證執照(CCIM)
Local Realtor Awarded CCIM Scholarship
By Flora Pappas
The Certified Commercial Investment Member
designation, established originally by the
California Association of Realtors in 1954
as a Certified Property Exchanger, was
renamed to CCIM in 1969 when a council was
established to administer the designation. A
CCIM is a recognized expert in the disciplines
of commercial and investment real estate.
Nationwide, only six percent of the estimated
125,000 commercial real estate practitioners
hold the CCIM designation.
The CCIM curriculum represents the core
knowledge expected of commercial investment
petitioners. Four core courses incorporate
the essential CCIM skill sets, including
financial analysis, market analysis, user
decision analysis and investment analysis
for commercial investment real estate. At the
conclusion of all course work, candidates must
submit a resume of closed transactions and/or
consultations showing a depth of experience in
the field. In addition, they must successfully
complete a comprehensive exam to receive
CCIM designation, ensuring that CCIMs are
proficient in theory and practice.
For this year, the 2005-2006 CCIM
Designation Scholarship was awarded to four
people throughout the United States, including
Carole Tam of Prudential California Realty John
Aaroe Division San Marino.
Carole Tam, a Chinese American who came
to the United States in 1984, applied to the Designation Scholarship in January 2006,
received her congratulatory letter from the
San Marino Realtor, Carole Tam (left), was recently
awarded the Certified Commercial Investment
Member Designation Scholarship, Stephen Aronson
(right) is the branch manager of Prudential California
Realty, John Aaroe Division, San Marino Office.
CCIM Education Foundation on June 30 of this
year. Carole believes that education is the key
to success, and that the CCIM designation will allow her to help her clients both locally, as
well as striving to extend her commercial
realty internationally.
“With this scholarship and the CCIM
designation, Carole is bridging the gap in this
office for our commercial real estate needs,
and we congratulate her for receiving this
great honor.” said Stephen Aronson, Branch
Manager of the Prudential California Realty
John Aaroe Division San Marino Office. “Her integrity and work ethic makes her the perfect candidate to head the commercial division of
this office.”
Carole, a licensed realtor since 1994 also
carries the designation of Senior Real
Estate Specialist and is well versed in 1031
exchange. Living Trusts and working with
Seniors. Carole is married with two children,
and is bilingual in Chinese and English.
For more information, contact Carole Tam
at Prudential California Realty John Aaroe
Division San Marino at (626) 943-7358.