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“Zahia Dehar loves cake,” and invites you for a bite this July 1st
to October 15th 2013. From the boudoir, mini-boudoirs will be
offering shoppers a feast for the eyes and treats for the mouth.
Her ephemeral boutique opens at L’Eclaireur, 10 rue Boissy
d’Anglas 75008, the total “Kawaï” rendez-vous of Fashion Week.
The young 21 year-old designer, muse to Karl Lagerfeld, Ellen Von Unwerth, Pierre and
Gilles, Nick & Chloe, Greg Williams or Alix Malka, debuts in her uncompromising style
of sugar and spice! Zahia Dehar’s Pop-Up store is an invitation to her delicious world.
It is a place where she can share with women everywhere a taste of her celebrated catwalk creations.
With a wave of her magic wand, she transports us into the capital’s most charming
ephemeral store. Surprise! Discover the designer’s lingerie presented along with… sweet
treats to eat! Zahia Dehar’s beautiful fantastical boudoir for the sweet tooth is a place for
brand addicts to indulge in luxurious candy-boxes of exclusive prêt-à-porter versions of
the Gâteau-Bonbon collection.
Fans of (haute) patisserie can also succumb to the delicious delights and sweet treats
confectioned by a brilliant young pastry chef, Sugar Toys imagined by Zahia Dehar
especially for the event.
Luxury Gâteau Bonbon prêt-à-porter
Inspired by her Fall-Winter 2012/2013 couture collection, the Gâteau-Bonbon theme
blends fantasy, pleasure and imagination, with femininity. Eyes and hands will delight
in this prêt-à-porter line available in all sizes and designed for every woman. Rich and
decadent like the center of a chocolate cake, the line perfectly translates the sensual
style of the designer. While nibbling on macarons, clients can purchase icing flower
body ornaments, lingerie decorated with life-like sprinkles on tulle and silk,
shorty-combinations of translucent icing toped mousseline, so creamy you could
believe that it really is whipped cream. For Zahia Dehar, the Gâteau-Bonbon collection
evokes the sweet delights of childhood down to the rainbow of cupcakes in their frilly
pleated-paper collars.
In each one of her three couture collections, Zahia Dehar has always encouraged the
artistic crafts. The same goes for this prêt-à-porter lingerie line, entirely crafted by
« Atelier » experts, the only hands capable of interpreting technically and poetically her
collection. Thanks to French luxury craftsmanship, every piece in the Gâteau-Bonbon
collection is exceptional and limited edition, as in the couture version.
*This collaboration was made by Muriel
Pernin, director of a communications
agency, and Nicole Mendez, Maison
Rich hours of gourmandize
In her tearoom, Zahia Dehar’s cake stands are topped with dainty cakes of the
designer’s invention, complimentary to sweet moments of delight in her boudoir.
From this project is born an exceptional collaboration between a highly watched
promising young pastry chef of our times. Can you guess who the new teatime
virtuoso is?
Together, their intention is to master the art of fusion, combining the ecstasies of
Sugar Toys for the mouth with lace and sugar candied iced lingerie for the eyes. Each
creation is signed with the emblematic Zahia Dehar bow.
Patisserie boudoir and elegance
From an extraordinary XXL cake box, Zahia Dehar has brought to life her dream
world. The young designer has had a hand in the creation of every minute detail of her
ornamental boudoir. She has designed the ravishing lace apron dresses, with bow tied
back, worn by the sales-girls and waitresses. The style is Baroque and includes ornate
pilasters, crystal cake stands, luxuriant carpets flowered with dolls, padded MarieAntoinette armchairs, ravishing garlands of Petit-Trianon style mirrors on a powdered
grey base and delicate English dishes. This teahouse marks a delightful interlude for
the fashionista Marquise.
Zahia Dehar’s boudoir invents a new style of XVIIIth century decadence transported
into the XXIst century! This ephemeral Pop-Up store, epicenter of elegance, will be
going nomad to export its sublime creations of French luxury and savoir-faire. After
Paris, the traveling teahouse will take its delicate feminine irresistibly and delightful
patisseries to turn heads in New York and Tokyo. Sweet-tooths will delight to discover
the irresistible temptations that await behind the delicate frills of cupcake papers, made
in Paris by Zahia Dehar. I [email protected]
Zahia Dehar Press and Public Relations:
Laurent Guyot & Co
+ 33 1 77 37 19 19
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Press Relations Zahia Couture:
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