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Fall | 2011 - J-Sei
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Fall | 2011
Volume 40 | Issue 4
40 Years of Helping and Thriving
What a celebration it was! With a full attendance of 235, J-Sei’s 40th
Anniversary celebration on September 10 at Scott’s Seafood at Jack London
Square in Oakland was a festive acknowledgement of the agency’s roots,
evolution, success, and future. Stan Yogi, co-author of the award-winning
book ‘Wherever There’s a Fight: How Runaway Slaves, Suffragists, Immigrants,
Strikers, and Poets Shaped Civil Liberties in California’ was the featured guest
speaker who provided an insightful and inspirational talk on our community,
diversity and favorable adaptations.
“Whether you are Japanese American or not, you, too, are an heir to the
legacies of prior generations. What’s so beautiful and remarkable about
J-Sei’s new identify is that multiple generations and cultures are benefiting
from the legacies of Japanese Americans, from the sacrifices, hard work, and
perseverance of those who have come before us. Our challenge today is to
honor and learn from those legacies but also to use them as inspirations for
progress,” explained Stan Yogi.
The silent auction and dinner was hosted by Mike Inouye of NBC Bay Area,
with music by the Stuart Yasaki Band. The agency is proud of its history and
remains committed to J-Sei’s long-range mission and dedication to serve the
This event could not have been possible without the many sponsors,
auction donors, attendees, and most importantly, could not have been achieved
without the leadership and enthusiasm of the event co-chairs Ann TamakiDion and Jo Takata. We thank the following sponsors and donors (see insert):
J-Sei Senior Center Schedule
News Updates
Senior Center Happenings
Sansei Section
Senior Center Lecture Schedule
Senior Center Partnerships
Financial Summary and
10 Case Manager’s Corner
11 WANTED: Volunteers!
J-Sei Newsletter Contributors
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Stan Yogi, Keynote Speaker
40th Anniversary Gala Attendees
J-Sei Administrative Office
2126 Channing Way
Berkeley, California 94704
P: (510) 848-3560 | F: (510) 848-3631
J-Sei Senior Center
1710 Carleton Way
Berkeley, California 94703
(510) 883-1106
J-Sei Home
24954 Cypress Avenue
Hayward, California 94544
(510) 732-6658
J-Sei Senior Center Lunch and Class Schedule
All 60+ are welcome to join our older adult lunch program and classes
Fall Class Schedule
Tai Chi and Yoga | George Yoshida
Fee: BAS
2nd and 4th Monday | 12pm-3pm
Kimekomi Doll Class | Sadako Delcollo
Fee: $5
Meditative Movement | Kathleen Davis
Fee: BAS
2nd and 4th Tuesday | 9am-11:30am
Alterations and Pattern Making | Mary
Fee: $5
Stretch and Line Dance | Gil Chun
Fee: BAS
Calligraphy | Jimmy Koide
Fee: $3
11/16 | 11am
Berkeley Outreach Library will
visit on November 16 at 11 am.
A variety of library books and
magazines are available in Japanese
and English.
Outreach Specialist,
Colleen Fawley, will be available
to answer questions and take your
requests for books of interest to
Quilting | Carolyn Hayashida
Yoga | Ruby Okazaki
Fee: BAS
1710 Carleton Way | Berkeley, CA 94703
P: (510) 883-1106 | www.j-sei.org
On-Site Lunches
Monday-Thursday at 11:30am
Seniors 60+ 2-4/week pay $4
Seniors 60+ once/week pay $5
Non-seniors pay $8
menu. Each lunch provides 1/3
of the required daily allotments
(RDAs) of vitamins C and A.
are very important to us. We
cater our lunches from Musashi
Restaurant. A two-day advanced
lunch reservation is appreciated
to ensure availability.
Delivered Lunches
We also offer home delivered
meals to seniors 60+ in various East
Bay cities.
Monthly menus are available at
the J-Sei Senior Center and online
at www.j-sei.org.
Transportation Service
available to bring seniors to the
J-Sei Senior Center for lunch,
to a local market for grocery
shopping, and even to certain
J-Sei exercise classes. Once a
week, the van takes riders to a
fun destination for shopping or
The cost is $8 roundtrip to
Senior Center and $9+ roundtrip
to other destinations. Call Kazuya
Morita at (510) 848-3560 for more
information and to register to ride
with us!
The FLU and YOU
October 18, 2011 - 9am to
J-Sei is partnering once again
with Over 60 Health Center to
provide flu shots. This will happen
on Tuesday, October 18, 2011, from
9am – 12noon. Please let us know if
you would like to receive a flu shot.
A $4 donation is appreciated. (510)
You may immunize by making
an appointment with your physician
or medical center.
Visiting the Alameda County
Contacting City of Berkeley:
Contact Vickie Kawakami, Site Coordinator
For more information about our classes or the J-Sei Lunch
Program, please call (510) 883-1106 or e-mail at [email protected]
J-Sei Home in Hayward is NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS!!!
J-Sei Home
We are so excited that J-Sei Home officially
opened on July 2! A formal Open House was held
on July 8 featuring the Sakura Kai Taiko Drummers
and blessings from Rev. Ken Yamada of the Berkeley
Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple and Rev. John
Oda of the Lake Park United Methodist Church
in Oakland.
Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney
congratulated J-Sei for providing a culturally
sensitive option to families and a declaration was
presented to J-Sei from Assemblywoman Mary
Assemblywoman Hayashi’s District
Director, Christopher Parnam, stated that the
J-Sei Home is such a unique, special, and needed
resource for the community. The warm welcome
from the community reinforces our belief that
the home’s ability to provide linguistically and
culturally appropriate food, care, and interaction
is greatly desired.
The home is currently accepting residents,
so please share this information with others.
A series of open houses will be held on weekdays
and weekends so that people can see the home
first hand. Please drop by 24954 Cypress Avenue,
Tuesday, October 11 – 1pm to 3pm
Saturday, October 22 – 1pm to 3pm
Saturday, November 12 – 1pm to 3pm
Tuesday, November 15 – 1pm to 3pm
Young Families from Japan
J-Sei is very happy to partner with Sycamore
Congregational Church in El Cerrito to offer the first of
two presentations with young Japanese families who have
recently arrived in America. Beyond the complications of
language barriers, American systems are unique in their
design and, oftentimes, newer immigrants are unsure of
how programs are similar or different compared to those
in Japan.
The first workshop, Public Schools: Understanding
the School System and Helping Your Child, will be held on
Saturday, October 22, from 9:30am to noon at Sycamore
Congregational Church located at 1111 Navellier Street
in El Cerrito. This discussion will review how parents can
work with teachers, principals, administrators, and special
education programs. Comparisons between the Japanese
system and the American structure will be reviewed and
translation will be provided. There will be a dynamic
interchange with plenty of opportunity for audience
questions and participation.
The second panel presentation will take place early in
2012 when the topic will be how to understand, advocate,
and navigate the American health care system. J-Sei
thoroughly enjoys this collaborative effort with Sycamore
Congregational Church and believes that we can reach
more people when we work together. Both workshops are
open to all. Suggested donation is $5.
Please call Laddie at J-Sei at (510) 848-3560 to RSVP.
Saturday, December 10 – 1pm to 3pm
We welcome all inquiries!
J-Sei Home is still looking for new or gently
used donations of:
A small countertop microwave
Card tables or square tables
Cassette tape players
Night stands
Floor lamps
Call Laura Date, Administrator,
732-6658 for an application or to donate.
J-Sei Home Open House
More Happenings at the J-Sei Senior Center...
Celebrate your birthday
J-Sei Senior Center!
Birthdays are special! They
mark the number of years
you have been alive, making
our world, our city, and your
community a better place. Many
of you have lived to see a lot
of history in the making. Your
birthday should be a celebration!
So call a couple of friends and
make a reservation to join us to
celebrate your special day.
A grand “thank you” to
Richard Furuzawa for providing
the delicious birthday cakes and/
or cupcakes for our celebrations.
He loves to bake and his yummy
treats are proof. Thanks also to
Annie Nishita, our ever happy
Bingo caller with Kimi Honda
helping to confirm the winner’s
card and pass out surprise gifts!
So, grab a J-Sei menu when
you visit the J-Sei Senior Center
or check it out on-line at www.jsei.org and plan to join us when
we have our monthly birthday
celebration. The date changes
each month.
Shanghai Rummy
This summer, we started
playing Shanghai Rummy.
what fun our seniors had learning
that there was more than one
way to play this card game! We
introduced it for a number of
reasons. One - it is fun to play,
Two - it brings people together
who want to have a bit more
activity after lunch; and Three
- it challenges the mind. It can
really help to keep your memory
We plan to keep playing
Shanghai Rummy throughout
the year. If you would like to
learn, join us. Those we have
taught are still learning and
our seniors - Vi Kimoto, Nancy
Tajima, and Roy Yamada have all
been helpful in teaching all the
versions of the game. It’s just
plain fun!
Visit the J-Sei Website!
We play at the J-Sei Senior
Center every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month, if we
have at least four players. Make
a reservation to join us for lunch
at 11:30am.
Shanghai Rummy
begins at 12noon when lunch is
w w w. j- s e i.o rg
Foot Care with
Health Center 20
We have added new information
to our website. The new easy-tonavigate site has enhancements that
will keep you informed of the most
current J-Sei events and programs.
It is a more visually engaging and
interactive site geared towards our
community, care, and culture!
Over 60
Our final foot care clinic for
2011 will be held on December
20. An appointment is necessary
to have your toenails trimmed
Please contact the J-Sei Senior
Center to make an appointment
at (510) 883-1106.
Our partnership with Over
60 Health Center has made it
possible for our seniors to have
their feet assessed for problems.
Ms. Mary McCarthy has helped
many and encourages anyone
make an appointment with their
physician. Thank you to Over 60
Health Center for your services
to our older adults!
Birthday Celebration
Doll Making Class
Quilting Class
Please give us ideas for Senior Center activities, lectures, or classes. Call or e-mail us.
S an sei
S ec tion
Saturday Morning
Series Topics
College Planning
October 29, 2011
Time: 9:30am - Registration,
10am to 11:30am - Program
Speakers: Paige A. Lee,
College Advisor, U.C. Berkeley
Of f ice of Undergraduate
Administration; Tomoko
Roudebush, Program
Specialist, Asian and Pacific
American Student Success,
Laney College; and Pat Brands,
Admit One College Advising
Location: Buena Vista United
Methodist Church
Were you looking for ward
to an empty nest? Well, before
you can attain your empty nest,
you will probably have much
thinking and planning around
your child’s college attendance.
Speakers from U.C. Berkeley,
Laney College, and a private
consultant will work through
the critical aspects of preparing
for college applications and
college selection.
The Roots of Japanese
Traditions and
Ongoing Adaptations
to Today’s Lifestyle
Januar y 21, 2012
Time: 9:30am - Registration,
10am to 11:30am - Program
Location to be determined.
Jo Takata, J-Sei Board Member
Coordinator, will lead a fun
and eye opening presentation
on the origins of traditional
Japanese practices.
we follow along with tradition
but don’t really take the time
to understand or appreciate the
signif icance of what we eat or
say, how we dress, or how our
homes are decorated. Jo, in her
humorous and dynamic style, will
help us see things in a new way!
New Class!
of rolled sushi: maki-zushi,
hosomaki, and temaki.
The first session will be held
on Wednesday, November 16,
from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. The
second session will be held
after the Thanksgiving Holiday
on Wednesday, November 30,
from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. They
will be taught at the J-Sei Senior
Center located at 1710 Carleton
Street, in Berkeley.
Please bring a sharp knife.
We will provide the rest. You
will get to take home some of
the delicious sushi you make.
The fee for the class will be $15
per person per session. Class
size will be limited; a reservation
is a must.
If you would like to join us
for either of these sessions,
please contact Vickie at the
J-Sei Senior Center – (510) 8831106.
SUSHI Sessions
November 16 and 30, 2011 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Linda Yemoto recently retired
after 30+ years as naturalist/
ranger at Tilden Park. While there,
she shared her culture and talent
for making sushi with several
hundred visitors who participated
in her sushi workshops.
Join us this November if you’ve
never made sushi but always
wanted to learn; or if you just need
a review. Come to this delicious,
During the first class, you’ll learn
to perfectly flavor the rice and try
your hand at making three types
of onigiri-zushi. The second class
will teach three different types
July 2011 - August 2011:
By the Numbers
Meals Served:
Students in Senior
Classes (avg/mo):
Case Management
Caregiver Requests:
Case Management
Clients (avg/mo):
Volunteer Hours:
Van Program Rides:
1,282 meals
145 students
4 requests
14 requests
36 clients
1,104 hours
109 rides
Senior Center Monday Lecture Schedule
From health to happiness, we cover topics that interest you!
Elder Abuse
October 17, 2011 - 12pm
Every year, tens of thousands
of elderly Americans are abused
in their own homes, in relatives’
homes, and even in facilities
responsible for their care. You
may suspect that an elderly
person you know is being
harmed physically or emotionally
by a neglectful or overwhelmed
caregiver or being preyed upon
financially. By learning the signs
and symptoms of elder abuse
and how to act on behalf of
an elderly person who is being
abused, you’ll not only be helping
someone else but strengthening
your own defenses against elder
abuse in the future.
This senior center discussion
will include the types of elder
neglect, and institutional abuse.
We will also cover the signs to
recognize when a person is
being mistreated and where to
go for help if you suspect you or
another elder may be a victim of
elder abuse.
Speaker: Alameda County
Adult Protective Services
Do You Have The
Right Insurance?
November 14, 2011 - 12pm
Most of us have so many
different plans and coverages.
Do we really know if we are
covered for the right situations
and at the right amount? This
lecture will review the policies
that we should have and options
to consider when selecting plans.
Speaker: Darrell Doi, CLTC
Financial Advisor / Long Term
Care Specialist, Guardian Life /
Park Avenue Securities, LLC
Our History: 40
Years in Review
As a part of J-Sei’s 40th
anniversar y
talented board member, Ron
Fujie, compiled a wonder ful
video of J-Sei’s histor y. Af ter
sorting through many boxes
of pictures and slides, he
created a wonder ful visual
Please take a
moment to view the video
through this link at http://
You may be surprised by how
many people you recognize
and how far back our roots
go. The images are priceless
- enjoy!
Please be sure to make reservations for all lectures.
Fall Prevention
December 12, 2011 - 12pm
For people who live alone
or are alone for long periods
assistance in the event of an
emergency provides a sense of
safety and well-being. This is
especially true if one is at risk
for falls or injuries. Vital Link
is one resource that individuals
can use to help attain quick
needed. Most people want to
live independently for as long as
possible and such devices and
systems can offer a measure of
safety, comfort, and autonomy.
Attendees will learn more about
help people at home.
Andrew Teran, Vital
Bay Area Vital-Link, Inc.
(510) 644-2779
Contact Vickie at the Senior Center at (510) 883-1106 to make reservations for our 12 p.m.
lectures on the second Monday each month. Lunch is served at 11:30am before each lecture.
Got a ride? Use J-Sei’s friendly door-to-door van service. Please call!
J-Sei DayTrip
Wedn es d ay — O C TO B E R 2 6 , 2 0 1 1
This year, our absolutely
fabulous and fun-loving Day
and Pauline Fong, have done
a tremendous job planning
us to cherry orchards, food
manufacturers, NASA-Ames, the
Asian Art Museum, the Marine
Mammal Center and Japantowns
in San Jose and San Francisco.
Our group enjoyed docent-led
tours, as well as had time on
their own to browse, shop and
lunch with old friends and new
Day Trippers.
It is rewarding
to see that people are still avid
learners and enjoy a chance to
explore, not having to worry
about driving, navigating, or
paying for parking!
can order and purchase fresh
farmed abalone, fish, and/or
crab for you to bring home, if
you wish.
We will enjoy lunch
overlooking the harbor at the
Flying Fish Restaurant.
lunch, we are looking into
visiting the Half Moon Bay
Nursery. Sunset magazine calls
it “The Mothership of Peninsula
For more information, check
the J-Sei website at www.j-sei.
org or drop by the J-Sei Senior
Center. A flyer for our October
trip will be available at the J-Sei
Senior Center when all details
are confirmed.
In July 2011, our second
group of writers spread their
wings and graduated from our
J-Sei “Writing Your History”
As they move on, we
congratulate them and hope
they all continue to create.
the importance of leaving a
written legacy of our lives for
and community.
We want to
writers a comfortable space to
discuss and pursue their desire
to “put it in writing.” While we
want to encourage everyone
to develop her or his writing
skills, we also understand that
sharing your personal story can
sometimes be very personal.
with internment, racism, and
struggled to overcome feelings
of inadequacy and having to
prove ourselves. We also have
wonderful and funny stories of
growing up.
Grace Morizawa is currently a
graduate student at UC Berkeley
working on her doctorate in
education. She was a teacher
consultant with the Bay Area
Writing Program working with
educators to teach writing.
Grace is also a published poet.
If you haven’t joined us on
any of our wonderful Day Trips,
you might want to consider our
last trip for 2011.
October is
always such a lovely month.
For our final trip on October
26, 2011, we will take advantage
of the fall harvest - both on land
and at sea. We are planning to
visit the Half Moon Bay area with
opportunities to visit a pumpkin
patch to bring home pumpkins
for Halloween and perhaps a pie.
We will have a docent tour of
Pillar Point Harbor, discovering
its history and what currently
happens there.
This is where
many fishing boats launch. We
are also checking into how we
Putting It In Writing
Marine Mammal Center Day Trip - July
Azuma Foods, Inc., Day Trip
Grace says, “Contrary to
myth, writing is not a solitary
activity, but it is through
community our stories emerge.
The class will also offer ways
to explore and revise writers’
thoughts and feelings and to
develop writers’ craft.”
This new J-Sei writing class
began on Tuesday, September
27, from 10am – 12noon. Class
is offered at the J-Sei Senior
Center located on 1710 Carleton
Street, Berkeley CA.
contact Vickie at (510) 883-1106
if you are interested.
Senior Center Partnerships
Schedules and Contact Information for Local Adult Programming
Sakura Kai Open
House Senior Center
Eden Japanese
Community Center
Berkeley Nikkei
Senior Center
6500 Stockton Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 367-9886 | 8:30am - 3:00pm
Coordinator: Setsuko Doi
710 Elgin Street
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
(510) 276-9786
All classes are on both 1st and 3rd
Saturdays, except when noted.
The Eden group comes together on
the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month.
1901 Hearst Street
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 809-5202
Director: Kayo Fisher
Berkeley JACL Rep: Howard Fukuda
Classes and activities are divided into
the following four categories:
1. Art Education - classes to stimulate
creativity, interest, and enrichment.
•Crafts, Knitting, Silk Flowers (3rd)
2. Health and Well-being - classes to
strengthen muscles, balance, and
brain activities.
•Taiko, Light Exercise (1st), Line
Dance, Hula (3rd), Massage Clinic
(3rd), Blood Pressure Screening (1st).
Volunteers provide leadership and
support for all program activities.
Activities include exercise, singing
and crafts, birthday and holiday
celebrations. The Eden group also
goes on field trips during the year,
contact the center directly for dates.
For more information, please contact
the center on the 2nd or 4th Thursday
of the month.
2nd Saturday - 10 am to 3 pm:
Exercise, Yoga, Sing-a-Song, Art
and Craft, Calligraphy or Sumi-E,
Dance, Blood Pressure Clinic,
Entertainment and Fundraising,
Home-made Japanese Lunch
4th Saturday - 10am to 3pm:
birthday, art and craft, hot
Japanese Lunch ($3)
Dec. 10 (2nd Saturday) - 9:30am
to 3:00pm: Christmas and end
of the year party, celebration,
and fundraising; Open House,
Exercise, Yoga
Sitting Yoga (3rd).
3. Electronic Education - classes to
learn how to use the computer and
digital camera.
•Japanese and English computer,
To learn more of the programs offered,
Digital Camera (1st).
contact Kayo Fisher at (510)-809-5202.
4. Personal Growth classes to
develop learning skills for selfimprovement, communication, and
brain stimulation.
Buena Vista United Methodist Church
•Conversational Japanese Language,
2311 Buena Vista Avenue Alameda 94501 • (510) 522-2688
Japanese Calligraphy (3rd), Ukulele
(3rd), Karaoke (1st).
This is a time to socialize, learn new things, and enjoy support and
encouragement from each other.
Special Upcoming Events:
• Birthday celebration on 3rd
We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 9:30amSaturdays.
• Oct. 1st - Happyo Kai at Fairmont 1pm at the Buena Vista Methodist United Church in Alameda. Each
School Auditorium - 1:30pm- Wednesday begins with fitness with Yukio Yamawaki using stretch bands,
weights, and Tai Chi followed by a coffee break and sing-alongs to old
• Nov. 9 - Lecture on pension and Japanese and American classics. Lunch is served at 12pm. A special
citizenship in Japanese at East program is featured from 11am-12pm; we offer mini-massages and
Bay Free Methodist Church - birthdays are celebrated on 2nd Wednesdays; and on 4th Wednesdays,
we offer Reiki. A $2 donation is requested. For more info, contact (510)
522-2688. See you there!
• Dec. 3 - Bonen Kai at a restaurant
• Dec. 17 - Christmas Party, Santa Extending Connections is taking a Thanksgiving Recess on November
Visit, and Bingo
23rd and a Holiday Recess on December 28.
Extending Connections
Planned giving brochures are now available!
Financial Snapshot of Fiscal Year 2010-2011
A Year In Review
As the economy continues to struggle, J-Sei remains focused on keeping costs down while leveraging more
resources to sustain and grow our programs. Did you know that J-Sei staff and board members annually fund raise
about 85% of the agency’s modest budget? With an annual budget of approximately $550,000, J-Sei provided
critical services to over 700 families and individuals. Clearly we couldn’t do this important work without our
community partners. A complete list of J-Sei donors who donated in FY 2010-2011 can be located in the newsletter
insert. Many thanks to all of you who have so generously donated!
FY 2010-2011
J-Sei Revenue Sources
FY 2010-2011
J-Sei Expenses
Contributions to Services - 84%
Programs and Services - 85%
Government Grants - - 7%
Fundraising - 8%
Foundation/ Corporate Grants - 6%
News Update:
Earned Income - 3%
Administration - 7%
City of Berkeley Update
Thanks to the efforts of all of you, J-Sei was able to retain a one-year $10,000 (decreased from $21,000) City
of Berkeley grant for our Senior Center activities and case management program. We are thankful to the mayor,
city council members, and concerned citizens for supporting our unique and critical services.
Petite Harmony’s 20th Benefit Concert for J-Sei
This delightful concert will be held on Saturday, October 22, at Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church
in Union City at 7:00 p.m. The theme for this year is “Go With A Song in Your Heart.” Petite Harmony features
a sing-a-long Japanese tunes and a group of youth singers. This fun event is followed by a reception. Tickets
are only $5 per person and can be purchased by calling Laddie at (510) 848-3560. J-Sei is so grateful for the
time, talents, and dedication of this group, and we look forward to this wonderful performance. Thank you Petite
J-Sei Community Calendar
2011 has moved along so quickly that it is hard to believe that it is almost time to deliver the 2012 J-Sei
Community Calendar. Thanks to the member organizations that continue to provide wonderful photos and
event listings for the calendar and thanks to the Community Circles of Support donors and the businesses
that purchased listings, our calendar should be in the mail to you well before the end of this year.
Case Manager’s Corner
Written by: Miyuki Iwata, LCSW - Fulltime Bilingual J-Sei Case Manager
What is a case
manager and
what do they do?
As a J-Sei Case Manager, I am
often asked by older adults and
their families what a case manager
is and what a case manager does.
A case manager is a type of social
worker. J-Sei case managers assist
in identifying options for people
in a particular situation, consult
on long-term care planning, and/
or develop care plans. They work
in conjunction with the older
adults and their families.
support assures that individuals
can maintain their independence as
long as possible and recommends
alternatives should more assistance
be appropriate.
Here are some examples of
what J-Sei Case Managers do:
Ms. A:
Ms. A lives alone in her own
She does not have any
children or family.
She called
J-Sei because she stopped driving
and needed somebody to take
her grocery shopping and to help
her clean her house. The Case
Manager visited Ms. A. Ms. A was
able to explain her situation and
can manage her own finances. The
Case Manager found out that Ms. A
did not qualify for any government
financial support; however, she was
able to afford to pay for a caregiver.
The Case Manager told her about
the J-Sei Caregiver Directory,
which is a list of caregivers. Ms. A
understood that she is responsible
for interviewing the caregiver
applicants and deciding which
one to hire. The city where Ms. A
resides provides shuttle service
for shopping for older adults so
the J-Sei Case Manager brought
her the application. Ms. A was
able to walk from place to place
independently but had a fall six
months ago and was found on the
floor by her neighbor. The Case
Manager explained options for an
emergency response system. The
J-Sei Case Manager also found out
that Ms. A does not have an Advance
Health Care Directive (AHCD), so
she explained what an AHCD is and
gave her documentation to create
one. Mrs. A mentioned that she
sometimes feels lonely. The Case
Manager informed her about our
which arranges for a volunteer
to an older adult once a week
for company and described the
J-Sei Senior Center activities. At
last, the Case Manager checked
Ms. A’s home for safety concerns.
She found no safety hazards in
the home, but suggested the
installion of a bathtub safety rail.
The Case Manager will continually
check in with Ms. A to offer further
Mr. B:
received a call from Mr. B’s daughter.
According to his daughter, Mr. B
just moved into his daughter’s
home because it was getting
difficult for him to live alone due
to the progression of Alzheimer’s.
His daughter planned to take care
of him at her home as her job
allowed her to work at home, but
she has been exhausted. The Case
Manager visited Mr. B and found
out that Mr. B wanders around
and needs assistance in using the
restroom. His daughter mentioned
that she has looked around for care
facilities but they are too expensive
and Mr. B has limited finances. The
Case Manger found out that Mr. B
was qualified to apply for Medi-Cal.
The Case Manager explained that
some care services such as Adult
Day Health Care and In-Home
Supportive Services are covered
by Medi-Cal and she provided
a list of skilled nursing facilities
which are also covered by MediCal. His daughter decided to try
Adult Day Health Care for Mr.B
so that she has time for herself
during the day time and he can
have opportunities to socialize with
others. The Case Manager gave his
daughter a Medi-Cal application
form, provided information about
an Alzheimer’s support group
and recommended that they get
an emergency response system
known as the “Medic Alert + Safe
Return,” through the Alzheimer’s
Association. Mr. B’s daughter and
the Case Manager will continue
to be in touch to make sure that
all needed care and services are
These cases are created as
examples to briefly explain some
of the services that a Case Manger
may provide.
There are more
services that can be considered but
interventions differ from case to
case depending on the individual’s
needs and the situation. The Case
Manger respects the client’s rights
and privacy and presents options,
but it is up to the individual and
their family to decide. Our goal is
to help clients maintain their wellbeing and the highest quality of
life. If you would like to know more
about J-Sei Case Management
services, please feel free to contact:
Miyuki Iwata: (510) 848-3560 x103
Veta Jacqulin: (510) 848-3560 x105
Volunteers of all ages boost our programs. There are so many ways to participate. Join us!
J-Sei is only able to provide activities and programs for our older
adults with the support of volunteers. You have heard it said before
and it is true that volunteers are the backbone of our organizationfrom J-Sei Board members to class instructors to our nutrition
program and our social services. Our growth and development of
new programming despite the cutbacks we have faced from the City
of Berkeley, Alameda County, and other financial supporters have
only been achieved with the generosity of our volunteers. They have
delivered lunches, visited and called seniors, and worked to raise
dollars to fund programs. We are always looking for ways to expand
services that will assist people to age in the comfort of their own
homes and to remain physically healthy and independent. All this to
If you have just retired and are wondering what to do, of if
your employer will allow you to take a couple of hours for lunch to
volunteer, give us a call.
Meals - our Nisei are aging. Most do not contact J-Sei until
they are 85+. They are calling now, requesting a hot, nutritious,
Japanese style home delivered meal and our delivery routes are
growing. If you have time on Tuesday or Wednesday and are able
to deliver lunches to our homebound older adults, please give us
a call at (510) 883-1106. It only takes a couple of hours. You do
need a valid CDL and proof of auto insurance. If you would like to
volunteer in the kitchen and are available on Monday or Thursday
from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, please contact us.
Friendly Visitor - we have been able to provide home-bound
seniors with a friendly visitor or a friendly telephone caller. We
have found that this brightens their day and gives them something
to look forward to. If you have time and would like to become a
friendly visitor or caller, contact Miyuki Iwata at (510) 848-3560,
ext. 103.
Administration - if you have computer or office skills and would
like to volunteer in the J-Sei Office, please contact Laddie at (510)
848-3560. We have daily tasks as well as mail-outs for fundraisers,
Volunteering is rewarding and fun. You meet new people, gain
insight, give back to our community, and receive personal satisfaction
that YOU are making a difference.
Organize Emergency Supplies
J-Sei will provide the shopping list and the money but can you
supply the time to purchase emergency supplies and organize them
for our three locations? This would be a great help. Please call Diane
at (510) 848-3560.
Wayne Takata
Board Member Profile
It is very important to me that
this community continues to thrive.
I grew up in Berkeley and much of
my growth can be attributed to
being part of the Japanese American
community. My sense of service to
the community was nurtured by my
years at East Bay Free Methodist
Church, by being a member of
Boy Scout Troop 26, and playing
basketball and baseball with a great
group of guys. We played and
excelled at sports, but we also worked
hard and had a positive impact on
our community. After high school, I
wanted to stay involved in basketball
and teach younger players. I worked
with the same players for seven
years until they graduated from high
school and at the end, I found I had
learned as much from them as they
had learned from me. I would apply
these lessons to coaching my own
son’s teams many years later. Many
years and many teams later, I am
entering a new phase of my life.
I joined the J-Sei Board of
Directors two years ago. My family
and my wife’s family have been
involved in the JASEB organization
for many years.
JASEB became
J-Sei, and we were starting on a new
expanded mission. One aspect of
that expanded mission is embracing
multiple generations within our
organization. I am part of a small
committee who is tasked to build a
youth movement within J-Sei. Our
new programs will give the younger
members of our community an
opportunity to volunteer, to serve,
and to learn from other generations.
I am excited to be a part of J-Sei
and look forward to all the new
experiences on the horizon.
C O M M U N I T Y • C A R E • C U LT U R E
2126 Channing Way
Berkeley, California 94704
g L
r 17
Important Staff Contact
Diane Wong, MSW
Executive Director - Ext. 102
[email protected]
“Save the Date” for these upcoming J-Sei events.
Please visit our website for the latest information.
Oct. 10 - J-Sei Office and Senior
Center closed for Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Luncheon at J-Sei Center
Oct. 26 - Half Moon Bay Day Trip
Mark your calendars to join us for our
annual Thanksgiving luncheon, Thursday,
November 17, at 12 noon. Last year, we
had a record number of diners. Musashi did
a dynamite job on the turkey and the side
dishes. Mmmm! This is the place to be. Make
your reservation early to be included. The fee
for this special lunch will be $6 per person.
Vickie Kawakami
Senior Center Site Coordinator
(510) 883-1106 (Mon-Thurs.)
(510) 848-3560 ext. 104 (Friday)
[email protected]
Oct. 29 - Saturday Morning Series:
College Planning
Go Green
Laddie Perez-Galang
Administrative Assistant - Ext. 101
[email protected]
Nov. 24 and 25 - J-Sei Office
and Senior Center closed for
Miyuki Iwata, LCSW
Bilingual Case Manager - Ext. 103
[email protected]
Veta Jacqulin
Part-time Case Manager - Ext. 105
(510) 848-3560 ext. 105
[email protected]
Kazuya Morita
Part-time Van Driver - Ext. 107
[email protected]
Laura Date, MPH
J-Sei Home Administrator
(510) 732-6658
[email protected]
Oct. 17 - Monday Senior Center
Lecture: Elder Abuse
Oct. 22 - Public School Presentation
w/Sycamore Congregational Church
Oct. 22 - Petite Harmony Benefit
Concert for J-Sei
Nov. 14 - Monday Senior Center
Lecture: Do you have the right
Dec. 12 - Monday Senior Center
Lecture: Fall Prevention
Dec. 26 and 30 - J-Sei Office and
Senior Center closed for holidays
Jan. 21 - Saturday Morning Series:
Japanese Traditions
From turkey to pumpkin pie! Heavenly!
J-Sei is making concerted conservation
efforts. Information through electronic modes
will save trees and gas and will also enable
us to get time sensitive information to you
more efficiently. For example, when disaster
struck in Japan this year, we were quicker to
give you information on disaster relief efforts
via email. Please provide us with your email
address so we can send our color newsletter
to you. Call or email Laddie at (510) 848-3560
or [email protected]
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Akio and Shin Adachi
Cowl Adachi
Flora and Richard Adachi
Kimiko Adachi
Miki Adachi
Robert Adachi
Themy-Jo Adachi
Wendy Adachi
Robert and Mary Agawa
Grace N. Aikawa
Karen Akahoshi
Miyoko Akahoshi
Yuka Akera, O.D.
Sunao and Kay Akinaga
Misako Akiyama
Sumiye Akiyoshi
Keiko and John Allen
Yosh and Ruby Amino
Hiroji and Fusako Aochi
Mary Aochi
Kathryn Aoki
Margaret Aoki
Judith Aono
Clara Arakaki
Tokuyashi and Mineko Arakaki
Toyoko Araki
William Asai, D.D.S.
Yoneko Asai
Marian Asami
Michiko I. Asao-Wells
Ida Asato
Shizuko and Gary Asazawa
Koko Baker
Jeanne Barredo
Barbara Beatty
Yumi Yasuda Bellizzi
Richard and Kiyo Bird
Motoko Blenis
Susan Brodsky
Christina Browning
Mary Bushman
Blanca R. Castaneda
Alan Chang
Joyce Chen
Carole Chin
Gene and Vicki Chin
Grace and George Chin
Shunichi and Satoe Chisaki
Keiko and Nathanael Clark
Thomas and June Colby
Heather Conrad
Marion Cowee
Georgia Daikai
Etsu Date
S. Daniel Date
Sandra Davidson
Patricia and Douglas Dea
Don and Sadako Delcollo
Ann and Paul Dion
Douglas A. Doerr
Darrell and Grace Doi
Kazuko Doi
Nobuso and May Doi
Setsuko Doi
Yoshiko and Shigeyuki Doi
Mikino Dongon
Y. and L. Dun
Frances Durr
Pamela Egashira
Toshiko Egashira
Janey and Masako Egawa
Roy and Isako Egawa
Toshiko and Grace Ehara
Chieko Endo
Takako and Takeshi Endo
Tomohiro and Yuriko Endo
Rose Diane Eng
Kiyo and Takane Eshima
Frank and Amy Eto
Kieko Eto
Hisako Ezzard
Susan Fadley
Daniel and Joy Faletti
Jane Ferguson
Asano Fertig
Yasuyo Floyd
C. Fong
Deborah and David Fong
Karen Fong
Pauline Fong
Taeko Foster
Joanne M. Fritts
Trisha Fuimori
Ronald Fujie, C.P.A.
Arlinda and Ronald Fujii
Penny Fujii
Richard and Jane Fujii
Terry and Kenneth Fujii
Walter Fujii
Wesley and Asako Fujii
Yumiko Fujii
Alfred and Linda Fujikawa
Chisato and Takehiko Fujikawa
Fred and Alice Fujikawa
Georgia and Mark Fujikawa
Jean Fujikawa
Evelyn and Donald Fujimoto
Hiro and Marna Fujimoto
Kayoko Fujimoto
Lillian Fujimoto and David Hampton
Glenn Fujinaka D.D.S. Inc.
Todd Roger Fujinaga
Marjorie and Steve Fujioka
David and Joan Fujita
Mark Fujita
Toyoko Fujita
Bruce Fukayama
Eda and Bruce Fukayama
George Fukayama
June Fukayama
Matt Fukuchi
Tak and Ruth Fukuchi
Peter Fukumae, C.P.A.
Masako Fukunaga
Lily Fukutome
Glenn Fukuya
Jon and Amy Funabiki
George and Judy Furuichi
Mary Ann Furuichi
Miyoko Furuno
Fred and Betty Furuta
Stan and Darlene Futagaki
Alfred and Alice Geron
Harumi Gonda
Steven Gotanda
Dana Goto
Emiko Goto
George and Midori Goto
Grace and Joe Goto
Terrie Gottesman
Kathleen Greinke
R. Mike Hamachi
Masako Hamada
Akemi Hamai
Lucy Hamai
Tomoko and Kiyoaki Hamamoto
Clara Y. Hamasaki
Cheryl Hanson
Tsuyuka Hanson
Dan and Mary Harada
Taneyuki and Meriko Harada
Tom Harada
Janice Haraguchi
Mary Haraguchi
Norman Haraguchi
Ronald Haraguchi
Yas and Kiyomi Harano
Lena Hasegawa
Mie and J. Hasegawa
Ellen Hashiguchi
Andy Hashimoto
Arlene and Walter Hashimoto
Helen and Roy Hashimoto
Karen Hashimoto
Kathryn Hashimoto
Randall Hashimoto, D.D.S.
Tom Hashimoto
Yoko Hashimoto
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Yoshino Hatanaka
Nora and David Hataye
John and Grace Hattori
Takako Hayakawa
Mari and Steve Hayama
Fumi and Steven Hayashi
Fumi Hayashi
Ruth Hayashi
Shigeo and Mary Hayashi
Tommy Hayashi, O.D., PH.D
Yeichi and Fumiko Hayashi
Yukiyo R. Hayashi
Harvey and Barbara Hayashida
Irene Hayashida
Joanne Hayashida
Sady Hayashida
Ailene Hayashida-Lew
Harlan and Marilyn Head
Patricia A. Heer
Sugi and Jen Hendric
Lilyan Higashi
Allan and Nancy Hikoyeda
Steven Hirabayashi
Yoshito Hirabayashi
Ruth Hirano
Yo Hiraoka
Mamie Hirasawa
Rhonda Hirata
Maruko and Marilyn Hiratzka
Tomiko Hiromoto
Bruce and Valerie Hironaka
Kiyo Hirose
Lynda Hirose
Norman Hirose
Paul Hirose
William and May Hirose
Janice Hirota
June Kuge and Sherry Hirota
Nancy and A. Hirota
Kayeko Hisaoka
Suzanne Hitomi
Mark Hiyakumoto
Dorothy Hocking
Gail and Tetsu Hojo
Shig Hoki
Evelyn and Richard Hom
Aki and Kimi Honda
Dina Hirahara Honda
Hiromu and Sharon Honda
Pamela Honda
Shinei and Estuko Honda
Idzumi Honma
Donna Hori
Takako and Joyce Hori
Hisako Horikoshi
Michiko Hoshi
Virginia Hotta
K. Jean Howard
Katharine Hsiao
Walter and Nobue Huie
Akira Ichihana
Ruth and Norman Ichinaga
John Ichiuji, D.D.S., Inc.
Hiroko and Allan Iida
David Iino
Chizu Iiyama
Kosuke and Jean Ijichi
Hisashi and Tokiko Ikeda
Donna Ikuta
Miles and Nadine Imada
Akiko and Akinori Imai
James Imai
Yoko and Hisatada Imamura
Kuniko and Edward Imazumi
David Inada
Donald Inaba
Gayle Inada
Janet and Lawson Inada
Masao Thomas Inada
Frank Inami
Shizuko and Isao Inose
Ryu Inoue
Eric and Karen Inouye
James and Joyce Inouye
M. and A. Inouye
Yoshihiko Inouye
Jerry and Natsuko Irei
Keiko Iriki
Marc and Yumiko Ishida
Michael and Jackie Ishii
Sara Ishikawa
Lily and Gaylan Ishizu
Haruko and Yoshio Ishizue
Sue Isokawa
Tomi Isono
Steven S. Isono, M.D. FAAOS
Noriko Itakura
Ineko Ito
Keith and Keiko Ito
Naoko Ito
Yone Ito
Ito and Nishioka Families
Jacquelyn Ito-Woo
Bruce Iwafuchi
Kazue Iwahashi
Kazuko and Michio Iwahashi
Grace and Masaru Iwamoto
Morio Iwamoto
Lily Ishizu for Kimie Iwanaga
Eiko Iwata
Miyuki Iwata
Mary and Steven Iyama
Yoko Izumi
Kikuko Jackson
Jerry Jacobs
Veta Jacqulin
Kathryn Jan
Jean Jay
Joyce Jenkins
Janice Jensen
Kazuko and Robin Jew
Harumi Joo
Rose and Howard Jue
Yoko Jung
Makoto and Sachiko Kachiu
Masao and Hoshiko Kadota
George and Lily Kagawa
Ronald and Margaret Kagehiro
Kageyama Trust
Amy Kageyama
Naomi Kageyama
Tamio and Kikue Kajita
Takashi Kako
Joe and Michie Kakuda
Karen Kaldunski-Kato
Gail Kamada
Hanako and George Kamada
Reiko Kamada
Toshiko and Kenji Kamada
Dr. Frank and Miyoko Kami
Barry G. Kami, D.D.S.
Tomoye Kamio
A. Kanagaki
Alice and K. Kanagaki
Tazuko Kanda
Glenn S. and Beverly R. Kaneko
Midori Kaneko
Robert Kaneko
Clare and Donald Kaneshige
Judy Kano
Eiko and Hajime Kanzaki
Hiromu Kanzaki
Fred and Mary Kasai
Jeanie and Amy Takaki Kashima
Sara Kashima
Tomita Kashino-Shimamoto
Hiroshi Kashiwagi
Nan Kataoka
Ted Katayama
Kazuo and Mitsuye Kato
Kiyo and Vernon Kato
Pamela Ruriko Kato
Glory and Ernest Katsumata
Irene E. Katsumoto
Kiyoshi and Emiko Katsumoto
Hatsue Katsura
Toshiro Kawabata
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Ann and George Kawaguchi
Sadako Kawaguchi
Scott Kawaguchi
Elaine Kawakami
Keiko Kawakami
Vickie Kawakami
Wendy Kawakami
Eric Kawamura
Judith and Harry Kawamura
Seiji and Candice Kawamura
Charles and Cheryl Kawasaki
Patricia Kawase-Tai
Junko and Robert Kenmotsu
Laurie Kho
Rosalie and George Kido
Jimmy Kihara
Caroline Kim
Terri Ann Kim
Isami Kimoto
Violet M. Kimoto
Hiroko and Masato Kimotsuki
J. Kim-Selby
James and Miyo Kimura
Joe and Sally Kimura
Junko and Shoichi Kimura
Yoshiko Kimura
Yoshiye Kino
Darrel Kinoshita
Eiji Kinoshita
Setsuko Kinoshita
Jane and Kanji Kishi
Jean Kita
Toshie and Joe Kita
Gary and Barbara Kitagawa
Stephen and Ella Kitagawa
Martha Kitajima
Henry M. Kitajima, D.D.S., Inc.
Walter Y. Kitajima, D.D.S., Inc.
Hirohiko Kitamura
Betty M. Kitani
Michael G. Kiyomoto, O.D.
George Kobayashi
Harold and Patricia Kobayashi
Norihisa and Akiko Kobayashi
Soshichi and Yukiko Kobayashi
Sayoko Kobayashi
Yutaka Kobori
Steven Y. Kodama
Eugene and Lillian Kodani
Susumu Kodani
Jimmy H. Koide
Yukari Koizumi
Mary Komiya
Fumiko Komori
Raymond and Dee Konagai
Kanji and Fujiko Konishi
Carol Kono
Joy N. Kono
Judy and Gordon Kono
Tamie Kooyenga
Kay Korematsu
Steven T. Kovayashi, D.D.S.
Ben T. Koyama
Miwako Koyasako
Kozue Kubo
Shoji and Chidori Kubota
June Kuge
Lale Kulunk
Etsuko Kumai
Rena and Edward Kumai
Carl Kurahara
Misato Kuramoto
Shu Kurasaki
Y. and Susan Kurimoto
Ruby Kuritsubo
Satoshi Kuritsubo
Allyce and S. Kuroiwa
Harry Kurotori
Judith Kurylak
Jack and Edna Kusaba
Margaret Kusaba
Amy E. Kuwada
James T. Kuwada
Marcia and T. S. Kyono
Meri and Jeffrey Lane
Reiko Lane
Karen N. Larson, D.D.S.
William Y. LaRue
Joyce Lau
Gary and Maya Lawrence
John and Aiko Lee
Kathleen T. Lee
Kathy Lee
Diane and Steven Leong
Margaret and Corey Leong
Yuko Leong
Leslie Lethridge
Etsuko and Robert Lew
Judith Londo
Marie Look
Louise and Derrick Lue
Rev. Sharon Lee MacArthur
Sue Maeda
Ronald Mah, M.A.
Steven Makihara
Yonosuke Makihara
May Manabe
Al Maneki
Joyce and Robert Maniwa
Joyce Maniwa
Jiro Marubayashi
Grace Marumoto
Masami Maruyama
Mitsuko Maruyama
Mitzi Maruyama
Sam Maruyama
Gary and Irene Masada
Eiko and Hirosh Masai
Debra Masamori
Lilyan Maski
Karen and William Masters
John Masunaga
Chitoye Matoba
Michiko Matson
Sachiko Matsu
Kazuko Matsuda
Dorothy Matsui
George Matsui
Minako Matsui
Edward M. Matsuishi, D.D.S.
Chiyoko and Michael Matsumoto
George Matsumoto
Lillian and I. Matsumoto
Reiko and Hisao Matsumoto
Stephen and Lynn Matsumoto
Raymond and Annette Matsunaga
George and Emiko Matsunaga
Eiko Matsuoka
Joan Matsuoka
George and Hatsuko Matsutani
Kay and Roy Matsutani
Koichi Matsutani
Carol Mayeda
Elsie Mayeda
Masami and Fumiye Mayeda
Arthur Mayeno
Rebecca Mayeno
Akiko McClennan
Robin M. McGuire
Thomas Meisenhelder
Keiko Mihara
Yuko Mihara
Michele Mikami
Shizuye Mikami
Toshiko Mikami
Marion Miller
Takagi Milvia
Dale Minami and Sandra Mori
Lou Minamoto
Hisaye M. Misaki
Alice Mitani
Kiyoko Mitani
Aiko and Robert Mitchell
Hatsuko and Toshio Mitsuda
Mary and Charles Mitsuda
Toshio Mitsuda
Norio Miyago
Genko and Hannah Miyahara
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Masako Miyakado
Ronald Miyake
Minoru and Lilly Miyasaki
Stan and Ruth Miyasato
Soumei and Etsuko Miyauchi
Minako Miyazaki
Mark Mizokami
Dorothy and William Mizono
D. Kenneth Mizono, D.D.S.
Don and Ellen Mizota
Ida Mizuhara
Mark Mizuhara
Maya Mizuhara
Phyllis Mizuhara
Yoshitaka & Mitsuko Mizusaki
Courtney and Craig Mizutani
Molly Momii
Jo Ann Momono
Junko and Andrew Monach
Hisae Konii Monroe
Frances and W. Mori
Gene Mori
Helen and O. Mori
Takeyo Mori
Frank and Ida Morikawa
Greg Morimoto
Hiroaki and Marjorie Morimoto
Luana Morimoto
Sumiko Morinaga
Tamaye Morino
Howard and Alice Morioka
Joanie Morioka
Karen and Tom Morioka
Midori Morioka
Karen Morisawa
Grace and Nobuo Morishige
Barbara and Leroy Morishita
Yoshiko Morishita
Gloria H. Morita
Kazuko Moriyama
L. Morizono
Matthew Morizono
Atsuko and Oliver Morse
Yulia Motofuji
Mieko Moulton
Hisako Misty Mukae
Hisako Mune
Carol L. and Robert Muramoto
Greg Muramoto
Akemi Muranaka
Susan Muranishi
Lillian and Aki Muraoka
Irene and John Murashima
Irene Murashima
Maya Murashima
Maya, Sumiko and James Murashima
Edwin and Elsie Mutobe
Reiko and Kenneth Nabeta
Satoko Nabeta
K. S. Nagagfuji
Kathryn Nagafuji
Hiroko Nagai
Haruko Nagaishi
Kathy Nagakura
Masayoshi Nagamoto
Esther Nagao
Catherine and J.W. Nagareda
Alan Nagata
Frank Nagata
Jeffrey Nagata
Robert Nagata
Yo Nagata
Emiko Naito
Etsuko Naito
Namie Naito
Fred Nakagaki
Ittsei and Kiriye Nakagawa
Nakahara Family Trust
Dale Nakahara
Hidetaka and Kazue Nakahara
Irene A. Nakahara
Irene and George Nakahara
Mark Nakahara
Mary and Daniel Nakahara
Mitsuko Nakahara
Noriko and Herbert Nakahara
Irene Y. Nakamitsu
Barbara and Gary Nakamoto
Yasuo and Chiyoko Nakamoto
Clifford H. Nakamoto, D.D.S.
Akira and Rurie Nakamura
David Nakamura
Eiichi and Marion Nakamura
James and Agnes Nakamura
Ken Nakamura
Kinuko Nakamura
Linda and Gregory Nakamura
Lynn Nakamura
Mari Nakamura
Masaye Nakamura
Michiyuki Nakamura
Natsumi Nakamura
Richard and Ethel Nakamura
Yoshimi Nakamura
Carolyn Nakano
Emiko and Seigo Nakano
Evangeline and Edward Nakano
Katherine and Kenneth Nakano
Randall and Miyoshi Nakano
Ronald Nakano
Rumiko and Donald Nakano
Emi Nakao
Kinuye Jean Nakao
Jack and Sumi Nakashima
Michiwo and Dianna Nakashima
Judy Nakaso
Peter and Lynn Nakaso
Ronald and Irene Nakasone
Takeshi and Hisako Nakatani
Tohoru Tom Nakatani
Nancy Nakayama
Tomio and Seiko Nakayama
Suzanne Nakayama
Toyoko Nakayama
Tsuneko Nakayama
Yoneko Nakayama
Aiko and Jean Nakazono
Dorothy Narahara
Theresa Narasaki
Kikuko Naruo
Mieko Naruo
Ruth Naruo
Henry Natsuhara
Martin Natsuhara
Alice Neishi
Dan Neishi
Dr. John M. Neishi, Optometrist
Rodney Neishi
Kiyoko and Kenji Neyama
William and Carol Ng
William and Carland Nicholson
Rose Nieda
Michimi and Jun Nihei
Rick Nihei
Tommy and Judy Nihei
Sumi Niizawa
Takashi J. Nikaidoh
Alice Ninomiya
Flora Ninomiya
Eleanor, Marian and John Nishi
James and Jane Nishi
Richard and Lillian Nishihara
Nobuko Nishikado
Helen Nishikai
Karen Nishikawa
Jim H. Nishimine, M.D.
Jiro Nishimoto
Irene and Roy Nishimura
Oliver and Michiko Nishimura
Philip Nishino, D.D.S.
Hanae and Owen Nishioka
Mike and Diane Nishioka
Shizuye Nishioka
Don Nishita
Kazuko Nishita
Yuriko and Satoru Nishita
Susan Nishizaka
Theodore Niya
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Newell Noda
Nellie Noguchi
Dorothy Nomiyama
Carl and P. Nomura
Eddie Nomura
Paul Nomura
George and Setsuko Nomura
Stanley and Beatrice Nomura
Sumiko Nomura
Sylvia and Ronald Nomura
Noboru and Keiko Noriye
Ellengale Oakley
Owen Oakley
Fusae Obata
Shinko Obata
Susan Obata
Alan and Kathleen Oda
Dorothy and Thomas Oda
Gene Oda
Judy K. Oda
Elsie F. Ogata
Raymond and Judy Ogata
Helen Ogawa
Fumiko Oishi
Gordon K. Oishi
Joyce Oishi
Larry Oishi
Tom Oishi
Tey and Sukeo Oji
Akiko Oka
Shizue Okada
Henry and Virginia Okamoto
Linda Okamoto
Dorothy Okamoto, O.D.
Raymond and B. Taeko Okamura
Kimi Okano
Alice Okazaki
Mark and Alene Okazaki
Ruby and Donald Okazaki
Terumi and Yoko Okazaki
Grace Oki
Harry and Shizuko Okino
Harry Okino
Bob and Alice Okubo
Mabel Okusu
Claire Okuyama
Keiko Olt
Christeen Oniki
Joyce and Kiyoshi Onizuka
Ronald Onizuka
Theodore Ono
Yoshio and Lilly Ono
Masako Osada
Mary and John Oshige
Edwin Oshika
Hide Oshima
James Oshima
Jayne Oshiro
Kay Ota
Kenji and Emiko Ota
Susumu and Machiko Ota
Tsuto and Jean Ota
Chiyoko Otagiri
James S. Otagiri
Eugene and Yukiko Otake
Janice Otani
Jim and Berenice Otsuka
Makoto and Mary Otsuka
Lorraine Otsuka and Stanley Mar
Nancy Otto
Neal and Kathleen Ouye
Robert and Kimiye Ozawa
Laurie M. Ozone
Harriet H. Patton
Nancy Kawabata Poon
Anna Pusina
Diane Rask
Kaoru Reynolds
Fumiko Rodriguez-Berriz
Yumi Root
Mili Rosenblatt
Carrie Saito
H. Leo Saito
June Sakaguchi
Charlotte Sakai
Hisaji and Jean Sakai
Jessie T. and Arthur Sakai
Kimie Sakai
Patricia Sakai
Robert Sakai
Haruo and Alys Sakaji
Asao and Sakae Sakaki
Masako Sakaki
Karen and Calvin Sakamoto
William Sakamoto, D.D.S.
Kay Sakanashi
Yoko Sakata
Yosh Sakauye
Peter and Toshiko Sako
Junius and Sada Sakuma
Suzanne Sakuma
Shoji and Grace Sakurai
Toshiko Sanders
Donald Sanford
Harold and June Sano
Minami Sano
Yaeko Sano
Yukio Sano
Peggy and Hisashi Sanui
Peggy Tazuko Sanui
Dick and Agnes Sasaki
Jerry and Irene Sasaki
Robert J. and Momoe Sasaki
Yoshie Sasaki
Naomi and Mitsuzo Sasaura
Elaine and Wayne Sato
Grace and Tadashi Sato
Hiro and Helen Sato
Jean A. Sato
Kaz and Jean Sato
Kenneth Sato
Kevin S. Sato
Shirley Sato
Shunsuke and Suzie Sato
Valerie and Bruce Satow
Hisako and Dominic Scalzo
Liane and Eric Scott
Midori H. Scott
James Seff
Sam and Frances Seki
Janet Sekigahama
Kimiko Sekigahama
Richard Sekiguchi
Kay Sekimachi Stockdale
Joy and Gerald Sekimura
Kiyoko Kay Seno
Shigeru and Misuko Seta
Kimiko Shannon
Eichi Shibata
Teruko Shibata
Laurie Shigekuni
Diane Shigematsu
Miyo Shigemoto
Akiko and Fred Shikada
Jimmy and Linda Shikuzawa
Charlene Shimada
Yasuo and Satsuki Shimada
Hiko and Susan Shimamoto
William Shimamoto
Dave and Lauren Shimamura
Sachiko Shimamura
Wesley and Michele Shimamura
Ellen and Fred Shimasaki
Akio and Ruth Shimizu
Frank Shimizu
George Shimizu
Grace Shimono
Brian Shinoda
Fred and Yoshiko Shinoda
Hana Shinoda
Makiko Shinoda
Miye Shinoda
Anne Shinoda-Mettler
Takeshi Shinomoto
Glenn and Amy Shinsako
Neil Shinsako
Haruko Shintani
K. Shintani
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Kelly Shintani
Mark Shintani
Shigezo and Hisako Shinzai
Sumi and Roy Shiraishi
Maye and Takeo Shirasawa
Carol and Yasuyuki Shiromaru
Fumiko and William Shoemaker
Nancy Soe
Carolyn Sokugawa
Rey and Edith Sonoda
Ron and Lorraine Sonoda
Gary and Carolyn Soto
Kei Sugaoka
Esther Sugawara
Marian Sugimura
Hamako Suico
George and Asaye Sujishi
Masaye and Charles M. Sumimoto
Yoshiko and Tsutomu Sumimoto
C. Nobori Suryasasmita
Steve and Frances Suto
Karen K. and Ken S. Suyama
Sumie Suyeyasu
Toshie Suzukawa
Lewis Iwao Suzuki
Masao Suzuki and Susan Nakamura
Arlene and Chris Swinderman
Helen Hayashimoto Tagawa
Robert and Kathleen Tagumi
Jean Tajima
Colleen Tajiri
Asaye Takagi
Dana Takagi
Miye Takagi
Clyde K. Takahashi
Frances Takahashi
Gregory Takahashi
Jacqueline Takahashi
James Takahashi
Julie Takahashi
Michio Takahashi
Jere Takahashi and Terry Kim
Mike Takahashi
Soyo Takahashi
Tom and Junko Takahashi
Yoshiko K. Takahashi
Mary Takai
Teruo Takaki
Betty Takano
Julie Takano
Lani Takano
Mas Takano
Teruko and Junro Takarada
Michie Takashima
May Takashima
Aiko and Sherman Takata
Alvin and Sally Takata
Eric and Irene Takata
George and Jo Takata
Kimiko Takata
Michi and Kaz Takata
Ralph and Thelma Takata
Wayne Takata
Yadao Takayanagi
Patricia and Sandra Takeda
Sally Takeda
Scott Sachio Takeda
Richard Takei
Ben and Fumiko Takeshita
Ikuko Takeshita
Mieko Taketa
Esther K. Takeuchi
John M. Takeuchi
Marcy Takeuchi
Miye and F. Takeuchi
Beatrice Tamichi
Bob Tamori
Jene and Nobuko Tamura
Nancy Tamura
Tricia Tamura and Philip Li
Masamichi and Akiko Tan
Yaeko Tan
Jeffrey Tan, Ph.D.
Candace Tanabe
Edwin Tanaka
Hideo and Judith Tanaka
Janet and Gene Tanaka
Kimi Tanaka
Midodri and Tomoyoshi Tanaka
Shizuo and Nancy Tanaka
Richard Tanaka
Tad and Eva Tanaka
Jane K. Tanamachi
Masuye Tani
Brian Taniguchi
Hiroko Taniguchi
Kiyomi Taniguchi
Marie Taniguchi
Takeko Tanisawa
Ted and Susan Tanisawa
Daniel Tanita, D.D.S.
Milton Tanizawa
Michiko Tashiro
Frances Tauber
Janet and Steven Teel
Marsh and Irene Tekawa
Keiju Terada
Karen K. and Hiroshi Teramura
Dennis Terao
Joyce M. Terao
Lenni Y. Terao
Craig Terashima
Yoshiko Teraura
Darren Terazawa
Fusaye Jean Terazawa
Stanley Terusaki
Steven and Kathleen Terusaki
Glen and Ida Teshima
Mary and Harris Teshima
Nancy Teshima
Kenji and Nancy Togami
Gary and Kimiko Toji
Rayer & Leslie Toki
Yoshiro Tokiwa
Diane Tokugawa
Lionel and Kazuko Tom
Yoshiko Tom
Shizuko and Yoshio Tomimatsu
Anne and Gary Tominaga
Fumie and Gary Tominaga
Amy Tomine
Eugene Tomine
Calvin and Gail Tomita
Kenji and Mary Tomita
Marlene Tonai
Dr. Ernest T. Torigoe
Eric Torigoe, D.D.S.
Kiyoji and Sachiye Toyofuku
Reiko True
Ruth and Masao Tsubota
Kazuko Tsuchiya
Hitoshi Tsufura
Ross Tsugita
Daisy Tsujimoto
Eugene and Aileen Tsujimoto
Isamu and Piyanooch Tsujimoto
Margaret Tsujimoto
Alan Nagata
Jensen and Lianne Tsujimoto Wong
Phyllis Tsukasaki
Dr. Himeo Tsumori and Louise Lue
Yoko and Ricky Tsuno
Martha Tsutsui
Keiko Tsuyuki
Lincy Tu-Wang
Hinako Uchida
Jim and Sumiko Uchida
Michiko Uchida
Yuri Uchida
Samuel and Norma Uchihara
Dan Uchimoto
Hideo Uchiyama
Grace Y. Ueda
Martha and Donald Uejo
Emiko Umawatari
Kathleen Umeda
John and Sally Anne Umemoto
John Umemoto
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
Tad and Mitsuko Umemoto
Sharon Umene
Shizue and John Uno
Kiyoye Unoki
George and Ardene Uohara
Robert Uomoto
I. and M. Uota
Hiroko Uratsu
Marvin and Miyo Uratsu
Masaji and Hiroko Uratsu
Minnie and Marvin Uratsu
David Urushima
Miyoko Ushigusa
Yoshi Ushijima
Ann and Min Uyeara
Susie Uyeda
Robert and Yvonne Uyeki
Miyoko Uyemoto
Herbert and Grace Uyeno
Todd and Katherine Uyeno
Ada Wada
Patricia Wada
Yae and John Wada
Renko A. Wadlin
Sakiko Wakabayashi
Thelma Wakabayashi
Muriel Wakayama
Opal Wakayama
Ronald Wake, D.D.S.
Roy and Alice Wakida
Amy Ware
Lily and Richard Warnick
Katoshi Watabe
Richard and Rose Watada
Nobuo and Mary Watanabe
Tak and Taka Watanabe
Carl K. Watanabe, M.D.
Kiyoshi and Jeanne Watari
Reiko Weltin
Jean and David Whitenack
Karen and Pallop Wilairat
Hiroko Wilder
Michael Williams
Hideko and George Winans
Toshiko Wineman
Rosalind Winter
Noriko M. Wolfe
Yasuyo Wolfe
Daisy and Arthur Wong
Diane Wong
Joan Wong
Mary Wong
Simiko Wu
James T. Yamada
Ken Yamada
R. T. Y. Yamada
Sachiko Yamada
Yasushi and Yoshie Y. Yamada
Tomokiyo and Miye Yamada
Margaret Yamagami
Aster and Arthur Yamagata
Glenn and Audrey Yamaguchi
Kisao Yamaguchi
Toshiko Yamahiro
Aiko Yamamoto
Douglas and Betty Jo Yamamoto
Glen and Katsuko Yamamoto
Howard and Mitzie Yamamoto
Jean Yamamoto
Junko and Yoshio Yamamoto
Kay Yamamoto
Kuniko Yamamoto
Libia H. and Paul K. Yamamoto
Nancy and Shigeru Yamamoto
Stanley and Karen Yamamoto
Tak and Pat Yamamoto
Takao Yamamoto
Yoshio Yamamoto
Frankie Yamane
May Yamaoka
Masaru Yamasaki
Mizue Yamasaki
Suenobe and Shizuye Yamasaki
William and Sachiko Yamasaki
Christine Yamashiro
Jeanette Yamashiro
Arthur Yamashita
Brenda and Glenn Yamashita
Gary and Judy Yamashita
Irving Y. Yamashita
Karie Yamashita
May Yamashita
Sumika Yamashita
Yasuo and Shige Yamashita
Akiko Yamato
Warren Yamato
Norma and Sam Yamauchi
Shizuko Yamauchi
Dorothy Yanagi
Lance Yanagihara
Ellen Yano
P. A. Yano
Setsuko and Frank Yano
Yuko and Mary Yano
Yukio Yano
Diane and Glenn Yasuda
Jane T. Yasuda
Ken Yasuda
Miyako Yasuda
Louise Yasuda
Louise Yasuda-Ota
Valerie Yasukochi
Deborah and David Yatabe
Jon Yatabe
Kay Yatabe
Michael Yatabe
Motoki Yatabe
Helen Yawata
Yae Yedlosky
Paul and Gloria Yee
Eileen Yemoto
George Yin
Ronald and Charolotte Yip
Scott Yokoi
Clifford and Donna Yokomizo
James and Alice Yokomizo
Eddie Yokoyama
Teruko and Eddie Yokoyama
Elaine Yokoyama
Julie and Wallace Yokoyama
Kenneth Yonemura
Todd Yonemura, D.D.S.
Mariko and Isamu Yoneyama
James Yong
Fusae Yoshida
George Yoshida
Michael Yoshida
Noriko and George Yoshidome
Michael Yoshihara
Hannah Yoshii
Tadashi and Lily Yoshii
Janis and Donald Yoshikawa
Asako and Shigeto Yoshimine
Deborah Yoshimine
Haruno and Yoshito Yoshimura
George and Azusa Yoshioka
Robert and Susan Yoshioka
Tazuko and Toshi Yoshioka
Reiko Yoshisato
Kay Yoshiura
Tomiyo and Kent Yoshiwara
Tee Yoshiwara
Dennis and Grace Yotsuya
Peter and Margaret Yu
Abacus Products
Adachi Florist and Nursery
Azuma Foods International, Inc. USA
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Berkeley Bowl Produce
Berkeley Buddhist Church
Berkeley Chapter JACL
Berkeley Higashi Honganji
Berkeley Ophthalmology Medical Group
Berkeley Optometric Group
Berkeley Police Association
Buddhist Temple of Alameda
Buena Vista United Methodist Church
In Appreciation of Our Donors in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
J-Sei would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the many generous community donors who help us achieve our mission:
California Coastal Insurance
California Faculty Assn. Chico Chapter
California Faculty Association, LA
CFA Dominguez Hills Chapter
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift
Christian Layman Church
City of Berkeley
Community Health Charities
Costco Corporation Match
County of Alameda
Diablo Oriental Foods
East Bay Free Methodist Church
Eden Housing, Inc.
Eden Township JACL
Eden Township Japanese Community
The Feinstein Foundation
For Feet Sake Podiatry
Fremont KAC
Fujiya Cosmetics
Fukumae & Saman, LLC
Liberty Employee Donations
H & M Mechanical Group
Hayashida Architects Inc.
HKIT Architects
JACL Health Benefits Trust
Japan Pacific Resource Network
Japanese Cultural and Community
Center Northern CA
Jones Bothwell Dion & Thompson LLP
Junior YBA, Buddhist Temple of Alameda
K & S Company, Inc.
K. Sakai Company
Kaiser Permanente Community Giving
Kaiser Permanente Community Giving
Kamakura Restaurant
Kato, Feder and Suzuki, LLP
Kawahara Nursery, Inc.
Kaz Consulting, Inc.
Kimochi, Inc.
Kirala, Inc.
Kirin Law Group
Tri-Valley JACL
Kokoro Assisted Living
Kuwada Realty
Lake Park United Methodist Church
Law Office of Robert Sakai
Law Offices of Laurie Shigekuni
MacDonald (Country Joe's Country
Madison Street Press
Make Ready Maintenance (Santos)
McCutcheon Construction, Inc.
Midori Law Group, P.C.
Miki’s Paper
Minami Tamaki LLP
Miyuki Japanese Restaurant
Monterey Market
Morimoto Matano Kang Architects
Moriwaki, Imai & Fujita, Inc.
Mt. Eden Nursery Co., Inc.
Nakahara and Grisanti
Nikkei Lions Club of San Francisco
Ninomiya Nursery Company
Nisei Plastics
Nuezra, Inc.
Oakland Medical Group
Orinda Optometry Group
Oto Bailey Fukumoto & Mishima, Inc.
Pacific General Construction
PSM Architects, Inc.
Sakura Kai
Sakura of America
San Lorenzo Japanese Christian Church
Seiko's Place
Silver Dragon Restaurant
State Compensation Insurance Fund
State of California
Sunset View Cemetery Association
Sycamore Christian Preschool
Sycamore Congregational Church
T. Okamoto and Company
Tassajara Nursery
The Bernice M. Hemphill Charitable Trust
The Pasha Group
Thunen Family Foundation
Timpson Garcia, LLP
Tokyo Fish Market
UC Berkeley
Union Bank
United Methodist Women, Berkeley
Methodist United Church
Yas Automotive, Inc.
Yokohama Restaurant
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Minami Tamaki LLP
Buena Vista United Methodist ChurchAlameda
Ronald D. Fujie, C.P.A.
Bruce and Valerie Hironaka
Peter and Lynn Nakaso
Peggy Saika and Art Chen
George and Jo Takata
Wayne Takata and Wendy Adachi
Anonymous in honor of the Nisei
Ann Tamaki Dion and Paul Dion
Buddhist Church of Oakland
Joan and Paul Fujii
Lake Park United Methodist Church
Union Bank
San Lorenzo Japanese Christian Church
Glenn and Amy Shinsako
Berkeley Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Temple of Alameda
California Bank and Trust
Mark and Georgia Fujikawa
Fukumae & Saman, LLC
Matt and Sharon Morizono
Robert Nakaji
Nikkei Lions Club of San Francisco
Orinda Optometry Group - Drs. Kristine
Eng, Waylin Eng & Kelly Shintani
Osaki Creative Group
Ed Oshika and Marcia Kai-Kee
Law Offices of Robert Sakai
Sakura Kai Senior Center
Richard Sekiguchi
Kelly Shintani and James Yong
Arlene and Chris Swinderman
Mas Takano
Uesugi & Associates
Kay Yatabe, M.D.
Nichi Bei Weekly
Nikkei West
If we missed anyone, we apologize.
Please let us know of any corrections so
we can update our records. Thank you!
Consulate General of Japan
David Fujita & Dick Yamamoto/MIF
Insurance Agency
K & S Company, Inc. (Robert Sasaki)
Kokoro Assisted Living