SVR PCA member Josh Hawkins here I`m expecting delivery of my


SVR PCA member Josh Hawkins here I`m expecting delivery of my
SVR PCA member Josh Hawkins here
I'm expecting delivery of my new 997 in a few days
and wanted to see if any fellow members are interested in my beautiful 996.
1999 996 C4 - Guards Red
(Always a California car - began its life in San
Francisco as a new 911) 117,250 mi on chassis.
25K mi on engine/transmission.
*New Porsche factory Motor & New Transmission
installed at 91,960 miles by S-Car-Go in San
Rafael, Ca. (have receipt for $22,000)
*All maintenance and work prior to my ownership
was completed at S-Car-Go and Sonnen Porsche
(Mill Valley, Ca.) Records available.
I purchased the car 2 1/2 years ago w/ 105k miles on it (13k on motor/tranny). Since then, I have
maintained the car as any true enthusiast w/ OCD would. Maintenance and modifications that I
could not do myself were completed at IPB Autosport, Valley Motorwerks, & Niello Porsche in
Sacramento - All very reputable and competent shops.
Maintenance done by me:
Oil changes always completed every 3K miles or
after every autoX weekend - (Swepco) Engine oil
only - ALWAYS cut open the paper filter to check
for metal... never found any. Engine runs S-T-R-ON-G. Needless to say, there is quite a noticeable
difference in the power & responsiveness of a new
engine. Fellow 996 owners that have driven this car
seem to agree that the motor pulls VERY hard.
New air filter/MAF cleaned - 2 mos ago
New Poly-Rib belt - 3 mos ago
Coolant flush once a year (reservoir cap replaced w/ upgraded version)
Brake fluid swapped out w/ Motul RBF 600
CV Boots @ front axle - shortly after I purchased the car
New Battery - 2 mos ago.
Miscellaneous hoses, clamps & bushings as the need arose.
The car came equipped w/ the following:
- New motor and transmission
- Factory LSD option
- MKI Aero package - Taco wing (adjustable), side skirts, front bumper, rear bumper pieces
- New genuine Bosch Litronic HID headlights & LED tail lights
- Factory tow hook
- OEM Carbon Fiber bits: Steering wheel, Center console, radio bezel, door handle, storage
compartment, shifter, door sills - did have ebrake handle, but I broke it (may still be able to use it
though.) I purchased another leather one and notched it for cup car cable clearance.
- Amp w/ fan located in the trunk? - I guess the factory stereo wasn't that great? Sounds great
now, but I never heard it prior.
- Custom aero fabricated out of aluminum & airplane rivets - painted PPG flat black. Front
splitter was designed using the factory splitter as a baseline template. Side skirts to include entire
rocker panel and incorporated aero to match splitter and diffuser - side skirts are SOLID and
wrap under the car - amazing craftsmanship Diffuser spans wheel to wheel at the rear and blends
seamlessly w/ factory underbelly panels - to keep it nice and flat under there. Great time and
expense went into this labor of love.
- Fabspeed Exhaust - mufflers shaved slightly and re-welded to fit w/ rear diffuser. There was
enough diffuser clearance left for when the deep sump gets installed.
- DAS cage (powdercoated red) & Schroth 5-pt
harness (red) - driver & passenger - cage has some
dings and scrapes, but is otherwise in great condition.
- Recaro Pole Position seats (outstanding condition) Black leather & Alcantara - include brushed
aluminum Recaro end plates & Recaro sliders/rails.
- Sharkwerks Fire Extinguisher & mount - located in
front of passenger seat.
- Rennline Track Mats.
- Rennline Aluminum pedal set w/ rubber grips
(including dead pedal & red heel toe extensions).
- Black foam pad at rear deck - cut to fit w/ DAS cage - no back seats in the car.
- TPC X51 Clutch & lightweight flywheel - w/ new Guibo mod from an '84 BMW 318i (much
beefier). This set-up is one of my favorite mods on the car.
- IMS & RMS were inspected during installation of X51 clutch/flywheel - no leaks, no damage no RMS leaks or IMS symptoms during ownership.
- Rennline solid motor mounts.
- Numeric Racing Shifter (red - limited edition), Numeric shifter risers (black), Numeric Racing
Cup Car cables
- RUF PSS9 Coilovers w/ 70mm Torrington Bearings at the front (No "PSS9 clunk" on these
coilovers - they are smooth as butter).
- Tarrett front drop links
- H&R multi-adjustable sway bars (front & rear)
- Champion RG5's as daily drivers - centers done in gold.
18x8.5 & 18x10
- CCW Classic's as autoX wheels, but you could make
them your DD's if you so choose - completely re-done w/
polished lip and Chameleon painted centers. 18x9 & 18x11
- 5 mm hub-centric spacers
- new lugs
*Completely re-done at S-Car-Go
- Factory cross drilled rotors w/ Brembo Pckg.
- Super Blue pads
I briefly indulged the idea of trying to outfit the car w/ Turbo brakes, not because the stock ones
were inadequate, just because I go stir crazy unless I'm constantly doing something to improve
my car...its a disease, I know. Stock brakes are terrific.
ADDITIONAL ITEMS: (S-Car-Go & Sonnen Porsche)
- Both upper control arms replaced in 2008.
- Air mass sensor 996 606 123 00 replaced at 2007
- Water reservoir 996 106 147 56 replaced 2007
- Air Conditioning re-charged 2007 (still blows ice cold)
- Rubber air box 996 110 221 57 replaced 2008
- Air Mass Sensor 996 606 124 00 replaced 2008
- Oxygen Sensor 993 606 118 01 replaced 2008
- Oxygen sensor 993 606 128 01 replaced 2008
- Water temp sensor 996 606 405 01 replaced 2008
- Numerous other misc. hoses, clamps, etc. replaced 2007/2008
(records available).
- MKI side skirts (red)
- Third radiator (just the radiator) - never got around to installing it. You will need a few other
parts to complete the job if you wish to install it.
- LN Engineering deep sump oil pan kit - increases capacity by .5 Qt. (not installed on the car
- New oil filters (4 to 6 of them I believe).
- Extra oil filter cover.
- Oil filter removal tool.
- Extra air filter.
Probably some other parts that I'm forgetting.
This car has NEVER been on a road course during my ownership. I decided to focus on AutoX
the last 2 years. This car is very, very quick through the cones. I often bested the times posted by
996 GT3 and 997 GT3 owners, among other Porsches - probably b/c they were babying their
cars. The AWD in this car is fan-freakin-tastic. Never owned an AWD car until this one...I
absolutely fell in love with the grip. Turn off the PSC and the car COMES ALIVE!!! Please
leave the PSC on if you don't know how to "counter steer." I attended about 16 weekends with
the SCCA over the last 2 years, so that's about 32 days at 3 or 4 runs per day. Took the Division
Championship back to back the last two years...what an amazing car. The 911 never skipped a
beat, never threw an engine code, and never overheated. I've never owned a car that ran this
flawlessly and reliably...truly amazing.
The interior of the car definitely leans more toward racing function over luxurious creature
comforts, but I still have no problem cruising it around town. Factory seat belts are still installed
and the racing seats are wider at the base/seat and very comfortable. The exterior is in terrific
shape...not showroom perfect, but still plenty sexy. Rock chips at the front and miscellaneous
scuffs here and there. I've never had the car professionally detailed because it always looked
fantastic with a driveway wash & wax. No garage queen here...this car loves to be driven. I have
no doubt the new owner of this car will be very happy. PPI's welcome.
Asking Only $ 28,000
Contact Joshua Hawkins [email protected] or (916) 934 9222