PDF file for Reunion


PDF file for Reunion
Class of ‘89
20 years have just
gone bye-bye!
The weekend to save is July 24-26, 2009
• Friday will be a fun, informal rendezvous at a local club with a band
we are all familiar with! We’ll meet at the Highdive in Champaign
kicking off our reunion with the Brat Pack which is lead by one of our
own...Tom Grassman! Unfortunately, children will not be allowed.
• Saturday will be filled with casual entertainment. We’ll gather in the
evening at Jupiter’s II in Champaign where plenty of mingling, music,
and games will be done, and feel free to bring your kids!
• Sunday is being left unplanned so that those of you who would
rather visit with other friends, spend time with family, or need to get
back on the road can do so at your leisure.
We are excited about this decade’s reunion and sincerely hope you can
join us. Please let us know what your plans might be:
 Will attend the event
 Will attend the event with spouse/guest
 Unable to attend the reunion weekend
 Not for certain at this point in time
For those planning to attend, the fees for this reunion are $25.00 for
singles and $40 for couples. Please make check payable to UHS Class
of ‘89 and send it to:
UHS Reunion Committee
c/o Lisa Menees
606 Sycamore Dr.
St. Joseph, IL 61873
Please take a look at the attached list of our classmates that we are
unable to locate, and if you have any additional information on any of
them please send it our way.
Also, we have several weblinks that you can visit to get up-to-date
information, take a survey, communicate with the planning committee,
and more. Please use the online resources to give us your thoughts
and ideas. The web links are:
• http://urbanahighclassof89.blogspot.com
• www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group
• http://groups.myspace.com/uhs1989
Missing 1989 classmates
Kelly Aden
Wagar Ahmed
Darlene Alexander
Maryam Ar-Raheem
Jason Bivens
Tiffany Brown
Robert Carter
Thomas Chaney
Matthew Clay
Jeffrey Coleman
Jennifer Cross
Matthew Custar
Chadd Daniel
Jeramie Davis
Heather Dewar
Michael Eastman
Zandra Ellzey
Genevra Farber
Matthew Fischer
William Flowers
Brian Franklin
Towanda Frazier
Toya Frazier
April Friese (Stevens)
Scotty Garrett
Brook Garrison
Mitra Ghaboussi
Shawn Gibbs
Stephanie Gill
Shara Gingold
Christine Griffith
Susan Gumport
Peter Guyse
Alexis Gwin
Amy Hall
Marnette Hall
Christopher Halliday
Chris Hallowday
Karen Hammer
Tina Hancock
Brent Harmon
Charlene Haynes
James Hesser
Kenny Holmes
Jeannine Hudson
Lori Hummel
Caprice Hunt
Archie Jackson
Chris Jackson
Felecia Jackson
Yolanda Jackson
Dai Jinn
Shauna Johnson
Gary Jones
Tyla Jones
Debbie Katzenellenbogen
Shafiullah Khan
Ken Kirby
Scott Krutsinger
Troy Kyse
Jennifer Law
John Lee
Marcus LeShoure
Yu Liu
Markie Lockett
Kyong Lyons
Elaine Macklin
Felippe Macklin
Allen Mansfield
Tammy McClain
Westerly McClellan
Kelly McElhaney
Courgula Miller
Rachel Mills
Jonathan Monroe
Charles Mulrooney
Donald Murrell
Cuong Nguyen
Gwendolyn Nicholson
Vaseema Nooruddin
Abigail Orwick
Laura Osmond
Kathleen Parks
Keon Parsons
Zach Pettigrew
Christopher Plummer
Shannon Porter
Kimberly Prescott
Ella Pryor
Timothy Purcell
Aaron Rahn
Trenny Rhodes
Lynelle Robertson
Joe Robinson
Walterine Sabin
Patricia Sallee
Hongthiva Saymiknha
Edward Schaller
Jennifer Schwartz
Marsha Shuey
Charles Simpson
Kathy Smock
Shane Standifer
Teressa Starks
Kent Stewart
Rodney Sullivan
Kelly Tarter
Andy Taylor
Mark Thomas
Russell Thompson
Laura Tompkins
Shawna Vineyard
Stan Vlach
Lillie Walker
Beth Walsten
Ponika Webb
Scott White
Sherilyn Wilson
Darrell Woodall
If this mailer found its way to you with an out-dated address
that’s great, but we would greatly appreciate it if you could let
us know what your current address is so that we can update our
information. A follow-up mailer will be sent out closer to the date.
Thank you!
Committee Members: Michelle Scott, Lisa Menees, Aleta Gamble, Sara Jones, Eric Fincham,
Brian Deaville, Kelly Rockwell, Erica Bohn, Karyn Applegate