SATA piston pumps - a tough amount of performance
Reach your
aim even
SATA® spray mix™ and
airless systems for high surface
covering capacity and requirements
Pneumatic piston pumps for higher
SATA spray mix™ units - dolphin™ and shark™
Spray Mix - The combination of high material pressure and atomization pressure allows a soft, controlled spray fan. Fields of
application are everywhere where airless systems (mere material
feed without air atomization) may not be used due to higher surface quality requirements.
Principle Function:
The material is fed to the gun at a pressure of 50 - 80 bars and
preatomized inside the nozzle. Fine atomization is achieved by
the additional atomization air. This creates the soft, adjustable
spray fan with low overspray. The system is suitable for fine coating tasks with high surface covering capacity, for polygonal and
angular components as well as shaped or small objects.
The advantages at a glance:
• Perfectly suitable for large surfaces with high quality requirements
• Good surface quality with soft, adjustable spray fan
• Protects the environment due to VOC conformity:
material savings
• Profitable: saves air and time
• High performance, great versatility
• Low overspray, high surface covering capacity
• Stainless steel version - suitable for waterborne materials
• Flawless operation even with extreme heavy duty
permanent use
Atomization Method
spray mix
spray mix
14 : 1
32 : 1
Cabinet Makers
Furniture Industry
Machine and Vehicle Construction
Steel and Hall Construction
Steel Processing Industry
Liquid lacquers and paints (pigmented)
Textured Paints
Waterborne Materials
Rustproofing Materials
Thick Layer Glaze
Pump Ratio
Feeder volume per double stroke (ccm)
Fields of Application
Automatic or Manual Coating Units
 not suitable
SATA dolphin™ - spray mix™ unit
With a pump ratio of 14:1, the SATA dolphin offers sufficient performance for
profitable application of lacquers, paints and caustics.
Due to its excellent price / performance relation, it is perfectly suitable for
smaller fields of application (max. 1 paint spray gun).
SATA dolphin S 1420 - spray mix unit on stand with high pressure filter
Order # 97170
SATA dolphin M 1420 - spray mix unit on trolley with high pressure filter
Order # 97154
SATA shark™ - spray mix™ unit
For very high viscosity materials or for the use with 2 guns we recommend
the SATA shark. With its particularly versatile range of applications it provides
perfect results for almost every task.
SATA shark S 3227 - spray mix unit on stand with high pressure filter,
Order # 97188 (with 2 gun connections Order # 97782)
SATA shark W 3227 - spray mix unit (for wall mounting)
with high pressure filter,
Order # 97196 (with 2 gun connections Order # 97766)
SATA shark M 3227 - spray mix unit on trolley with high pressure filter,
Order # 97147 (with 2 gun connections Order # 97774)
 suitable
 very well suitable
surface covering capacity
Functional Scheme dolphin™ and shark™
Pressure regulator
for atomization air
Air feed to the
pump unit
Air motor
Round / flat spray
Air micrometer
Pressure regulator
for material pressure
(bei 14:1 = indication x 14
bei 32:1 = indication x 32)
Filling opening for
rinsing fluid
Air feed to
the gun
Material filter
Optionally available as
wall-mounted version or
on stand
Material feed to
the gun
Intake sieve
SATA spray mix™ - gun and hoses
SATAjet® K3™ spray mix™ - Air-assisted
airless gun for paint spraying
Ideal for top quality coating of large surfaces in the
metal and plastic industry as well as woodworking.
Versatile spray mix gun for combination with piston
pumps. Its compact and lightweight construction allows
pleasant work. The round / flat spray control ensures
a spray fan adapted to the object and, therefore, even
further reduced material consumption.
With its large range of material nozzles, the spray mix is
suitable for a large variety of objects. Furthermore, it is
convincing because of its low overspray and optimum
material exploitation.
SATAjet K3 spray mix gun
Order # 120006
(with reverse switch Order # 120014)
A coverage of suitable nozzles is available
upon request, or in the internet under
Also available as LP spray mix for automatic coating
systems Order # upon request
spray mix duo hose 7.5 m, Order # 97022
spray mix duo hose 15 m, Order # 97030
Nozzle cleaning kits for spray mix guns, for easy
and quick cleaning of guns without reverse switch,
Order # 30833
SATAjet® K3™ spray mix™ with reverse switch
• Rapid, facilitated cleaning in case of cloggings, by
simply turning the reverse switch by 180°
• Two nozzles integrated
in one key
• Different fan widths
allow optimum
adaptation of the spray
fan to the object
SATA® vision 2000
Supplied-air full face respirator set
which is independent from ambient
air, complete with activated charcoal
belt unit.
Order # 69500
SATA® Industrial Hood
With grey head/chest cloth for additional neck protection.
Order # 52670
SATA® Industrial Hood
With grey head cloth over hood and
shoulders for maximum health protection.
Order # 52803
Activated charcoal absorber
Belt unit for air-supplied SATA respirator systems with pad for enhanced wearing comfort.
Suitable for both hoods and breathing masks.
Order # 54015
SATA® air warmer
For adjustable warming of breathing air of air-supplied respirator
systems. Suitable for both hoods
and breathing masks.
Order # 61242
SATA® 0/444
Combi fine filter unit for 100 %
technically clean compressed air.
For perfect finishes as well as airsupplied respirator hoods in combination with activated charcoal belt
unit. Order # 92296
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