the Consultex IQ-161 Brochure


the Consultex IQ-161 Brochure
There has always been a need to humidify the
web during the production process. Whether
the need is to apply a solution to enhance the
properties of the web or simply add humidity, the question that is always asked is “how”?
There are many methods for applying low
viscosity liquors, however, few methods offer
complete uniformity and repeatability without
the mess. The patented Consultex IQ-161 Rotor Spray System for digital web presses represents a significant advancement in spray application technology. The IQ-161 offers complete
control of add-on quantities, total add-on
uniformity, ergonomic component access for
maintenance and web feed-through, stainless
steel construction and state-of-the-art Siemens
This technology allows liquids to be dispensed
through a single opening which eliminates
geometric constraints required of other spray
systems and the subsequent streaks.
In addition to addressing uniformity issues of
the past, the flexibility of the Consultex IQ-161
allows for maximum efficiency by having the
ability to adjust droplet size and spray widths.
Add-on quantities can now be altered during production process there by eliminating
the hassle and expense of shutting down the
production line to make an adjustment to the
amount of liquid applied.
The Consultex IQ-161 Spray System utilizes
a series of Rotors to centrifugally dispense
the liquor to the web. What differentiates the
Consultex technology from other spray technologies is its patented streak-free spray system. Approximately 10 years ago, in a quest to
develop a streak-free spray system, Consultex
engineers devised and patented the technology
behind what is today’s IQ-161.
• Frame & Components
Constructed with Quality
Stainless Steel
• Uniform Spray Application
• Easy Component Access
• Low & Easy Maintenance
due to Modular Design
The fully self-contained unit makes
line integration simple. Features such
as Filter Pressure Monitoring, Tank
Level Monitoring and Belt Monitoring are all part of the monitoring and
diagnostic system. Once the IQ-161 is
operational, all functions of the system
can be monitored remotely or at the
Please Contact Consultex Systems, Inc.
or your Consultex agent for a full explanation of the IQ-161 Spray Application System.
•Air Pressure for Pneumatically Operated Devices
Required Pressure: 4-6 bar (60-90 psi)
•Electrical Required Power Source
460 VAC/60Hz/3ph or
400 VAC/50Hz/3ph
•Substrate Width
4” to 197” (10 cm- 500cm)
•Stainless Steel 304
•Machine Dimensions
Upon Request
In 1974, the late Frederic Niemann created
Consultex, a company to primarily serve the
textile industry. When textile manufacturing
began declining in Europe and the US, Consultex sought to diversify its product line and
customer base. After years of development,
Consultex launched its “IQ” line of coating
equipment. The present day IQ operating principle offers applications for a variety of markets
that reach outside the boundaries of the textile
industry. Today, Consultex has IQ systems operational in the Textile, Non-Wovens, Tissue,
Plastic and Paper industries. Although Consultex provides standard application systems,
the in-house design team can quickly develop
and construct a custom application system specific to the customers needs.
Consultex Systems, Inc. is headquartered in
Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, where it
manufactures and tests all machines prior to
shipping to its customers worldwide. The reputation earned by Frederic Niemann as a company dedicated to providing quality equipment
and outstanding service continues to be honored today. Consultex invites you to visit its facility and run a trial with your product in order
to experience the difference first hand and see
why Consultex is the intelligent choice for your
spray application needs.
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