BIKE CARE - Ballistol


BIKE CARE - Ballistol
the new product line
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Ceramic Chain Oil
Chain Oil
Waterproofing Spray
Bicycle Cleaner
Teflon -Spray
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the new product line
Bike Care
BikeCer - Ceramic Chain Oil
• Developed especially to provide lubrication for extreme
requirements on the chain, cassette and gears
• Ideal for e-bike chains
• Brilliant protection against corrosion, waterresistant, highly penetrating and does
not form resin
• Dissolves old oil residues
• Spray: high dosing by
foaming during spraying
• Liquid: with metering
Bike-X-Lube - Chain Oil
• Lubricates chains, cassettes and gears
• Maintenance oil for the whole bike
• Best lubricating effects and even preserves it in
extremely wet and salty air
• Contains no waxes and does not stick or form resin
• Contact spray for electrical contacts (e-bikes)
• Slide-active, highly penetrating, repels water from
metal surfaces, gets beneath moisture and does
not stick or form resin
• Contains no waxes, silicone or PTFE
• Breathable coating
• Impregnates all textiles and suede (also leather,
natural and synthetic fabrics)
• Surrounds every fibre with an invisible, UV and
temperature-stable, breathable protective coating
• Dry dirt no longer sticks to the fibres; wet dirt is no
longer absorbed
• For all rain-, functional-,
outdoor- and sports wear,
sweater, membrane, campingequipment, shoes
and backpacks
BikeSilex - Silicone Spray
• Lubrication, protection and preservation
• Bicycle parts made of rubber, plastic and metal
• It adheres very strongly
• Its material compatibility with all components has
been tested
• For suspension forks, pistons, dampers and joints
• Protects against moisture
• Restores the natural appearance of plastic
• Prevents parts from drying out and becoming brittle
• Eliminates any squeaking and creaking sounds
BikeDryLube - Teflon® Spray
Erich Winkler recommends Bike Care
Results of Paralympics
2004 (Athens) - bronze medal
2008 (Peking) - 4th place
2012 (London) - 4th place
Biker-Wet-Protect - Waterproofing Spray
A sample of the other
results can be found at
• Durable and long-lasting dry lubricant
• Lubrication, prtection and preservation
• For sensitive bike parts (e.g. suspension fork,
damper tubes and retractable seat posts)
• Dirt and dust cannot stick to the areas that have
been treated
• The lubricating film offers a high degree of
smoothness, reducing static friction, sliding
friction and rolling friction
Art. Nr. 29316
BikeClean - Bicycle Cleaner
• Intensive foam cleaner for thorough
• For the entire bicycle, including chain
• Strongest soiling at places that are difficult to access
and new dirt adhesion is made more difficult
• Precise dosage from continuously adjustable
• High material compatibility (alu, chrome, carbon,
eloxadize parts and matte finishes)
• Biodegradable, silicone
and acid-free