fix-it-yourself bike stand 1693e, 624172


fix-it-yourself bike stand 1693e, 624172
1693E, 624172
Bike can be hanged
on the stand on this
specially designed
hangers, protected
with rubber.
Fix-it-yourself bicycle repair stand is used in public places:
along bike trails, bike parks, campsites, in front of hotels, city
centers and other tourist destinations, especially popular with
cyclists. Stands are equipped with tools for basic repair and a
bicycle floor pump with gauge. On the stand, you can find an
adjustable wrench, set of hex wrenches (2.5 – 10), PH and
flat screwdriver, cone wrenches sizes 13, 14, 15, 17 and set
of tire levers.
All tools are attached to a strong wire and
when not used, are neatly stored inside the
stand frame.
The stand must be bolted to the ground.
The bolts are not included.
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