Honda CB450 Restoration


Honda CB450 Restoration
Honda CB450 Restoration
When I began restoring my 1971 CB450 the VJMC
web site was picked up in my searches for parts.
ride. I had the fenders and headers triple chromed.
Originally the front tree bearings were shot, the
front rim was bent, the exhaust was shot, the left
cylinder had 50 pounds compression, the swing
arm bushings were toast etc, etc. When we rode
the bike for years we complained it was a real pig
and handled like a bathtub. Now, with the replaced
parts everywhere it is a totally different machine. It
loves high revs and turns a lot of heads up here.
My brother and then me have owned the bike for
20 years. It was in pretty bad shape and sat for 8
years before I tackled it's re-birth. We had no snow
to speak of here last winter so my sledding was very
limited. I needed a project so I pulled the bike out of
storage. I photographed every stage of the restore. I
stripped the frame and motor completely and took an
inventory of what I needed. I replaced pistons, cams,
rockers and seals, hand polished all metal (including
about 500 nuts and bolts). With the help of folks all
around the US I picked up most parts through eBay.
I replaced the parts with original Honda equipment.
I even got a few small things from Honda still.
It is staying in my family but does anyone have
any idea what it might be worth? You can contact
me at [email protected]
I've put 1000 miles on it this month and it is a joy to
Written by: Droughn Zavitski
Below you can see some photos of the restoration in
Ready for the engine
Taking Inventory
Time to mate the parts
First Coat of lacquer and the top end done
Almost there
Fork tree added
Wiring harness Added and the forks done
Engine and frame done
Written by: Droughn Zavitski
Written by: Droughn Zavitski
Written by: Droughn Zavitski

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