Botique Fungus Pharm RTU 35oz 8-12-06.cdr


Botique Fungus Pharm RTU 35oz 8-12-06.cdr
For Best Results: SRAY AT DUSK this
lengthens drying time and treatment.
Thoroughly water plants in the A.M. At dusk
spray a fine even mist on the stems, leaves
top and bottom and in case of trees, the entire
trunk where eggs are wintering over. Please test
on seedlings before full application. Please do
not over spray, do not spray to drip. There
should not be a soapy residue on the leaves.
For Regular Maintenance: Mix 8 parts
water to 1 part concentrate spraying every
7-10 days. Infestations: Mix 4 parts water to
1 part concentrate and spray weekly until pest
pressure is eliminated. For Scale: Remove
affected leaves first then spray an even mist on
well-watered plants. Applications during mid-day
or high temperatures may cause leaf burn or
leaf fall, neither of which should harm the plant.
Pharm Solutions products are safe,
bio-degradable, and will not harm beneficials
should they land on treated plants. Do not use
within 30 days of a sulfur application.
Avoid wood siding.
One Half Gallon
For Outdoor Use Only
No animal testing.
No animal by products.
Made in the USA
This product contains no
alcohol or anti-microbials