July-August Special Edition - Paso Robles Republican Women



July-August Special Edition - Paso Robles Republican Women
July/August 2015 – Volume 21, Issue 7
[email protected]
President: Sue Evans, 805-434-1990
Membership: Elizabeth Van Note, 805-712-5426
Editor: Peggy Strickland, 805-434-5125
24th Congressional District
17th State Senatorial District
35th Assembly District
President’s Message, Sue Evans
Big thanks to Peggy Strickland for creating this
Special Edition Roundup during our “dark” months
of July and August. Of course, this year we are far
from being “dark” as many awesome club members
have been busy preparing and participating in Templeton’s Independence Day Parade as well as putting the final efforts in for Celebrate America.
I did not realize when I picked up the gavel in January what an exceptional year it was going to be for
PRRWF. When the Ways and Means Committee
met in February and decided to reach out to the
community and put PRRWF ‘on the map’ so to
speak by hosting a big event, Teresa Sullenger, 3rd
Vice President, welcomed the challenge. Soon Sue
Rodeck, who already had a big job as Secretary,
agreed to co-Chair the event with Teresa, and the
Committee was off and running to create a very
special evening to honor the US Military. Committee members Linda Sanchez, Donna Jordan,
Adrienne Hawkinson, and Martha James have
worked diligently alongside Teresa and Sue since
the beginning. Bobbi Stelzle, Peggy Strickland,
and Nancy Belletto have been pitching in during
the last several weeks as have many other club
members. Undying thanks go to all who have been
selling tickets, soliciting and acquiring donors and
sponsors, becoming sponsors, soliciting and donating silent auction items, providing entertainment,
offering to volunteer August 8th, and on and on. It
has been and continues to be an amazing group
effort, the likes of which I have never seen. What a
night it will be!
This being our Club’s first undertaking of this magnitude, there have been several “issues” along the
way, sending the Executive Officers to CFRW officials and the California ABC for answers to be sure
we are conforming to Federation, CFTB, ABC and
IRS rules. Denise Surber, Treasurer, and Sue
Rodeck have been keeping us ‘legal’ and properly
What do we expect August 8th to be? Lighthearted
FUN throughout the evening sprinkled with moments of patriotism and appreciation of the US
Military. Please do your part by inviting friends and
family, even Democrats, to share in the evening!
While naturally Republicans will make up the majority of the crowd, anyone of any political stance
who loves our country and respects the US Military
will have a great time at Celebrate America.
See you August 8th
June 15th Meeting Recap – Roseann Slonsky-Breault
Our CFRW President, Roseann Slonsky-Breault, never disappoints us. We had several opportunities to have
good visits and conversations with Roseann during her stay and her message at our meeting on Monday was
upbeat and inspiring as always. We had a large turnout with attendees from our sister clubs, So. Monterey
County, Estero Bay, San Luis Obispo and Santa Lucia. We are always happy to have you join us. Thanks to
Linda Sanchez for hosting Roseann at her beautiful home and hosting the Board for a wine and appetizer get
together on Sunday afternoon.
Our good friends from King City
Lovely Ladies from Morro Bay
Roseann Sue Evans Phyllis Stout
Gwen Pelfrey, Templeton Community Services District
and Barbara Harmon, Arroyo Grande City Council
Our beautiful greeters at the check-in desk
Kate Morgans and Nancy Belletto
September Meeting – Sept. 21, 2015
Our speaker will be Delores Chavez-Harmes
who will speak about the outreach effort made to
teach minorities the truth about conservatives
and dispel long held beliefs about the Republican
More about the Sept. 21st meeting and her bio in
the September issue of the Roundup.
Delores Chavez-Harmes
Donna Jordan, Social Media Chairman
Keep up daily with all that is happening in Paso
Robles Republican Women! Like us, follow us, and
invite all your friends to also Like us on Facebook!
Thank you to all our members who participated by
walking in the parade and decorating the truck,
Mullahey Dodge for loaning us the beautiful new
red truck and our driver Kevin for the day, Vintage
Storehouse for underwriting the flags and Estrella
Warbirds Museum for loaning us the military flags.
Community Outreach
Karen Rowley, Chairman
Adopt a Street: City Hall/Library Cleanup
A big THANK YOU!! to our cleanup crew of volunteers for June. They were Donna Jordon, Diane
Oehlke, Anita Brooks, Linda Sanchez, Karen Rowley, Donna Jones & Dawn Merzon. What a great
looking group we were in our new PRRWF aprons.
Parade Crew
Dawn Merzon as Betsy Ross
Sue R,Shirley,Donna,Sue E,Linda,Karen R,Karen P.
Taking the photo, Judy Avery
Templeton Independence Day Parade
On Saturday the 4th we participated in the Templeton Parade. The theme of this year’s parade was
“Old Glory Long May it Wave”. Dawn Merzon
dressed up as Betsy Ross and was sewing a vintage
replica of the flag. Sue Evans and Shirley Heim carried our club banner in front. Donna Jordon, Sue
Rodeck, Judy Avery, Karen Plummer, Linda
Sanchez and Karen Rowley handed out 900 American Flags to the children along the parade route.
Shirley Heim and Sue Evans carry our PRRWF banner
Dawn Merzon as Betsy Ross
It’s Mid-State Fair time again! Paso
Robles Republican Women will be manning the
Republican Booth on Saturday, July 25th and
Thursday, July 30th. We still need two people to
cover the 8-12 shift on Saturday, the 25th. If you can
help, please call Sue Evans at 434-1990 or email her
at [email protected] The Club provides your entry
tickets to the fair. You will be surprised how much
fun it is to represent Republicans, PRRWF, and register new voters at our wonderful booth. Even if you
can’t work but are at the fair on one of those days,
please stop by and say hello to your fellow club
Caring for America
Dawn Merzon, Chairman
Shirley Heim with Uncle Sam
At our September meeting we will be collecting
new pajamas for children from age 1 up to 16 years
of age and also for women small to extra large.
These will be given to RISE for residents who need
a safe place to stay and also need a new pair of pj’s
to wear and keep. We hope that everyone in the
club can contribute at least one pair.
We will continue collecting food products for
Loaves & Fishes as the food stays up here in North
“Some have forgotten why we have a military. It’s
not to promote war. It’s to be prepared for peace.”
Ronald Reagan
Ways and Means
Teresa Sullenger, 3rd Vice President/Chairman
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the
only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead
It is astonishing how much has been accomplished since the first of the year when our 2015 fundraiser
“Celebrate America” was just an idea. That idea became a reality with the help of so many of our members who
are volunteering their time to make our August 8th event a wonderful success.
It’s time to stop and thank everyone who has, and continues to, participate in the planning, development and
implementation of the enormous amount of work that goes into such a special fundraiser.
Thank you not only to our Executive Board of Directors but especially to our outstanding committee members
(the heart and soul of this event) who continue to work non-stop on ticket sales, coordinating, decorations,
securing silent auction items and entertainment: Linda Sanchez, Adrienne Hawkinson, Karen Plummer, Donna
Jordan, Martha James, Peggy Strickland, Bobbi Stelzle and Sue Evans…you are our shining stars!
A committee is only as successful as its volunteers so each of us want to extend a most special thank you to
those who are working by our side: Paso Club Members Nancy Belletto, Anita Brooks, Shirley Butler, Lynn
Gamble, Jenna Jordan, Dawn Merzon, Karen Rowley, Linda Gilbert, Associate Members Dave Evans, Joe
Plummer and Jim Heggerty as well as Atascadero Club Member, Edie Knight and Estero Bay Club President
Sandy Tannler.
Now that we’re so close to “E-Day” (Event Day), our volunteer needs have increased. We are asking for your
help on the day of the event in the following areas: Registration/Check-in Table (2 more needed) and the Information/Vendor/Gun Raffle Table (3 more needed). One of the most important areas we need your help
with is Traffic Control/Parking (we’re looking for at least 13 more volunteers one of which who will
coordinate this task). Please volunteer your time and/or help secure volunteers for these very important
assignments by contacting Teresa Sullenger (661-900-3635) or Sue Rodeck (805-878-3575).
Submitted by Teresa Sullenger and Sue Rodeck, “Celebrate America” Co-Chairs
Your help is greatly needed in the following areas:
Please call or email Sue Rodeck or Teresa Sullenger to sign up or with any questions.
Teresa: 661.900.3635 Sue: 805.878.3575
Registration/check in table
- Check names off list
- Wristband guests
- Hand out wine glass
- (includes 3 complimentary wine taste tickets
4:30 – 6:00
1. Karen Plummer
2. Joe Plummer
3. Susie Apkarian
4. Tom Apkarian
5. Shirley Heim
6. Whilma Holcombe
6:00 – 7:30
Beer and Wine Ticket Sales
Sell guests tickets for beer/wine
One ticket = $5
4:30 – 6:00
1. George Poalis
2. Donna Jordan
3. Linda Gilbert
6:30 – 7:30
6:00 – 7:30
1. Judy Avery
2. Patti Tringham
7:30 – 8:30
Traffic Control
Set up parking signs
Direct traffic, assist with parking
2 entrance l motion l to park 1 in lane = 5
- Drive golf cart for guests needing help.
- Direct traffic at event conclusion
- Shut main gate as needed
- Open main gate as needed
(vests, flashlights and walkie/talkies provided)
We are looking for a gentleman to coordinate this!
Any takers?!
4:30 to 5:30
1. Ragan Avery
HOPEFUL: Scott Stelzle
8:30 to 9:30
4:30 to 6:30
1. Tom Tringham
5:00 – 5:30
5:30 – 6:00
6:00 – 6:30
7:00 – 7:30
7:30 – 8:00
8:00 – 8:30
8:30 – 9:00
Sue Rodeck
Information/Vendor Table (one person per shift)
One volunteer per hour to sit at the table to help with Voter
Registration, Membership, answer questions, etc. Help
check in guests arriving late but that should be minimal.
5:00 – 6:00
6:00 – 7:00
7:00 – 8:00
8:00 – 9:00
Elizabeth Van Note
Gun Raffle Table
Ask Adrienne how she wants to handle the table.
Walking around Selling Tickets
Sue Evans
Teresa Sullenger
At the Table
Adrienne Hawkinson
Tom Jermin (maybe)
Maintenance (one person per shift)
Take a shift of 30 minutes to walk around facility and
museums, check bathrooms, etc.
Could the info table and raffle table be the same?
Two people who will be willing to help run errands,
pick up ice, etc. You’d want an SUV or a van?
Dave Evans
Teresa Sullenger
Sullenger Family
Friday, August 7
9 to noon
1. Dave Evans
2. Richard Sullenger
Saturday, August 8
9 to noon
1. Dave Evans
2. Sue Rodeck
Friday, August 7
9 to noonish
Saturday, August 8
9 to noonish
A list of errands will be made available to you in advance…
as much as possible! Things will come up while we’re at the
hangar. And pitch in at the venue if there are no errands.
Venue Set Up and Clean Up
Set Up
Tear Down
Physical labor
Decorating* (Chair: Bobbi StelzleSilent Auction
Marjorie Hamon
Carol Linthacum
Sunday, August 9
10 to noon
“USO” is a registered trademark of the United Service Organizations, Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports
America’s troops and their families. This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the USO and proceeds from ticket
sales will not benefit USO. If you wish to donate to the USO and support the troops, please visit their website at
Singer & Entertainer Art Emr
Royal Garden Swing Orchestra
Linda and Bob Elmerick $2,500
Mullahey Chrysler Dodge $500
Framework $500
Hamon Overhead Doors $250
Katcho Achadjian $250
Plummer Vineyard $250
Park Cinema Paso Robles $250
Aaron Vest $300
Bella Luna Winery, Templeton Road
Clavo Cellars, downtown Templeton tasting room
Donati Vineyard, Templeton, owner Traci Donati, PRRWF member
Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, Avila Beach
Mitchella Vineyard, Paso Robles, owner Angela Mitchell, PRRWF member
Pear Valley Vineyard, Paso Robles
Venteux Vineyards, Templeton, owner Bobbi Stelzle, PRRWF member
BarrelHouse Brewing Co., Paso Robles
“Sunny Daze” & “Saison” Brews
Iger Studio
Melissa Jean Photography Company
Francesca’s Fotografia
Rick Evans Photography
More Great Donations
Mary Ferdinandi Smith of “Sweet Mary’s” – Desserts
Pismo Limo (service for our honored WWII women veterans)
Dave Evans, Assoc., new Weatherby .270 gauge Rifle to raffle
The Blueprinter and Graphics 50% off on all work
Jelly Belly, (red, white and blue) Jelly Beans
Donna Jordan, candle décor
AmeriPride, Table Linens
Sassy June LLC, Centerpieces
Blake’s Hardware, Fans & other equipment
Atascadero Grocery Outlet, bottled water
Barbie Butz, 1000 Packets of M&M’s
Silent Auction Items
Two mint condition, newly framed, signed and numbered prints by Beverly Doolittle, camouflage artist
‘Prayer for the Wild Things’ & ‘Two More Indian Horses’ donated by Dawn & Jim Merzon
Overnight stay for four plus wine, cheese and gourmet breakfast foods in Venteux Vineyard’s new luxury
Winemaker Loft & Bombshell Studio
‘God Bless America & Cupcakes’ – original painting by Leslie Nielson
6-Bottle Syrah Vertical – (2004-2009) – Thacher Winery
1-hour Sightseeing Flight for 4 in Private Plane – John & Marjorie Hamon
Tobin James Winery Gift Certificate
Wine – Rabbit Ridge Winery
Wine – Pear Valley Vineyard
2 rounds of Golf with Cart – Hunter Ranch Golf Course
2 rounds of Golf with Cart – Paso Robles Golf Club
$100 CAbi Gift Certificate – Diane Ward
Bodegas Winery Paso Robles – Bottle of Wine, Private Tasting, Appetizers for 6
Interior Redesign Service – Teresa Sullenger
$50 Gift Certificate, Joseph Antone Salon, Paso Robles – Danielle Hall
Organizing Makeover (value $500) – Julie Sullenger
Our thanks to Dave Evans for donating this new,
Weatherby Vanguard Sporter .270 Winchester
Caliber Rifle (value $849) for raffle the evening of
August 8th at Celebrate America. Winner does not
have to be present to win.
Winner must comply with all California State laws
to register and own a firearm. Winner must pass a
background check and is responsible for registration
fees which are under $50.
For more information or tickets:
Adrienne Hawkinson (805) 461-1020 or
Sue Evans (805) 434-1990
Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber is the mascot for the
Gooney Bird Group’s Douglas C47B. The Douglas
C47 played a significant humanitarian role post
WWII by delivering supplies to Western Allies
blocked by the Soviet Union. Sherman Smoot will
be the pilot of Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber. He has
flown and raced various other Warbirds and has 50
years of aviating under his belt. A native of North
SLO County, he retired from Continental in 2005
after 28 years, 24 of those in international operations.
Government regulations do not allow us to pre-sell
tickets to fly on Betsy’s Biscuit Bomber. However,
Gooney Bird Group, owners of this famous aircraft,
will have her fueled ready to go. Fuel costs approximately $1,400 per hour to fly the C47, and the aircraft can take 14 passengers. During the event, 14
lucky people will have the opportunity to “join” the
Gooney Bird Group for the evening, donate to them,
and climb aboard to take a breathtaking flight. All
donations (cash or check) will go directly to
Gooney Bird Group to help keep historic and
vintage Warbirds in tip-top condition and flying.
Memoirs of Two Brave WWII Soldiers….my Father and his Brother
By Shirley Butler, PRRWF Website Manager
My father, Harold Williams, was born in Canada in August of 1922 and had an older brother, Richard, born in March of 1921. Being
close in age, the brothers were somewhat competitive and as a result, did not get along too well. For example, Harold, my father, had
skipped two years of school and graduated the year before his older brother. Richard, on the other hand, was a star baseball and football athlete in school who became an up and coming pitcher in the Wisconsin Appleton team (minor leagues). The brothers both enlisted in the military during war; Richard in the US Army and my dad in the US Marines.
They obviously served in different areas but both in the South Pacific. In October of 1944, not having seen each other in a couple of
years, my father heard that his brother was on one of the Admiralty Islands. He hitched a ride on a plane bound in that direction and
surprised his brother with a visit. They only had a few hours together but the visit was covered by a national magazine and a military
newspaper. According to diaries from them both, they were able to mend their cracked relationship. This was a blessing as my Uncle
Richard was killed in action the following February, earning the Silver Star. He was a radio operator and had been wounded earlier in
the day but when their unit came under fire, he was killed shielding the radio and getting it out of the line of fire.
My father later left the Marines and enlisted in the US Army, serving in the Korean and Vietnam wars. With thousands of others, he
was involved in the Tet Offensive, being stationed with the Montagnards in Pleiku.
As an interesting note, my uncle had left a widow and son three years old. For whatever reason, he and his mother were separated
from the rest of the family after the war. When my parents died I found paperwork on my uncle which spurred me to join Ancestry.com to find my cousin – not as easy as it sounds. Our family name is Williams and my cousin’s mother’s family name was Smith.
To my delight, finally this past year, I was able to locate my cousin in Florida. It was my privilege to be able to turn over to him the
United States flag that was draped over his coffin in the Philippines and to fill in some holes in his family history.
Harold A. Williams
Sgt US Marines, WWII
Sgt thru LtCol US Army AG
Korea thru Vietnam
Richard L. Williams, Obituary
Death in Manila,
Gains Silver Star
“Supreme loyalty to duty” in the
bitter battle for Manila merited the
posthumous award of the Silver
Star for T/5 Richard L. Williams,
23, who was killed February 21.
A dispatch from 1st cavalry division headquarters on Luxen
stated that T/5 Williams was on
Richard L. Williams
TSgt, Radio Operator US Army
Killed Feb of 45 in Philippines
duty as a radio operator despite
thigh wounds received earlier in
the day, when Jap machine gunners entered a building across the
street and began firing at his observation post. Williams was
killed while crawling to safety after pushing the radio out of the
line of fire. He had been wounded
when he met 10 Japs while going
down the stairs to obtain extra batteries and turned to warn the men
in the observation post on the third
His wife is the former Mary Smith,
who with her son, Theodore Allen,
lives at 102 Bowne St. His parents
are Mr. & Mrs. John L. Williams.
Caroline Dillard, Chairman
Sue Rodeck, Chairman
If you know of any member who needs a get well
card or a note of sympathy, please notify Sue
Rodeck by email, [email protected] or
Phone, 805-878-3575.
Please keep Caroline in your thoughts and prayers
as she undergoes continued chemotherapy in her
valiant battle to defeat her cancer.
Mid-State Fair Republican Booth – PRRWF July 25th & 30th
PRRWF ‘Celebrate America’ Gala, Aug 8, 2015
NFRW Biennial Convention, Sept 10-13, Phoenix, AZ
CFRW Biennial Convention, Oct 23-25, Irvine, CA
The Paso Robles Republican Women are proud members of the PRCC
Local Republican Women Federated Meetings
Estero Bay RWF, 3rd Thursday @ Inn at Morro Bay, Gayle Bickford, 805-772-2841
San Luis Obispo RWF, 3rd Wednesday @ Madonna Inn, Dolores Jackson, [email protected]
Santa Lucia RWF, 4th Monday @ Hilton Garden Inn, Jeannie Nix, 805-773-4168, [email protected]
Atascadero RWF, 4th Tuesday @ Elks Lodge, Susie Anderson, 805-674-1677, [email protected]
2015 Officers
President: Sue Evans, [email protected], 805-434-1990
1st Vice President - Programs: Martha James, [email protected], 805-402-4719
2nd Vice President - Membership: Elizabeth Van Note, [email protected], 805-712-5426
3rd Vice President – Ways & Means: Teresa Sullenger, [email protected], 661-900-3635
Secretary: Sue Rodeck, [email protected], 805-878-3575
Treasurer: Denise Surber, [email protected], 805-238-3150
Paso Robles Republican Women Federation
I am a registered Republican and I would like to __renew__ join as a
___Regular Member
___Associate Member
Phone_____________Email________________Referred by_________________________
Please indicate your interest: __Voter Registration__Membership__Fund Raising__Other
Annual dues are $30.00 for a Regular Member and $10.00 for an Associate Member.
Mail your application along with a check to: PRRWF, P. O. Box 1856, Paso Robles, CA 9344
Your Republican Roundup has arrived!
Paso Robles Republican Women Federated
P. O. Box 1856
Paso Robles, CA 93447
Legislative Contacts:
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
P: 202.456.1414 F: 202.456.2461
[email protected]
US Rep. Lois Capps
24th Congressional District
2231 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515
P: 202-225-3601 F: 202-225-5632
US Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Gov. Jerry Brown
331 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington D.C. 20510-0504
P: 202.224.3841 F: 202-228-3954
[email protected]
State Capitol Bldg.
Sacramento, CA 95814
P: 916-445-2841; F: 916-445-4633
[email protected]
US Sen. Barbara Boxer
Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian
35th District
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington D.C. 20510-0505
P: 202.224.3553; F: 202-228-1338
[email protected]
1150 Osos Street, Suite 207
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
P: 805.549.3381, F: 805.549.3400
US Rep. Kevin McCarthy
22nd Congressional District
1523 Longworth Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515
P: 202.225.2915, F: 202.225.2915
Senator Bill Monning (D)
17th District
605 Santa Rosa Street, Suite B
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
P: 805.549.3784, F: 805.549.3779
[email protected]
Board of Supervisors County Gov.
Center, Rm 370
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
Frank R. Mecham, Dist. 1
[email protected]
Bruce S. Gibson, Dist. 2
Adam Hill, Dist. 3
Lynn Compton, Dist. 4
Debbie Arnold, Dist. 5
Paso Robles City Council
1000 Spring Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Steve Martin, Mayor
296-2487; [email protected]
John Hamon,
227-7215; [email protected]
Steve Gregory;
[email protected]
Jim Reed;
[email protected]
Fred Strong,
227-7213; [email protected]

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