Luxe Design.


Luxe Design.
Luxe Design. The look: Paris by way of SoHo. Eve
Mauldin and Dale Collins opened this loft-like space
that on one side houses R&Y Augosti handbags and
shawls, Christian Tortu candles, Murano glass and
Jan Barboglio desiged iron chairs, and on the other
side, a highly stylized salon run by Collins. In the back
is a small European style spa whose aesthetician
uses French made products from Guinot. Mauldin is
a Neiman Marcus alum who honed her buying skills
at Translations before joining Collins, who already
had a loyal clientele in Plano. Mid-century touches
such as a 1960s era George Nelson reception desk,
an oversized fiberglass screen salvaged from an old
movie theater in Dallas(which Collins and mauldin
scrubbed down for days to get rid of the popcorn
smell) and vintage chrome barber chairs give Luxe
Design some spunk to go with the sophistication.
Luxe Design, 4017 Preston Road, Suite 525, Plano,