Guide to Giving



Guide to Giving
Each year, thousands of Mount St. Mary’s College students benefit directly from the generosity
of alumnae, parents, friends, faculty, staff, corporations and foundations. A gift to the Mount is
an important way to show you believe in the continuing mission of Mount St. Mary’s College.
Thank you for your support!
Gifts in the form of cash, credit cards and checks are accepted regardless of amount. Make an
online credit card gift now at or call (213) 477-2500. All checks should
be made payable to Mount St. Mary’s College.
Send checks to:
Institutional Advancement
Doheny Campus
10 Chester Place
Los Angeles, CA 90007
BENEFIT TO DONOR: Qualifies for a charitable tax deduction. If purchasing tickets to an event
where services or goods have been provided, a receipt is provided giving the deductible amount.
Many employers will often match charitable gifts made by their employees or their employees’
spouses. Some even match gifts for their retirees. A few employers will double or even triple
your gift! Different employers have different procedures. Usually, you can pick up a matching
gift request form from your HR department, fill out your information, and send it to us when you
make your donation. We will fill out our portion of the form and send it to the employer for
processing. Contact your Human Resources department for complete details.
Like you, most companies already donate a portion of their income to charitable organizations,
both for the tax benefits they receive and to help the causes they believe in. Matching Gifts
programs are an easy way to maximize the benefit of your generous donation to Mount St.
Mary’s College
Securities that are traded on the New York or American Stock Exchanges, NASDAQ, and other
publicly traded securities are accepted. Securities are sold immediately and the donor is provided
with a receipt giving the amount of the proceeds from the sale. To obtain a stock transfer form,
please visit our website at and download it from the How to Give page,
or call (213) 477-2500 to have one mailed to you.
BENEFIT TO DONOR: Gifting long term securities may yield a greater tax advantage than giving
cash. Capital gains tax is avoided on profitable sales.
Non-publicly traded securities may only be accepted after approval by the Institutional
Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees. In some cases, a qualified appraisal may be
BENEFIT TO DONOR:: Charitable tax deduction. Capital gains tax is avoided on profitable sales.
Administered by Riteway Charity Services, this is one of the country’s most successful and
reliable vehicle donation services. Whether or not your vehicle is operational, Riteway will
handle all arrangements, including transfers of title and any required DMV paperwork. Their
expert staff will get the best possible prices for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor
vehicles in order to maximize income to the College. There is no cost to you or to the Mount.
Riteway deducts their reasonable fees from the proceeds of the sale. To donate your car to
Mount St. Mary’s College, contact Riteway at (888) 250-4490.
BENEFIT TO DONOR: It only takes a quick phone call... Within days, you can turn your
unwanted vehicle into a tax deduction while making a generous donation to Mount St. Mary’s
No gift of real estate can be accepted without prior approval of the Institutional Advancement
Committee of the Board of Trustees. A qualified appraisal is required, in keeping with IRS rules.
BENEFIT TO DONOR: Charitable tax deduction. Capital gains tax is avoided. Certain tax-wise
arrangements allow you to live in the gifted property for life.
Non-cash gifts of tangible or intangible property are generally known as gifts in kind. Gifts of
jewelry, art objects, antiques, collections and other personal property may only be accepted with
the approval of the Institutional Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees. IRS rules
require an appraisal and determination of the gift’s relationship to Mount St. Mary’s tax-exempt
purpose. The appraisal is obtained and paid for by the donor. If the gift cannot be used for a
purpose related to the College’s tax-exempt function, the donor may only deduct the cost basis of
the gift for income tax purposes.
BENEFIT TO DONOR: In general, a donor who contributes property can take a tax deduction of
the fair market value of the property at the time of the contribution. There are many exceptions
to this statement. It is not the College's responsibility to provide tax advice to donors or to place
a value on donated property. Gifts of services are not tax deductible. Donated items that are to
be used in auctions may not be recorded until they are sold. If an item is accompanied by a
certified appraisal furnished by the donor, a gift amount and deductible amount will be recorded
per appraised value. If an item is accompanied by the original receipt for purchase of property,
i.e., auction items, payment of catering costs, etc., that amount will be recorded as the gift
If you’re ready to give a gift but not sure which option is best for you, visit our website at,edu and click on GIVING TO THE MOUNT or call (213) 477-2500 and speak to an
Institutional Advancement team member who can answer your questions.

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