example pages - Tierschutz macht Schule


example pages - Tierschutz macht Schule
Hello! My name is
I will tell you
what we animals want!
Wow, that's fun! Do you like to be together with your friends?
We animals also need friends!
Bunny Moppel wants to be with Hoppel.
Budgie Piepsi wants to be with Fiepsi.
Guinea pig Billy wants to be with Willy.
Fish Fluppi wants to be with Floppi.
This is why guinea pigs, bunnies, fish and budgies want to live together with
at least one or more friends.
Can you help them?
Mark the correct paths with colored pencils!
Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz!
Imagine you want to sleep and I tickle you. This is not funny!
Are you nervous like a fly?
This is how you will become calm
and strong like a bear: color
these pictures.
Please don't disturb us animals while we sleep sometimes even during the day we dream something exciting!

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