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Artist: Sage Caswell
Title: Sleep Quarters EP
Label: Spring Theory
Cat: ST005
Release: 20 August 2015
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Spring Theory's fifth release comes courtesy of LA-based producer Sage Caswell, whose unique approach to dance
music evokes the paradoxically rushed-yet-laidback duality of his hometown. Sleep Quarters EP follows in these
dualistic footsteps; it's a four-track release equally split between music for the dancefloor and music for dreaming.
The a-side begins with "Sleep Quarters", a haze of drifting chords that, despite its name, suits club play via jagged
drums that beat through the mix. That current is continued by "Paper USB", which brings the bang with a little
more heft and sizzle beneath its maze-like whirl of mechanical chimes.
While the first two tracks strive to balance ambience and dancefloor appeal, the b-side is a total departure into
ambient space. "Shiny Dog" introduces this new direction with a sublimely immersive wall of sound that builds and
dissolves into rippling waves of delay.
They say that good things come to those who wait, and that's certainly the case with "For Runner”. The most
daring cut of the bunch, it closes things on a high note with a beautifully beatless sonic impression of a locked-in
narcotic infinity. We'd continue to describe it in words, but, like the rest of the EP, it really needs to be heard to be
Artwork by Lucas McMahon -
Sleep Quarters
Paper USB
Shiny Dog
For Runner
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