NASAL-AIRE® II Dare to Dream


NASAL-AIRE® II Dare to Dream
having the energy to play with
your number one fan after a long
day at the office... compliments
of a good nights sleep!
NASAL-AIRE® II Dare to Dream
Imagine a CPAP mask that allows you to sleep the whole night through and wake up
feeling refreshed in the morning! The Nasal-Aire II is designed to maximize comfort
while eliminating pressure points, leaks and bulky headgear, helping to ensure a good
nights sleep.
Call 866-246-6990 or visit today and learn how the
Nasal-Aire II can help your sleep apnea patients “Dare to Dream.”
4024 Stirrup Creek Drive Durham, NC 27703
Tel: 866-246-6990 Fax: 800-498-2604
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