Be Good to Yourself ? You gotta be darn near a saint, but


Be Good to Yourself ? You gotta be darn near a saint, but
Hudson Bagel & Coffee Co
Carmichael & Vine
800 Carmichael Road
Hudson, WI 54016
October, 2014
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scary stuff inside
I ran across an article on the future
of gadgets around the house … so I
thought I would ask the employees
what gadget would make their job
easier (you’d think this would be
easy!). Here were a few suggestions:
A system to take drive thru
orders & feed it to the POS
An inventory alert that we
are about to run out ‘xxx’ &
add it to the correct supplier list
A chip in every Rewards customer
that would automatically update the
Rewards terminal
A bagel slicer
Be Good to Yourself ?
Groupon has suggested a list of the
most pampered cities based on the
type of deals they post by geography:
- White Plains NY— haircuts, facial
rejuvenation, & foot treatments
- Baton Rouge, LA – teeth whitening
- Cleveland, OH - aromatherapy, Reiki
sessions (stress), juice cleanses, &
‘sugaring’ (hair removal process)
- Seattle, WA — waxing (for all that
sunshine they get)
- Green Bay, WI —
Manicures & facials
- Columbus, GA —
Colon hydrotherapy
(you probably don’t
want to know.)
You gotta be darn
near a saint, but ...
Men, you can cut your risk of
heart attack by 86%! All you
have to do is: cardio for 40
minutes/day; work out for one hour / week;
stick to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, reduced-fat dairy products & fish; do not smoke; consume less than
1 oz alcohol / day; keep your waistline under
37 inches. So say the researchers in Sweden
who tracked 20,000+ healthy men age 45-79
(only 1% fit into their healthy living guidelines). They noted that “as humans, we respond to short-term rewards & tend to forget
about the long-term consequences.”
A priest, a doctor, & an engineer
were playing golf & found themselves behind a very slow foursome.
By the time they finished their round
they were irritated & complained to
the groundskeeper. “Give them a
break,” the groundskeeper said.
“Those guys are 4 retired firefighters, & they’re blind. They saved the
clubhouse from burning down years
ago, so we always let them play for
free. ”The priest said, “That’s very
sad. I’ll say a prayer for them at
mass.” The doctor said, “I’ve got a
friend who’s an ophthalmologist.
Maybe he could help them.”
The engineer said, “Why
don’t they play at night?”
A sales rep, an
admin & a manager are walking to lunch when they come across an
antique lamp. Of course they rub it &
out pops a genie. “I’ll give you each
one wish.” “Me first!” the admin cries
out. “I want to be in the Bahamas on a
speedboat w/o a care in the world.”
Poof! She’s gone. “Me next” exclaims
the rep. I want to be in Hawaii on the
beach with an endless supply of Pina
Coladas & the love of my life.” Poof!
He’s gone, “You’re up” says the genie
to the manager. “I want those two back
in the office after lunch.”
Moral of the story: Always let your
boss have the first say.
October Days
Royalty Rewards
I don’t always have a chance to
respond to all the comments I
receive, but I read
‘em. Thanks for
the feedback AND
thanks for your
Vegetarian Day - October 1 (Wed)
Veggie Sandwich $1 Off
Bald Day - Oct 7 (Tuesday)
A Lucky
National Nut Day - Oct 22 (Wed)
Free Nut Cups (while they last)
Your Entire
Poi nt s !
Mention It, Get $1 Off Any Egg Sand.
13% Off
Convince me … your entrée FREE
World Egg Day - Oct 10 (Friday)
Hilltop Pumpkin Party - Oct 25
YMCA Camp St Croix
Nat’l Candy Corn Day - Oct 30
Present Coupon Expires 10 / 31 / 14
Not to be combined with any others offers;
Dine In, Take Out, Drive Thru only;
Not valid for Delivery
and every Tuesday
Why heart cancer
is very rare?
Tumors grow when
abnormal cells divide uncontrollably. Unlike the cells in other
organs, heart cells do not split &
multiply, except during fetal development. The heart is made
mostly of muscle cells which expand in proportion to the body,
but don’t multiply. The ‘switch
that controls cell division in the
heart turns off around birth. The
downside: the tissue cannot regenerate after a heart attack.
“Well done
is better than well said”
Benjamin Franklin
“there will be sleeping enough in the grave”
a quote made famous by Benjamin Franklin
who didn’t have the benefit of our research
Sleep is far more than you know
Continuing research about sleep (and getting enough of it)
indicate it is as important to our health as all the other stuff you
pay attention to. More than 1/2 of us don’t get the recommended
7 to 9 hours / night. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control &
Prevention considers insufficient sleep to be a public health
epidemic. WOW!
Sleep is the only time the brain gets a break from all that we encounter throughout the day, & gives it a chance to catch its
breath. Like all organs, the brain uses energy & generates waste.
Sleep provides time to clean up the toxins, replace cells, produce
proteins. During sleep the brain cells shrink, giving special cells
(glial) time to flush the debris away (like your dishwasher). When
sleep is deprived, the trash builds up & can start to affect nearby
healthy cells … impacting memory recall or planning tasks. When
this ‘system’ is deprived, problems occur. Research finds that degenerative brain disorders typical of later life occur earlier. Over
time it causes brain to age pre-maturely & more become prone to
disease like Alzheimer. Unfortunately we are unaware of the toll
sleep deprivation has on us; our culture supports fewer hours with
24 hr everything; & getting by on fewer hours is acceptable.
Free Candy Corn
Halloween - October 31
Free Treats
This pilot (Patrick Smith) is out to
dispel some of the fallacies about air travel:
- Flying is Expensive: fares are actually far
less than 30 years ago (~50%) even after all
the recent unbundling fees
- More Dangerous: not true, kemosabe! The
rate of fatalities to miles flown has steadily
dropped, & 2013 was the safest in commercial aviation
- Modern Jets Fly Themselves: an analogy is
‘just like a modern operating room can cure
your problem’ (w/o the docs)
- Planes Full of Germs: the air is in pretty
good shape, however you may want to guard
against armrests, trays & handles
- Sensations of flight are over exaggerated
Quake Alert !
You may have heard there was an Earthquake in California’s San Francisco bay area
on Aug 24. SIX seconds before the ground
started shaking an alarm went off at UC
Berkeley, triggered by sensors placed by the
US Geological Survey. Now six seconds may
not seem long, but the USGS’s early warning coordinator says it could be enough time
for … elevators to stop at the nearest floor
to let folks out, slow trains so they don’t derail, warn workers in delicate operations to
beware (like a surgeon).
Sounds good, but Calif. lacks
funding. The seismologists are
confident they’ll get it at some
point. Depends whether it is
before or after the big one.
The latest from Boeing is their 787-9:
- It seats 280 passengers (40 more
than the last). Good luck getting off!
- Windows are larger & dim at the
push of a button. Look ma, no shades
- Larger baggage bins … no matter,
they’re will never be enough room!
- Scoops bring in fresh air (??), gets
filtered & humidified so your eyes &
skin won’t dry out as much
- The plane is pressurized at lower
altitude - why don’t they do this now?
- Lots of design to make it a quieter
ride … and better able to over hear
that conversation next to you
- Also is 20 ft longer, flies further (8k
miles), uses 20% less fuel
October Specials
U.S. Stats
Southwest BLT
Cost to raise a kid to
adulthood (17) … $245,340
Amazon is said to be paying $960 million
to acquire Twitch ...broadcast TV gaming
More on ‘face recognition’ … which
starts at the center by scanning eyes,
nose, mouth … but women make more
moves between these features making
for a more vivid image in their mind, &
hence better at remembering faces
Burger King may be the next big corp to
exercise ‘inversion’ (tax avoidance) by
buying Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee &
donut chain … and moving headquarters
outside the U.S. to Canada
Remember the moving rocks (700 lbs)
out on the flat desert … turns out they
are pushed by thins sheets of ice
Bacon, Black Bean Corn Salsa,
Red Pepper Aioli, Plain Cream
Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato on your
choice fo bread - served with a
pickle & your choice of chips or baby carrots
Apple Crisp Bagels
every Tues & Sat
Cinnamon Roll Cream Cheese
Brioche Bread
Apple Cider, Chai Cider, Hot Cocoa
Rice Bread (almost gluten-free / everyday)
Average workday for people
with kids age 25-54 ...8.8 hrs
Percentage of households with
1 person in ‘60 13.1%; ‘13 27.4%
65% of homes owner occupied,
34% are renter-occupied
In 2010 student debt surpassed
credit card debt: $830 billion >
$826.5 billion
Average number of unused
vacation days in ‘12 = 4 (based
on an average of 14 received)

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