family of vehicles
The HURRICANE family of vehicles is designed for maximal survivability with high
protection, optimum automotive performance and multi mission readiness features,
providing its users with a range of capabilities from close combat troop and attack
systems carrier to reconnaissance missions.
The HURRICANE vehicle versions enable ease of CFE integration, supporting each
customer’s specific needs and requirements. Customers receive full training and
support by Carmor ILS specialists, as part of our holistic one-stop solution.
· All terrain 4X4 armored vehicle with high manoeuvrability.
· Medium to heavy weight rating of 9-14 tons.
· Equipped with complete survivability protection systems (Kinetic / IED / ATGM /
Active Protection).
· Adaptable platform for the integration of specific mission supporting systems.
· Cost-effective and combat proven around the world.
Carmor Armor Division
Carmor’s armor division has extensive experience in the development, design and
manufacturing of state-of–the-art, multi-purpose armored platforms with integrated
survivability and support systems for any mission.
Our 500+ combat-proven vehicle versions are deployed by leading defense and military
end-users around the world.
Technical Specifications and Configurations
Typical to Troop Carrier vesrion (for reference only)
Length 5,000 mm
Height 2,400 mm
Width 2,304 mm
3,851 mm
GVW 9,600 kg
Curb weight
7,500 kg
Max payload
2,100 kg
Protection - Downgradable/Upgradable
Crew compartment - Level 3 STANAG 4569 AEP 55
Floor - Level 2a-2b STANAG 4569 AEP 55 Vol.2
Tactical Mobility
Side slope
Gap crossing
0.7 m
1.1 m
Step climbing 0.55 m
Approach angle 80°
Departure angle 90°
Turning radius 6.0 m
Operating environment
Temperature range -38° to +55°
Seating arrangements
Variable seating arrangements for up to 7
Make & Model Cummins ISB245
Max. Output 245 HP @ 2,100 Rpm;
820 Nm @ 1,200 Rpm
Electric system
24VDC 140 amp
CTIS external Gun ports with variable configurations Turret, GPK 24V System, black out system Front bulldozer NBC over pressure Run flat Search Lights, Emergency LED’s,
Auxiliary Lights, PA system
Engine pre-heating system
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