For Donation - Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association UK


For Donation - Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association UK
I SS U E - 2J U NE
Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association (UK) SBLA
Registered Charity No: 1148185
Monthly Baba
Lokenath Prayer.
Monthly Satya
Narayan Puja.
Sri Krishna’s
Durga Puja, Kali
Puja, Laxmi Puja,
Saraswati Puja.
Whenever you are in danger
Remember me, I will save you.
The members of
Sarbojanin Baba
Lokenath Association,
as the followers of Baba
Lokenath, pray to Him to help us spread His holy wisdom and
infinite grace throughout the country. To follow Baba’s teachings, we maintain some basic principles:
Devotion to Baba Lokenath is our language.
Unity is our strength.
Religious harmony is our faith.
Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Centre/ Temple is our vision.
Baba Lokenath
Abirbhab &
Tirodhan Utshab
With the infinite Grace of Baba Lokenath, we need to fulfill our
long cherished dream - the dream to establish a
Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Centre/ Temple within London.
Rakir Upobash &
Paduka Utshab
Children Quiz competition
Geeti Nritya by Laura Saha & Ram Saha
Mission & Visions:
To bring Hindu
believers into a personal
relationship with Yoga
Avatar Baba Lokenath
through religious and
social activities;
Children’s educational/cultural programme along with quiz competition was incredibly successful. We would like to continue the
same in our upcoming pujas and events; therefore, we are humbly
requesting all the parents to come forward and engage your
child/children as much as possible within these programmes.
Picture on Tirodhan Utshab/13
To provide
education, counseling
and other support services for the people of
the Bengali Hindu
To make a
Lokenath Bondhan
among all Lokenath
devotees through out
the whole country;
To establish a
Sarbojanin Baba
Centre / Temple;
Thanks message:
On behalf of (SBLA), we would
like to express our sincere
thanks and gratitude for your
kind participation and support
during Baba Lokenath
Tirodhan Utshab, which was a
tremendous success. Without
your kind support it would not
have been possible to celebrate
such a big religious event.
“Temple Donation Appeal”
The Members of SBLA, UK has accorded their kind consent
to establish a Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Centre /Temple in
London which requires a huge financial and other logistical
support. As such our appeal to our honourable and dedicated
devotees and members of the community to come forward with
possible donation for this auspicious project. We believe ,"Every
one's help can make it possible". May Baba Lokenath bless us all.
For Donation:Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association (UK)
HSBC Bank A/C- 92 34 53 15; SC- 40 25 27
Listen to your mind
but do not leave the
self assessment.
Mind makes great
deception. So listen
to the advice of
great souls and act
=Baba Lokenath.
Puja Sponsored
Mr. Rabin Talukdar
& Mr. Dipak Saha
jointly sponsored
Baba Lokenath
Tirodhan Utshab. In
the Puja Mr & Mrs
organised their son’s
Annopration and Mr.
& Mrs. Saha celebrated their son’s 4th
Birthday. The Priest
offered a special
Orgha to Baba
Lokenath and at the
same time all Devotees prayed to Baba
Lokenath for both the
children’s bright
futures .
It is our pleasure to
invite you along
with your family and
friends to Baba
Lokenath monthly
prayer and Sattya
Narayan puja on
6th of July/13,
Saturday (6pm9pm) at Shiva
Temple, 2 Salisbury
Road, Manor Park,
London, E12 6AB.
Your presence is
highly expected and
will enrich the
-: Editorial :-
Dear Member ,
Welcome to our
Newsletter Issue
02. We hope you
will enjoy
reading this as
much as our
newsletter and
thus keep in
touch with our
and other
activities. We
feedback from
you to develop
our newsletter
and activities.
We humbly urge
our members to
take on an
active role and
participate as
much as
I SS U E - 2J U NE
Purushottam Baba Lokenath
When Prabhupada Bijoy Krishna Goswami met Baba Lokenath in the Barodi
Ashram Baba Lokenath was a living God in front of him. The light of the sun was
radiating from within Baba, Goswamiji saw Gods and Goddesses visible in each
and every hair all over Baba Lokenath’s body. Baba Lokenath is the Purushottam, and the Paramatman who can leave the body whenever he wants or can
continue with this appearance for years after years. Baba says "I willingly reveal
myself to you. Therefore, you are in a position to reach me, otherwise it is impossible.” He said that to establish peace within society, or to become a spiritual
person we do not need to do a lot of difficult tasks, instead he gave us one simple route, “You should reflect on your entire day before sleeping and promise
yourself that you will not repeat the same mistakes you carried out today in the
future.” Baba also said, “Method of spiritual attainments is the only way to get
the salvation in life.” Baba used to tell his devotees, “You may not know me.
You may not realize who I am. Just pray to me with a little touch of your heart,
and I shall free you from gripping sorrows and miseries.” Before Baba’s final disappearance from this material world, he told his devotees, "I am eternal, I am
deathless. After this body falls, do not think that everything will come to an end.
I will live in the hearts of all living beings. Whoever will seek my refuge, he will
always receive my Grace." So, I always pray to Baba Lokenath “Please keep us
close to your heart, and protect us.” Joy Baba Lokenath.
// Pradip Saha.
Date for your diary
( Next Puja schedule organized by SBLA)
6th of July Baba Lokenath monthly prayer and Sattya Narayan puja.
28th of August Sri Krishna Janmashtami & Baba Lokenath Abhirbab Tithi.
4th September (18 Vadra ) Baba Lokenath Abhirbab Dibash (283nd Appearance Day).
Importance information
-:Akadashi:19/06/2013 (Wednesday)
03/07/2013 (Wednesday)
19/07/2013 (Friday)
-:Amavasha:08/07/2013 (Monday)
06/08/2013 (Tuesday)
-:Purnima:23/06/2013 (Sunday)
22/07/2013 (Monday)
-:Ratha Yatra:10/07/2013 (Wednesday)
If you want to sponsor any of this puja
Please contact with us
SBLA Family Get together
A proposal for “PICNIC” has been
accepted in the Extraordinary General
Meeting held on 19/05/2013 .
Picnic Venue: Hasting,
East Sussex. Date : Sunday, 11/08/2013.
Mr. Anupam Saha: 07723049645.
Mr. Bishnu Datta: 07415803970
Dear member ,
To manage above
schedule Puja
successfully we need
assistance from you
If you could kindly
spare some time for
Puja volunteers.
Please book your
availability with us.
Kindly Get in touch
If you would like to sponsor the monthly Satya Narayan Puja or Baba Lokenath Monthly Prayer.
If you would like to suggest/comment on issues regarding any of our activities.
If you want to be Member of SBLA . If you want to submit any articles into our next news letter.
Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association (UK) SBLA
Registered Charity No: 1148185
Suite 201, Trocoll House, Wakering Road, Barking, IG11 8PD
Website: Email: [email protected], [email protected]]
Mr. Haradhan Bhowmik (President): 0796 1590 991 Mr. Ajit Saha (General Secretary): 0791 2510 328
Mr. Bishwajit Bal (Publicity & Media Secretary): 0790 3221 576