Page 8a - MLK Edition 2006 - The Fayetteville Press Newspaper


Page 8a - MLK Edition 2006 - The Fayetteville Press Newspaper
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The Fayetteville Press Newspaper
November 2010 Edition
Entertainment Page
Twinkle twinkle, babies. It’s your favorite “starchild”
buzzin’ among the stars with a little chitterchat…
Okay, let’s get it out the way! Tsk Tsk Tsk on Atlanta’s Megapastor Bishop Eddie Long. Do I believe the allegations? Well, let’s
just say I sense something was a bit “off-balanced” yeeeeeears ago.
But hey, blame it on my “attitude.” Oh maybe blame it on HIS. In
any event, moving on as I’m sure there will be much more to follow
on this situation. Oy Vey!
More news from the ATL….Bobby Brown is going to help exwife Whitney Houston try to get off drugs? Well, that’s what my
ATL sources say. They confirm that Bobby has indeed stated he
feels responsible for getting “Nippy” hooked. So, since he’s drugfree (okay, wait a minute…….had to pick myself up off the floor
from laughing), he wants to stage an intervention for Whitney.
Sources say he’s actually trying to enlist the help of Janet Jackson,
hoping that her experience with her brother Michael’s drug addiction
will make her a valuable asset to Whitney. Hmmm…interesting.
Will keep you posted on this.
Speaking of Janet Jackson, rumors have it that the 44-yearold superstar is engaged to boyfriend of nearly one year, businessman Wissam Al Mana, 35. According to sources, Wissam popped
the question in mid-October with a 15-carat diamond ring. Well, go
‘head then! It’s been a while since Janet had something to smile
about since Michael’s death. But recent pictures together show a
very loving and happy couple indeed. Oh yeah…and remember when
everyone had Janet and Jermaine Dupri getting married and I said
“never gonna happen?” The “Attitude” always knows! (smile)
So, is Virginia Thomas on crack?! What else could cause the
the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to leave a
recent voice-mail message for Anita Hill AT HER JOB, asking Hill
to apologize for her 1991 testimony accusing then Supreme Court
nominee Thomas of sexual harassment? When Anita, a professor at
Brandeis University, heard the voicemail, she contacted Brandeis’
public safety office, which in turn informed the FBI. “I certainly
thought the call was inappropriate,” she says and feels as adamantly
as she ever did about Thomas making advances at her all those years
ago and says she has nothing to apologize to her about. As for Ginni
Thomas, one wonders why NOW after all these years? Was it out
of need for money, attention or both?
Inquiring minds…really could care less!!
Moving on…
Prince fans…GREAT NEWS!
The Purple One has just announced his
upcoming tour that will feature him, his
band and other performers. The 52year-old describes the outing as “a series of events,” dubbed “Welcome 2
America,” that will begin in December.
The roster will feature funk, R&B and
jazz artists including Maceo Parker,
Janelle Monae, Mint Condition,
Esperanza Spalding, Lalah Hathaway,
Sheila E., Cassandra Wilson and Graham Central Station. YAY! Here’s
hoping one of those “events” makes it
to the Carolinas.
Finally, prayers going out to Baba
Oje of Arrested Development who recently suffered a stroke. Doctors also
found a blood clot on his brain. He was
hospitalized at the Atlanta VA Medical
Center and has since been released from
ICU, but is still currently undergoing tests. At 78-years-young,
Baba Oje’ is known affectionately
as the oldest man in Hip-Hop. An
avid vegan and Africanist, Baba is
one of the most unique men you
will ever meet. In a recent interview a few months ago with
Speech of Arrested Development,
he told me how Baba was also an
avid roller skater…even at his age.
The group is currently on tour,
promoting their new album –
Strong. At the time of the interview, Speech had told me that
Baba was not doing particular well
and would not be traveling with
them on every event. But all were
praying for his swift return soon
to his full strength. Continuing to
send those prayers and well
wishes. Love U, Baba Oje!!!!.
That’s it from your favorite
poetic “starchild.” You know you
can always tap into my Matrix on
Facebook at iamvaljones. Until the
next time we chat, my EYE is on
the stars so YOU can see what
they’re doing. Twinkle twinkle!
Val Jones is a poet, emcee,
media consultant and internet
radio host. Catch her every Tuesday at Big Shots Entertainment
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