Synopsis The Secrets of Scheheraxade is a comic that transforms


Synopsis The Secrets of Scheheraxade is a comic that transforms
The Secrets of Scheheraxade is a comic that transforms The Arabian Nights into a sexy pillow
book for the 21 st century. If SCHEHERAXADE can’t keep her husband, KING SHAHRAYAR,
entertained, he’s going to cut off her head. What’s a girl to do? Weave enough sex into her nightly
stories to keep the king begging for more.
She starts with ALI BABA, who can only make love to his wife after he receives three magical
gifts: a serpent to lick her from without, a feather to tease her from within, and a bottomless vial of
aphrodisiac that boosts his libido – though Ali never learns that it holds just sweet tea.
After Ali Baba has chanted “Open Sesame” to open his wife’s legs, Scheheraxade moves on to
BASHIR, a merchant who buys an emerald only to discover the princess TAHIRAH trapped inside,
imprisoned there by a cruel king. Tahirah can’t escape until the jewel has been bought and sold a hundred
times. Many years and many sales later, Bashir becomes the hundredth buyer, trading his body for
Tahirah’s in a flash of orgasmic light – and trapping himself inside the jewel.
Believing this story is an allusion to his own regal cruelty, King Shahrayar flies into a rage.
Scheheraxade distracts him with the tale of the cobbler KHALIL, who finds a seductress in the woods.
Their lovemaking creates visions in his mind that change with the time of day. Morning sex shows Khalil
his past amours, evening booty call reveals future plots, and a midnight hallucination of marriage to the
lady turns out to be an image of the impossible.
King Shahrayar thinks that any fool who trusts a woman deserves what he gets, so he allows
Scheheraxade to continue with the story of NASHITA, a rebellious girl locked up by her parents who rubs
a bottle and releases a jinni with fingers of steam and a body that clones itself. The ensuing orgy delivers
more than just three wishes for ecstasy.
But Scheheraxade misjudges King Shahrayar’s good humor again when she describes a warrior
enslaved by his taste for a woman; under her influence, he hacks himself to death with his own sword.
The horrified king counters with a story of his own: that of his first wife, who cuckolded him, then cursed
him with her dying words. The king proclaims his belief that all women are treacherous. Scheheraxade
tries to soothe him with the tale of two sweethearts who escape their obnoxious parents on a flying carpet,
but her credibility is slipping away and the executioner’s axe looms.
She plays her ace: the tale of the adventure-seeking PRINCE KASIM who is summoned to a
deserted palace by the invisible – yet skillful – Daliyah. The mysteries of this lover obsess and infuriate
the prince, and he flies to a neighboring king and his lovely daughter who offer him unlimited power,
over both terrain and flesh, with only one catch: like them, he must offer devotions to a soul-sucking
demon. Kasim proves his worthiness in the end, satiating the monster with the body of its own evil
keeper and saving the kingdom, Daliyah and himself.
As Scheheraxade tells of this redemption, she realizes that her stories were told to redeem the
king’s soul as well as her own life. Offering her husband simple words of devotion and tenderness, she
asks him to cast off doubt and anger. Healed at last, King Shahrayar surrenders to Scheheraxade’s love.