Walter Titex XDTechnology – a new dimension in deep hole drilling.



Walter Titex XDTechnology – a new dimension in deep hole drilling.
_ Solid carbide deep-hole drills
Walter Titex XD Technology –
a new dimension in deep hole drilling.
Point angle 140º, special point
geometry, 2 spiral coolant
There are numerous deep holes produced in today’s
metalworking industries. Drilling tools predominantly used
nowadays, such as gun drills and HSS drills, usually result in
very long process times. In general, drilling becomes more
and more difficult with increasing drilling depth.
Tinal® Futura Top (Tft)
(XD8 and XD12)
Tinal® Futura
tip coating (TFP)
(XD16, XD20, XD25, XD30)
We have focused on this area and pushed the constraints of
tool design further than ever by developing a solid carbide
twist drill with internal coolant supply to meet the demands
of deep hole drilling. These twist drills can be used for most
materials and are very tolerant in terms of the coolant type
and feed applied.
During rotation the chips are forced out of the hole by the drill
helix. This allows the reliable transport of large, jamming chips
such as the ones produced by long-chip materials.
Dry machining or applications using minimum quantity
lubrication are also possible. The result of this development
is XD Technology (patent pending).
Special flute geometry
(XD Technology)
Additional sizes:
–– XD®-Pilot, XD16 and XD20 now up to Ø 16 mm
–– XD25 and XD30 now up to Ø 12 mm
–– overall length up to 430 mm
Cutting material:
carbide K30F
XD Technology
The drills with throwing power. 6-times
productivity in comparison to deep hole gun
drills or HSS tools.
4 margins
(from XD12 and Ø 5 mm)
Feed rate Vf [mm/min]
Increase in productivity due to the XD Technology
Solid carbide drill
XD Technology
Standard shank
according to DIN 6535 HA
Productivity increase
e.g. 20 x d =
600 %
Gun drill
XD drill
Relative drilling depth [l/d]
Types: A6485TFT, A 6585TFT, A6685TFP,
A6785TFP, A6885TFP, A6985TFP, A681TFP
8–30 x d, Ø 3–20, depending on type
Walter Titex XD Technology
X·treme DH / Pilot 180 C –
for high strength materials.
XD Technology
X·treme DH
Deep hole drilling is an issue to which Walter Titex has been extremely devoted
for many years (XD Technology).
Thanks to our continuous development an additional variant has now been
produced that allows improved productivity when working with high-strength
materials. X·treme DH (X·treme Deep High tensile) is a geometry variant
which has been specifically designed for the unique challenges presented by
these materials.
Moreover, these tools are also particularly suitable for machining interrupted
Types: A6794TFP, A6994TFP, 20 and 30 x d, from Ø 3–10 mm depending on type
The tool
Product advantages
–– solid carbide high performance drilling tool with
internal cooling
–– Walter Titex XD Technology for deep hole drilling
without pecking
–– special geometry designed for high-strength steels
and cast iron materials
–– drilling depth 20 x d and 30 x d
–– diameter range = 3–10 mm
–– with 4 margins from diameter 3 mm
–– new geometry with a larger secondary rake angle
and additional facet to protect the cutting edge.
This ensures a significantly increased tool life.
–– double margins for max. stability
The application
–– high-strength materials (> ~ 900 N/mm²)
–– applications with an interrupted cut (inclined exit, cross holes, etc.)
–– typical components
•• crankshaft
•• tool and mould making components
X·treme Pilot 180 C
Types: A7191TFT, K5191TFT, Ø 3–10 mm depending on type
The tool
The application
–– solid carbide pilot drill with internal cooling
–– extra short drill (3.5 x D)
–– 4 cylindrical lands for max. radial guidance
–– special symmetrical tip geometry with facet (180°)
–– X·treme Pilot 180 C version for conical pilot holes
–– pilot drilling of inclined drill entrance
(inclined, rounded surfaces, etc.)
Product advantages
–– max. stability due to short design
Walter Titex – Drilling
_ Solid carbide deep-hole drills
Walter Titex XD Technology –
Now also available for special tools
with diameter < 3.0 mm.
XD Technology
Drilling deep holes is a particularly sophisticated process.
As a general rule: “The smaller and deeper the hole, the greater
the challenge”.
This is why each application in this area must be carefully
coordinated between the user and the tool supplier. The result
is an individual solution for the requirements of our customers.
Alongside the application strategy and the cutting data,
a custom-made special tool is also required.
Internal coolant supply
Optimised chip clearance
for small diameters
XD drill
The tool
Your advantages
–– solid carbide high performance drilling tool with internal
coolant supply
–– XD Technology for deep drilling without pecking for
small hole diameters
–– special TFP tip coating optimised for small diameters
–– drilling depths up to 25 x d
–– XD Technology for small diameters, which results in
up to 600% greater productivity compared to former
technology, e.g. with gun drills
–– more productivity, lower production costs
–– high process reliability without pecking
–– can be used in various applications on a wide range
of materials
The application
For all steel and cast iron materials as well as for stainless
steels and non-ferrous metals
Product advantages
–– optimised flute geometry for reliable chip removal
for small diameters and large drilling depths
–– special tip coating with increased wear protection and
less friction
–– unique grinding with optimised microgeometry
for high process reliability
–– solid carbide cutting material – micro grain K30F
–– special tools for drilling depths up to 20 x d as of
diameter 2.0 mm and up to 25 x d as of diameter
2.5 mm and above

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