Learn what sets us apart. Click Here.


Learn what sets us apart. Click Here.
Nashville is a vibrant, entrepreneurial city with a thriving and diverse economy.
At Sperry Van Ness of Nashville we’re passionate about contributing to the city’s
momentum by helping our clients get the highest value from their commercial real
estate ventures as a landlord, tenant or investor.
To fulfill this mission, we rely on three distinct advantages
that our firm brings to every client engagement:
•Sperry Van Ness advisors market their clients’
properties to the entire 100,000-strong national
brokerage and investment community via realtime syndication to major listing sites, social media
platforms and email campaigns—through this
extensive network, we pinpoint the optimal deals for
our clients.
• We believe in fostering “competitive collaboration,”
where brokers on either side of the transaction
are included in marketing our clients’ properties
— increasing the pool of viable tenants, buyers or
investors. We will not diminish our clients’ options
in favor of a broker’s interest.
• We use market-leading technology to access and
analyze the most up-to-date market and financial
data — ensuring our clients stay ahead of the
information curve.
Commercial real estate sectors:
Tenant representation
Landlord representation
Investment services
Property management
“We had a unique need for our
space and a limited time frame
to find it. The Sperry Van Ness of
Nashville team proved tenacious
and not only met but exceeded
our requirements.”
-Robert Arnold, Founder and CEO, Saffire Vapor
You’re busy running a business. Let us manage your office
space needs. The Sperry Van Ness of Nashville team has
decades of experience, plus local market expertise and
connections, giving you a decided advantage in both locating
the right property for your company and negotiating the best
rate and terms — without the headaches.
Our 6-step process:
1. Discuss your needs
2. Pinpoint potential spaces
3. Analyze the offers
4. Negotiate your lease terms and conditions
5. Oversee contracts and revise as needed
6. Coordinate with contractors and landlords to
insure your space is completed on time
“The Sperry Van Ness of Nashville team is so knowledgeable and a
pleasure to work with. When we need to re-lease our office space, we
will choose them again.”
-June P. House, Little & House, PC
We have landlord representation accounts in our portfolio that span 20 years. We’re proud of that. It’s because we
understand what you, the large institutional investor to the small individual building owner, want and need. We consistently
keep our clients buildings at above market occupancy — with profitable rental rates. Our secret? We are passionate about
staying in tune with market data and aggressively promoting our clients’ buildings.
Our 6-step process:
1. Determine your financial objectives
2. Develop and implement a strategic plan
3. Identify prospects
4. Convert prospects into tenants
5. Build tenant relationships
6. Deliver monthly reports and annual projections
“After Sperry Van Ness of Nashville took over management, the
difference in communication and cooperation has been night and day.
With Sperry Van Ness of Nashville the grounds are kept clean, the mulch
is fresh and the light bulbs are always changed—and I don’t even have to
call to ask.”
-Gary Goad, GM, Aarons
We manage properties as if they’re our own. In that regard, we will never ask a client to write a check we wouldn’t write ourselves.
We go beneath the surface to understand the inner workings of your property, which boost tenants’ satisfaction and maximizes
your return on investment.
Our 6-step process:
1. Identify short- and long-term goals
2. Review existing records
3. Create and deploy a property transition plan
4. Manage funds
5. Develop tenant relations
6. Deliver monthly reports and annual projections
What and where should you buy? How long should you hold the property? We have the experience to help you answer these kinds of
difficult questions. We’re more than brokers. We’re trusted advisors.
Perhaps you’re looking for investors. We’ll find them for you, with the assistance of our 100,000-person strong national and
international network. Geographical limitations don’t exist with Sperry Van Ness of Nashville.
Our 6-step process:
1. Pinpoint seller or buyer’s goals
2. Discuss tax and financial implications
3. Develop short term and long term plans
4. Identify, analyze and vet properties or buyers
5. Negotiate terms of purchase or sale
6. Assist in the Due Diligence process and oversee property takeover
“I have used Sperry Van Ness for both acquisition and disposition
assignments. The team handles themselves with great professionalism
and class. Most importantly they are persistent in bringing buyers
and sellers together throughout a transaction during times of
disagreement and ultimately bringing the transaction to fruition —
the true sign of a great broker.”
-Ralph J. Pugliano, EVP of Lamar Companies

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