June - St. Andrews Heights



June - St. Andrews Heights
St. Andrews Heights
Community Newsletter
June 2016
President’s Report
Greetings fellow SAH residents,
Apologies for any confusion, but we apparently have a date conflict for our previously scheduled June 13
AGM. The Executive have opted to move the AGM to June 20 in order to meet a long standing
commitment another group has made. The mistake is entirely ours so again, apologies if this causes any
inconvenience to SAH residents.
Liz Murray, myself, and representatives from University Heights met with Western Securities earlier this
month to get an update on where their DP Application and site re-zoning request stand with The City.
Both the DP and re-zoning applications were presented to the Calgary Planning Commission on May 19.
We expect CPC will approve both. It is then up to
Council to complete the chain of approvals at the
July 4 Council meeting. Again, we expect CounMonday, June 20, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
cil to ratify both applications. All things being
equal, Western Securities could then proceed in
St. Andrews Heights
the fall with the first phase of Stadium redevelopment – site demolition, excavation and
Community Association
the construction of the two storey underground
Please note the NEW date!
parking structure. Western Securities anticipate
Bylaw amendments will
this phase could take two years which means we
be proposed.
would not see any structures begin to emerge on
For details, see the website.
the site until late 2018 or early 2019. In order to
support this first phase, we are advised that The
The meeting will be followed
City expects to start the 29 St. and 16 Ave.
by wine and cheese.
intersection upgrades this fall. We have requested
details regarding the full construction schedule as
well as the traffic management and mitigation strategies and hope to have an update for the AGM in June.
Annual General Meeting
The Foothills Community Liaison group met in late April for the first time since Christmas. The parkade
replacement project will start this fall and consist of two phases. Phase One would see the current parkade
demolished and removed, and half (900) of the new parking stalls built. This phase would take approximately 18 months – until early 2018. The remaining 900 stalls would be completed about a year later –
early 2019. We are scheduled to meet again in late May or early June to review a more detailed construction schedule and to discuss how to minimize the impact of the 2 to 2.5 year project on SAH residents.
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St. Andrews Heights Community Newsletter
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Neighbour Day 2016
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June 2016
Newsletter Thoughts & Feedback
As announced in the last issue of our newsletter,
I have stepped in to fill the Newsletter Editor position for our community. I would like to thank
Sylvia Siemens for all the great work she did over
the past four plus years as newsletter editor. The
role provides a vital link for our entire community.
As the new editor, I am looking forward to the task
My wife and I have called St. Andrews Heights our
home for over 16 years. Since 1999, a lot has
changed. You could say the community is undergoing a huge renaissance. Friends and neighbours
have come and gone, old has been replaced by
new, the small with the big. Changes abound!
Through it all, one thing remains constant – this
community is home and we love it here.
It is hard to think of where else in Calgary we
would like to live. The positives for St. Andrews
could fill a whole issue of this newsletter.
Speaking of which, summer is nearly here, and that
means this issue will be the last until we return
with the September issue. Over the summer, I will
be looking at ways to make our already great
newsletter even greater. To do this I would like to
Photo: David Cary
David Cary, Newsletter Editor
receive your feedback. What do you like about the
newsletter? What do you dislike? What would you
like to see in the newsletter? Are there special
features you would like to read? Let me know.
Please send your feedback, by July 31, 2016, via
email to: [email protected]
Your feedback and insight is vital! My goal is to
ensure the newsletter provides all community residents with useful, fun and important information
about our community. I look forward to receiving
your thoughts and feedback, and sharing it with
you in September. Have a safe and great summer!
President’s Report
(continued from page 1)
The project team are aware they will be challenged
to control dust, noise, truck traffic, etc. on the site
and they fully understand they will continue to
operate a major medical facility and must establish
effective controls for the sake of patients, staff and
visitors as well as SAH residents.
The Foothills project team are working with Western Securities and The City on managing these
major projects concurrently to minimize the disruption to surrounding communities. Through the South
Shaganappi group, Liz is working on having direct
SAH representation on this committee well before
construction commences on any of these projects.
We hope to have further updates on all of these
initiatives at the AGM which is now scheduled for
Monday, June 20 beginning at 7 pm. Best regards
and I look forward to talking to many SAH residents
at the AGM.
Jacques ([email protected])
St. Andrews Heights Community Newsletter
Just Say Hi!
A message from the Federation of Calgary Communities
Do you know the first name of at least five different neighbours? Would you be able to tell police
the addresses of the houses around you in the event
you witnessed suspicious activity? Could you ask a
neighbour to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg for a
cake you are baking? What about asking a neighbour to check in on the perimeter of your home
while you’re away? We sure hope you answered
yes to a few of these questions! But, if not, take the
plunge and just say hi! One of the easiest ways to
increase safety in your community is to get to
know your neighbours because people tend to look
out for those that they know!
Photo: David Cary
Welcoming new neighbours or introducing yourself to those you haven’t met yet is a great way to
establish neighbourly relationships. People who
know each other are more likely to look out for
one another and help build and maintain a safe
Don’t forget, after introducing yourself, make the
effort to wave, greet and chat with your neighbours regularly. This encourages friendly chit-chat
and can make neighbours feel connected.
For more information or engagement ideas, visit
The Scoop on Dog Poop
A message from The City of Calgary
With 150 public off-leash areas and over 100,000
dogs in our city, it’s clear Calgarians love their
canine companions. What
isn’t to love is the stinky
situation left behind when
owners don’t pick up after
their pets.
Cleaning up your dog’s
waste helps keep our
yards, parks and off-leash
areas safe and healthy, and is part of being a
responsible pet owner.
Also, when disposing of your dog’s waste, please
ensure you use your own black waste container and
not one randomly selected while walking through
the back lanes.
The City of Calgary bylaw states:
No person shall deposit waste or recyclable material in a waste container or commercial bin without
the consent of:
(a) the owner of the container or bin;
(b) the owner of the property where the container
or bin is located; and
(c) the occupant of the property where the container or bin is located.
Offenders face up to a $250 fine.
June 2016
Volunteer Wanted
The Community Association is seeking a
volunteer for the position of:
Looking for a
Summer Party Venue?
VP Residential Development
This position involves seeking input on proposed
residential developments in our community and
communicating such input to the City. The VP
Residential Development may be required to
meet with residents and developers to facilitate
compromise over new home specifications and
bylaw requirements.
In very unusual cases, the VP Residential
Development may be required to prepare and
present a formal appeal of certain aspects of an
approved development, with the support of
other members of the SAH Executive.
Please contact Julia for more information at:
[email protected]
Perfect for family reunions,
birthday parties and celebrations!
The SAHCA hall could be just what you are
looking for. Check out availability, rates and
photos at standrewsheights.ca.
St. Andrews Heights Community Association
members receive a 20% discount off the
published rates. To book your event, email:
[email protected]
New City Maps Available
From The City of Calgary
Introducing two new maps to The City of Calgary
Map Gallery: Spring Activities in Calgary and My
Property in Calgary.
1. Spring Activities in Calgary Map
The Spring Activities in Calgary Map is a stor y
map that shows you locations of and information
for City golf courses, parks and facilities, pathway
routes, park n’ bike, skateparks, sailing, City swimming pools, leisure centres and spring events. Look
for more information in upcoming Spring in
Calgary promotional campaigns or go to
2. myProperty Map
The new and improved myProperty Map provides
you with the ability to view rich location-based
information including property details, development and building permit details (for last three
years), land use designation, as well as zoning
information for any property in Calgary. This map
also highlights the quadrant, community and ward
where the property is located, as well as links to
the appropriate Councillor information and City
planning policies.
Find these maps, along with 25+ others, in The
City of Calgary Map Gallery at maps.calgary.ca.
St. Andrews Heights Community Newsletter
June 2016
The Discerning Diners
Saigon Y2K
2110 Crowchild Trail NW (Hilltop Plaza)
Ph. 403-282-2553
As its name suggests, this Vietnamese restaurant
has been around for 16 years, in a space formerly
occupied by Yucatan Mexican restaurant and by
Woody's Taphouse.
Photo: The Discerning Diners
In this monthly feature, two community residents (who prefer to stay anonymous) rate neighbourhood restaurants.
Vermicelli Grilled Pork at Saigon Y2K
When we visited on a recent Sunday we were
encouraged to see about half of the clientele was
Oriental. We also couldn't help but notice the
bare-bones décor. Only a few vaguely Oriental
knickknacks on the shelf behind the bar told us
we weren't at Denny's.
My husband had the Pho, a home-made beef noodle soup. On the side he received a bowl of bean
sprouts and basil leaves, which he added as he
went along – this ensured they would stay crisp
and fresh. He added some Vietnamese chili sauce,
and then found it very pleasant.
For appetizers, we had deep fried spring rolls, and
prawn salad rolls. The spring rolls, unlike their
Chinese cousins, were not crispy fried – they had
a flaky texture, and were filled with lettuce, pork
and shredded carrots. The prawn salad rolls came
in a rubbery rice paper tube, and consisted of
prawns (obviously) and plain shredded lettuce,
which the menu incidentally advertised as crisp
The service was not bad. In fact, it was quite
speedy. As neophytes to Vietnamese cuisine we
would have appreciated some explanations – for
example, what I first thought was part of my husband's soup, I ended up using as my finger bowl,
and, we never did figure out what the plate of
plastic doilies was for.
For my main course I chose Vermicelli Grilled
Pork. This consisted of a plate of shredded pork, a
bit on the dry side for my taste, and a side dish of
lemon-grass and lettuce leaves. The idea apparently is to roll the leaves and fill them with pork.
The veggies were fresh and I was given small
bowls of hot sauce and peanut sauce which made
for a lovely lunch.
The helpings were large and the price most reasonable: with a pot of tea, the bill came to $31
before tip.
Saigon Y2K is open daily, except Mondays, from
11:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. They offer take-out as
In a nutshell: By all means, give it a try. But if
you are unfamiliar with Vietnamese food, be sure
to ask for advice.
St. Andrews Heights Community Newsletter
June 2016
Ward 7 Report
Druh Farrell
Councillor, Ward 7
The Development Levy: Next Steps
In February 2016, The City implemented new levies for development in both new and existing communities, marking a turning point in Calgary’s approach to managing and paying for growth. As I
shared in your March newsletter, the development
levies are the outcome of The City and the development industry working together on an agreement
for how to cover the full cost of growth.
So what has changed? Previously, The City covered the costs of major infrastructure upgrades like
new waste-water treatment plants for greenfield
development, which effectively amounted to a
“sprawl subsidy”. With the new agreement now in
place, developers will pay for the full cost of critical municipal infrastructure.
uplift for reinvestment in local amenities and public realm improvements for neighbourhoods going
through change.
Common examples of improvements could be upgraded sidewalks and lighting, preservation of heritage buildings, new or refurbished parks and green
spaces, or renovations to recreation and community
I have been working to achieve fair development
levies since before I was elected to City Council,
and while the new levies are a major accomplishment, the work is not yet done. The ultimate goal is
for the levy to help fund public realm and facility
improvements in established neighbourhoods that
are experiencing significant redevelopment.
The City is just starting to research the process for
identifying amounts available for community reinvestment projects. As we move into this important
next phase, it is critical that we involve Calgarians.
We want to tap into local knowledge to determine
opportunities that can enrich your neighbourhoods.
To that end, I brought together Ward 7 community
associations and City staff to start thinking about
what types of reinvestment they would like to see
as their communities experience redevelopment.
The needs and goals of each community will likely
be different, and we will look to your community
associations to help identify areas of improvement
that matter to you.
How can the levy help? When property is redeveloped for higher density, The City collects an increase in property taxes. We call this phenomenon
“uplift”. The City plans to capture a portion of this
There will be much more to come on this topic,
so to stay up-to-date on this and other Ward 7
issues, please sign up for my email newsletter:
[email protected]
Sports Update
Kevin Noakes, VP Sports
Tennis lessons provided by the University of
Calgary DINOs Tennis Society have begun and
will continue weekly until the end of August. To
register for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced,
Group or Private, Kids or Adult Tennis Lessons,
visit the St. Andrews Heights website, open the
Sports Tennis link, download the registration form,
complete it with the requested information and send
it to [email protected]
St. Andrews Heights Community Newsletter
June 2016
St. Andrews Heights Community Newsletter
Community Events
St. Andrews Heights Artists’ Society
Following our summer break, SAHAS will resume
meeting at the community hall on September 7. For
more information, contact Laura at 403-289-6484.
Classified Ads
Cleaning service
Small reliable cleaning service of two will clean
your home weekly or biweekly. Reasonable rates.
Fifteen years’ experience. Excellent references.
Call Florence at 403-247-6821.
Do you require cleaning services?
Celebrate Neighbour Day
Saturday, June 18
Do you miss the days when neighbours connected
and got to know each other?
With 23 years’ cleaning experience in St. Andrews
Heights, I deliver professional, quality and dependable residential cleaning services tailored to
your needs and schedule. Limited spaces remain.
Call Angelica at 403-273-3646.
Held annually on the third Saturday of June,
Neighbour Day is an opportunity for neighbours to
come together in the form of a front yard barbecue,
garden party, picnic, clean-up or afternoon tea in a
local park to celebrate our strong community spirit
in Calgary.
The idea is to meet your neighbours, make new
friends, have fun and maybe work together on a
project that benefits the entire community.
Make Saturday, June 18 the day you get to know
your neighbours! Visit calgary.ca/neighbourday
for ideas to help you celebrate.
Father’s Day
June 19
Have a great summer! The newsletter is taking the
summer off and will be back in September.